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Found 9 results

  1. Hey guys just want to do a little thread on these Albino BN eggs that were abandoned by their father. The father decided after a day of car the eggs were too boring to care for or something and left them and is now on the other side of the tank on more eggs. So I decided I could try hatch them myself. So I put them in a little 25l tank still In the cave cause the buggers were not going to budge (annoyingly) and put an aerator in the cave to oxygenate the water it is now day three of the eggs under my care with more updates to come. PS I know hatching these eggs is easy but I just thought I'd share. Cheers TheAquaHolic001
  2. Ok...... so i have bred fish for approx 25 years and been successfully hatching brine shrimp for some 20 years odd. I have purchased a new can of ocean nutrition brine shrimp 90% hatch. I have tried 4 batches since wednesday with little to no success Anyone have any info on a bad batch ? The eggs do not seem to rehydrate and remain floating after 48 hours. Im not looking on how to hatch them.......just wondering if anyone has had a sh1t can off them Used by date august 2019
  3. So can I use marine salt to hatch BBS instead of rock salt/aquarium salt?
  4. Ok I want to start a thread to help ppl. Hatch there eggs without the parents We all know some fish just will not hatch and look after there fry Severums are one of the worst I have come across So I've taken the eggs ? What's next FJ Ps this is not for me. I know how although I'm sure I will learn something
  5. My polleni laid eggs today right in the middle of the communal tank. Any advice on best way to hatch these eggs?
  6. Hey guys. Just wondering if anyone can tell me how long it usually takes Oscar eggs to hatch and if I get a hatch ling net, will it be sufficient enough to keep them housed in the same aquarium.
  7. About 1 in 3 batches I do ends up with cloudy water and no eggs hatching. 500ml dechlored water 2 tea spoons salt 1/4 teaspoon of eggs 24-28 temp doesnt seem to matter. heaps of air, 24/36hrs later some batches will end up like this? whats the go? Iv read if you try and hatch too many eggs in a small volume of water this can happen, but 1/4 teaspoon is under the amount the manufacturer recomends. Can anyone help?
  8. This is the first batch from this pair that have gone to wiggler stage. As they started hatching, the parents transferred them and spat them onto one of the two sponge filters in my tank. Is this normal and what can I do to ensure the best possible survival rate for these wrigglers?
  9. I bought some eggs from a guy in Sydney the other day. they are: boesmanii sp. furacus M.Sexlineata temp: 26-29C ph: around 7 today got home and 1 hatched and is eating well! about 4mm long, will update when more hatch and progress. p.s. anyone got microworm cultre they could give me some of?
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