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Found 8 results

  1. So I am getting into more finnichy fish and would like to ensure the hardness of the water is spot on. I haven't done this before so thought I would ask the experts. How do you test your waters hardness and what kits/equipment do you use? Thanks - Mick
  2. Hey all just got a question, checked my tank today and ph was between 8.0 and 8.2 but my hardness is low any ideas? I have 2 very large bits of Texas rock in the tank, 4x2 not sure how much coral I have in filters though. My results came back at only 4 drops.
  3. I have a tank with some 17 Neon Tetras (plus 2 Bristlenoses as cleanup crew) - I want to add in Blackwater Conditioner to acidify and soften the water for my Neons. But I do not want pH crashes with using this in addition to Supachlor. Will adding shellgrit or crushed coral help in maintaining KH carbonate hardness for stable pH. Looking at holding it at 7.3 - 7.5 I usually add potassium bicarbonate to help buffer my tap water after water changes. Over a period of let's say 5 days pH drops several points back down to 7.0 I have a small hang on Ista canister filter where I could place this mineral medium in for good water flow. What is the wisdom of the Forum on this?
  4. Reading on an internet aquarium water info site the author states - "You do not want your carbonate hardness to be too high but around 80ppm+ is desired to act as a good buffer." My pH on two tanks keeps dropping from the tap water level of 7.6 to like 6.5 - 6.3 So I purchased an Aquasonic Carbonate Hardness kit (as I believe that pH and KH are linked). The readings are very low - 2 drops to turn the blue into yellow = 20ppm on both these tanks. 1: is 80ppm ideal? Various sites often indicate GH but not what is ideal for KH to maintain pH stability. 2: will placing some limestone rock like the famous Texas Holy stuff or coral be detrimental to my water parameters? Tanks are filled from genuine tap water.
  5. [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] I did a Kh and Gh test of the setup tonight and this is what my results are, i am not sure how accurate they are as this was my first test with this kit etc. + the Gh i kinda split on myself while mixing it lol. Tech how dark are the colours meant to go? like with the Gh test it went blue pretty quickly and it got to around 50-70ppm (stopped at 70 cause i split it lol) does it go like a dark blue or lightish? and with the Kh i got it to around 30ppm but after 2 drops it went yellow and then it said to add one more drop to turn it green. it kinda went greenish but not like the sample paper ph=6.8-7 Kh = 30ppm Gh = 50-70ppm do they sound right for the ph? this is tank water btw. and on the test kit it did say that when u have a low Kh it is bad to add tap water to the system? that doesn't really sound right but maybe i read it wrong.... i do want the ph to be around 6.8 - 7 and soft water to breed peps and L types. but i also want stableish PH as well. i also know that a stable ph is better than what the books say for peps or L types but i wanted to get it closer to really see these fish happy.
  6. Just moved house and am now on trickle fed tanks instead of mains pressure. Did a water test and the gh & kh low. I've been told to use bicarb and rock salt to increase but not sure of the amounts to use. I'll be treating 1000lts at a time. Also is pool salt ok to use? Rob
  7. Hey guys, Picked up one of these from RPC on Bayfish trip day but it's actually a little bit of a riddle for me with the way the kits work. Does anyone have any experience with these kits? I've tested both my kH and gH and received the following figures. pH: 7.1 kH: 2dkH gH: 4dkH I'm quite happy with these figures but I'm unsure whether I've tested them correctly. Is it the drop that shows the first signs of changing colour? What's put me off is that in the guide book it says a bright yellow for the kH test kit, but it changes from blue to yellow on the second drop and then slowly gets a brighter yellow, so I presumed it was the initial change. Cheers, Ryan.
  8. Hey all This site has a lot of info for newbies about hardness, pH, gH and kH. http://www.drhelm.com/aquarium/chemistry.html This site has some tips, info and some DIY tank plans. http://www.fishandtips.com/index.html This site is for cecking out what fish people are actually talking about. Search by group, genus or characteristics. http://www.cichlidforum.com/profiles/index.php BJ
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