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Found 13 results

  1. I left this one in my bio filter with no light and near no oxygen and phos levels through the roof to change its colouration and forgot it; by the time i remembered, it was near dead! Just under two months later and its got three more colours and thriving. Its still a bit pale where it was bleaching, but not bad!
  2. By that I mean near all of our reef aquarium none mobile inverts are algae symbiotic, algae with in! A part from all the other stuff I have in place, retaining all that builds in my waters by not doing water changes and the algae’s content dosing/reintroducing is really paying off! Also the sps in the top tank are better then ever. Another looney idea, “it would be called by you know where”, is blooming beautifully, lol. Don’t be afraid to experiment guys, following the status quo is not always that fruitful!
  3. For the last 3 weeks, I've noticed my dragon betta to be eating less than usual and about last week he had developed a sort of white lump which has become steadily more prominent. Is there anything I can do to help the little guy out? Thanks
  4. Hi All, For you QLDAF members not based in QLD here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Koi Food The new JPD range is considered the best koi food in the market in Asia / USA. On a side note we do have a large amount of American cichlid keepers / Large Africans that love the range of JPD also. Ben
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  6. Hi guys, As you are all probably aware I keep F1 Geophagus Tapajos. I have a problem with one of the larger ones (subdominant) fish in the tank. He/She has develloped these crator looking things that I am unsure on. After speaking to a mate of mine who keeps many geos we have come to the conclusion it could either be HITH syndrome, or it could be simply a battle wound from fighting another geo or scraping on sharp wood on the tank. It does not appear to be the four or two indented nostril holes when they breathe in and out that the fish have normally when you look at a geo. I have kept pristine water conditions where the nitrate at the very max would not even pass 10 to 20ppm from day 1 of the tank being cycled under any conditions from day 1 and am a firm believer of a mixed well balanced and high protein diet of frozen bloodworm, live blackworm, various hikari foods, nls formula foods, and also sera products. I have soft water and low ph water that the fish are kept in. I am hoping someone can shed the light on one of the two or three possibilities that it is. I have started treating Sterazin for the sake of it incase it is HITH syndrome as my mate said one of his mate who keeps big south african cichlids had great success using that during his recent bout of it. Thanks so much, Adam
  7. Hey guys, I got a boat running trips upto the islands, now I have a 3000 litre tank on-board, which we stock with about 200-300 crays in individual baskets. Now I have a heat exchanger running with ocean water to keep the tank at around 24 degrees, and a large pump just turning over the sea water and running it through abit of sponge to take out some of the waste. I cannot change the water, as where they are caught differs from bay to bay on the way back (I could not teach one of these guys to test the water, so not an option really). My question is do you think running the water through a filter just packed with purigen would take alot of the bad guys out, and how much would I need. its a 3 day trip, and we lost the last lot due to I think heat, but also the water was pretty foul, (Could be decaying bodies in the heat that made it worse aswell. So purigen safe to use on crays for humans to eat? and how much to work as a filter for 3 days on 300 live crays? Cheers, Grum.
  8. Hi I am after some advice on health issues with my Sunshine Peacocks. I have a 1,000 liter tank that has a variety of Malawi Cichlids (started at 62 fish). The tank had been running for 6 weeks before any fish were introduced and has been running for 8 weeks today with all water parameters are all within range. The fish were purchased from 2 different suppliers, 40 from one and the remainder from another with all fish under 4 cm. The tank has run along with out a problem till about a week ago when 1 of the peacocks died, the only visible sign of a problem with fish was it was swimming in the out flow of the filter. Since the first death there has been a subsequent 6 of the sunshine’s die. I have been to the Smiths Aquariums a couple of times to have water tested and last Friday to have the fish autopsied. The treatment recommended has been a course of Myxazin with today as day three. I have another two deaths since starting the treatment and I know have a Dolphins and an Electric Yellow with what appears to be similar symptoms. Any other suggestions or advice would be appeaciated Cheers Patto
  9. hi all, You are probably aware by now that I have discus and as of the past two days one of them doesnt seem happy. It is the red spotted leopard which is a female which has previously layed eggs three times to no success. I have treated for parasites two months ago just as a twice a year thing to avoid it from occuring so it cant be that surely. The discus is very stressed out showing all stress bar markings very very dark. The colour of the red spotted leopard has gotten darker base colour. The fish is only residing in one area and one area only which is close to the surface and breathing heavy and fast. All products being used are as accordance to the bottles and have been dosing him the past two days with stress guard. The past two days he has eaten lots so he is still eating more than usual which is a good sign. The only thing that has happened is I have rescaped the tank three days ago and put some new val in behind where she used to hang, and one of them twiggy style tree plants unsure on name but its a thin leafed plant i got the other day where she used to hang. So would it be from that? As she is now at the other end of the tank not looking happy as if she is sick or something. At times she does stay in the same spot but on a lean of like 5 to 10 degrees off centre. She just wont move from the one spot which is in the other corner facing the glass at the surface. Thank you, Adam
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