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Found 57 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. I need a little help, this is Fido He has chased all the other blue Dolphins into a corner and cleared half the tank of gravel. He has the others scared and hiding and is shaking his bum all over the place. I know it's breeding behaviour, but the others aren't interested. Is there anything I can do to either help the others get in the mood or stop the behaviour and get the others out of hiding cause they're clearly not interested. Thank you. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. This morning i woke up and found a small hole in my appistos head that wasnt there yesterday. Water quality is good: 0ppm ammonia 0ppm nirite 0ppm Nitrate 6.6 ph Im so confused what would cause that. Any help much appreciated
  4. Hi everyone. I am having an issue with one of my yellow tail acei. She is the tank boss of an mbuna only tank. There are 15 mbuna in total, most are juveniles. Over the last four days I have observed her shaking her head and having some kind of spasm. I am not confusing this with the shaking that happens when fish are trying to instigate mating or to warn others off. From my observation this is happening approximately once every few hours and often when she is swimming alone with no other fish nearby. She will be swimming along then come to a jerking stop, have a spasm which involves shaking her head and then go forward, stop with a jerk again, shake head and then return to normal swimming. If she was human I would say she was having a fit of some kind. I cannot see any visual indicators of disease on her. She is active and eating well. There have been 2 recent changes that I have made but I don’t see how they could be affecting her. 1) 5 days ago I moved all my mbuna from my 4ft to my 5ft to give them more swimming room and more rocks/caves. The tank is being filtered by their old canister with the mature media. I did clean this but only the same as I always do when doing my regular maintenance. 2) I added 3 new juveniles to tank. BUT, I observed this behaviour in acei BEFORE they were added. I am at a loss as to what is happening with her. She is the only one doing this. And this was not happening in old tank. My water parameters are good 0 nitrite, 0 ammonia, 10 nitrate. I only feed them food specifically made for mbuna i.e. veg or spirulina based pellets and flake as well as shelled peas and zucchini. It could be purely a tank boss thing - but my gut is telling me that something is wrong with her. If it was a parasite wouldn’t they all be doing it? What could it be? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thanks everyone.
  5. Hi everyone, I have a 30 cm saratoga lei that is periodically shaking its head or jerking its head every 20-30 minutes. It currently lives with 6 aussie bass (6cm) and an eel tail catfish (12cm). The togas tank mates aren't shaking their but are flashing and there's no sign of fungus. The tank has a thin layer of gravel and a big piece of driftwood and some large red rocks and no plants. My water params and routine are as follows: Ph: 7-7.2 Ammonia:- 0 (API drops) Nitrite:- 0 (API drops) Nitrate:- 10-20 ppm (API drops) Gh:- 90 ppm (5 drops of API test) Kh:-54 ppm (3 drops of API test) Size of tank:- 5x1.5x1.5 ft Temperature °C:- currently at 28 Been running for:- 5-6 months Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- 2 AquaClear 300 (70) (hang on) Feeding:- What food and How often: fed hikari food sticks and koi pellets twice a day and peeled prawns every few days. No live food Recent Medication Treatments: No meds. Did add some macropore in the filters a few days ago to get rid of the tannins leeching from the driftwood Last water change:- 5 days ago 50% Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly - every week 50% using Prime as my water conditioner. Hope that's enough information. I personally think it could be gill flukes as I haven't treated them for it. Had the saratoga for a bit over a month and the other fish for 2 months. Prior to that, had goldfish in that tank. Just want to make sure before dumping random meds into the tank
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Woke up this morning to find that one of our discus must have been swimming around and bumped into driftwood as he has a bit of branch broken off and stuck in his head. Not sure what the best treatment would be, try and pull it out? or leave it and see if will come out by itself? Any suggestions?
  8. These fish that we see quite often when free dive collecting or just taking photos are always around in estuaries and the non-swell side of islands and sometimes they are opportunistic, in that a fish will make a mistake when one of us swims past and they take advantage of that mistake!
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. Just tried to get a shot of a peacock in one of my grow outs........ check out the photo bombing lol Of course if I try to take a shot of a humphead...... they instantly vanish into the plants or ornaments!
  11. Woke up this morning with a terrible thought, and unfortunately I was right... I forgot to turn on my canister filters after feeding a heap of blood worm yesterday on my 6 ft. They were off for about 16 hours. My Ammonia was .4 ppm and my nitrite about .3 ppm. Anyway I've done a 50% WC and there back down lowish. I might go get some stability and keep a close eye on it. How many days can I go without feeding? Also being that the filters are probably fairly full of mulm and dirt, will I have killed all of my bacteria? (I have matrix packed tight in 2 trays).
