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Found 6 results

  1. Just wondering how long fish hold there eggs for before they hatch into fry? I am new to my fish breeding it is the first time they have done it, all info would be much appreciated I have kigoma frontosa, hongi, saulosi and a elongatus mphanga holding atm I caught the fronny spitting some of her eggs out this morning but she has gone back to rolling her mouth around again. All the others have been holding for a couple of week now.
  2. Ive got three in a tank for my daughter and they are laying every 2 weeks on the underside of the lids .Am at 4 batches now but no sign of hatching , any thoughts? My daughter os checking them 3 tomes a day i think shes getting anxious
  3. ha , got to laugh at myself as ive forgot how long it takes for bristle nose cattie eggs to hatch [ ALBINO ] // must be old age though its been along time since my fish breeding days . lol . HOPE SOMEONE CAN bring my memory back on this one .. as i found a nice big batch of eggs today .
  4. I have bought Brine shrimps from two different shops in brisbane, both sources of eggs seem old or off and wont hatch! Ive used nuetral ph tank water, rain water, tap water thats been left to sit for a few days, mixed with varying amounts of salt, from only 2% to 3.5% salinity (natural seawater is 3.5% salinity) and constant areation in two different kinds of containers, and in strong light, kept at 27 to 29 deg C. Not a single hatched little fellah seen yet! Where does everyone who uses brine shrimp buy their FRESH Brine shrimp eggs?????
  5. First time at breeding cichlids, I have just notices two of my fish are holding, one is an auratus and the other is a lombardoi. How long until the eggs hatch, and how long until they should spit them out? Both lost are in exclusive species breeding tanks, so the only predators are mum and dad (and other females) Thanks
  6. Could some one please give me information on How long before eggs hatch?. Firstly for Red Jewels. Secondly for BN And or thirdly, is there a general rule of thumb for fish accross the board? Regards Marc
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