  12. my awsome oranda has devlopet a hole that keeps getting bigger please help i would get a pic is that i dont know how to upload one
  13. Title explains it all. But what do i do next. I have tried salt (yes salt), multi med and melafix and nothing is working. I originally thought it was an injury from the driftwood that's in the tank but now I'm thinking it might be parasites. Any help would be great. The poor bugger has been like this for nearly two months. :help:
  14. This is my new build up for my Orange Head Tapajo's Species tank. Thanks to Mr Ozmo for holding some great looking Juvi's, Big thanks to Donny and the Boys at AoA for having killer deals for filtration, also Donny for a bottle of black magic and to the missus for doin' most the cleaning of the sand and glass for me since I put my back out! Anyways this used to be my Africans but now time for something different there hope you enjoy the pics and any advise on tank mates or low maitenance plants (no co2) would be greatly appreciated! Only put water in it an hour ago so hence the $h!tty pics!!! p.s this is the above tank in the back of this picture with no water and lights on!
  15. chasing some advise on what would be best to put in my 5 x 2 x 2 foot 500lt electric yellow tank a power head or wave maker and what size litre an hour would I need cheers yellows
  16. I just gave my orange head fry a big feed of fresh hatched BBS last night for the first time in a few weeks. the fry are just over a month old and were going strong. had a couple die early on but none since. So this morning I woke up to 5 dead bubs. Did a water change and fed crushed pellet. Got home from work this arvo to another 5 dead Now hours later there are another 2 dead. And when I think back, the last few deaths I had was when I had fed the BBS. Is it possible to get a bad batch? I know the shells are bad but I've been really careful with that. I'm pretty upset about whatever's going on. All I can say is I'm not feeding anymore of that and I hope they stop dying soon. I think I have about 40 left. I'm hoping I don't wake up to a heap more dead babies. Any thoughts?
  17. Hello everyone, i have someone who has offered me 2 pairs of gold head compressiceps that havn't breed for $400. is that a fair price ? the seller says the males are around 10cm and females around 8cm, would you pay that much ? is the size difference big enough to be pairs ? Thanks heaps.Ben
  18. So i need some advice, my first power head that came with my AR380 tank lasted for over 3 years, and my replacement one has just died after less then 1.5 years. does anyone know if spending the money on a new ar380 power head is going to be worth the close to $50 from a pet store or just buying another one that is similar to do the same job? anyone know of any that fit in the same spot as the AR380's? your help is greatly appreciated
  19. Will this be ok? Looking to get two Bolivian Rams. I have: 3 x Orange Head Geos 15 x Black Phantom Tetras 6 x Sterbai Corys 7 x Pepp Bns 1 x L066 Pleco Tank is four foot... Also, are Bolivian rams bottom dwellers or will they hang around mid tank as well? (I don't want any more always on the bottom) Thanks
  20. I think my discus has HLLE dont know how it has caught this,it has 5 red marks between its eyes I have put in qtank doing daily water changes ,it is not eating,is this contagious to my other discus,have had them for 3 years with no problems at all,the only thing that has changed is added some new plants could these have anything to do with it.Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  21. Just noticed one of my Moba females has a small wound on her head, I am thinking just a scrape or fight wound. What do you guys think and recommend?. She is in a tank with 2 other females her size and a large male.
  22. I always thought snookie had got these scars from banging the lids when feeding. He's had 'em a while and has always appeared healthy and eats well. He hasn't eaten now for 3 weeks since the tank was disturbed and I now notice some other scars under his chin and near his eyes. I'm wondering if this is HITH? Oscar and Geo (both renown for HITH) in the same tank, have none of this scarring. Your thoughts please? Parameters OK except for Nitrates which I have never managed to get below 30ppm in this tank
  23. Howdy Folks, I'm lead to believe my Humphead has this illness. Just curious can the "Hole in the Head" illness spread from one fish to another? & does anyone know a treatment for this issue? Cheers Jonce.
  24. It has what looks like a healing sore on the side of it head. The sore looks white, kind of like a healing scab. Will try to get pics. very had to get a good photo.
  25. Hey all, Took this video last weekend, Sorry about the angle but its the only way my phone would sit so it wouldnt fall.. I basically do as much fishing as I can when I get the chance, Mostly use surface poppers but live bait also works well. The video was taken in pelican waters canal, Caloundra! Trevalley where caught there also and the barra were all at the suncoast barra fishing park, you have to be very patient and work hard to catch them! About a year ago, Apologise for the long hair and no shirt Last weekend The mrs caught this
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