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Found 19 results

  1. .A second tank has let go in the garage, a little one this time...... Is it the heat.
  2. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  3. Just wondering what innovative ways people might use to cool ponds if too hot. Sprays? bubblers? fans? paddle wheels? I'm in Melbourne but I'm establishing some 1000-3000 litre above ground "ponds" in a glasshouse. (stock troughs, aquaculture ponds). I can insulate the sides heavily (e.g. rockwool or fill around them with sand to make them "below ground" to minimise temperature fluctuations which in a glasshouse are huge. On a run of 40C days I had some 200l black tubs exceed 45C water temperature (no livestock). Air temp in the glasshouse (with doors open) can hit 70C at the worst for a couple of hours - but this isn't sustained and most nights are ~20-30 but the water holds onto the heat. The larger the body of water.. the lower the temperature increase each day, but I think I'll need sprays, or fountains or something to cool the ponds down at night a bit so then next hot day isn't compounding the heat problem. In Melbourne this happens maybe for 1-2 weeks in summer only. ..so apart from refrigerated chillers and bags of ice - what works best to cool things down?
  4. Not surprising but the forum got a massive hit today with searches "how to cool an aquarium" How did everyone go with the heat?
  5. Just read somewhere saying that we may have 40C this Sun 29/12/13, is it true? I am going to prepare some frozen bottle...
  6. Temp in my tank has been 32 for 2 days. It's a struggle, I can see all the fish are suffering, as they do every year up here. How ever, in the last day my PRIZE Firemouth has "shredded" all his finnage and looks really bad. I will be surprised if he comes through it. He / she is bout 5 years old and a perect specimen. Not happy. I really need a chiller for these NQ summers, bloody house is closed up all day whilst we go to work. B4 u ask' I got sump and water movement, surface movement, the whole box an dice, ... Less a chiller Nufin any one can do ta help, I'm jus angry an need ta rant. Did I mention I'm really Pi$$ed off ?? Blah Blah Blah Brendan
  7. Just wondering how everyone went in the heat? I've come home to a tank at 32.3 degrees which is the maximum recorded by my digital thermometer for the day with the minimum of 27.5. I'm currently doing a small water hangs of about 20% with the water trickling in to fill the tank over about an hr. I did increase the flow rate on my air pump for the day which appears to have helped as all the fish appear to be happy and healthy and have all just eaten actively. So how did everyone else go? Trav
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. I'm quite aware that I'm probably about t unleash the monster of discussions/arguments but I'm in the process of moving and would love some feedback as to the most efficient way to heat a room. The room in question is 6.5 x4.5 metres.
  10. any ideas on a cheap and effective heat trap-cover for a semi outdoor pond that allows gas exchange. thanks
  11. is anyone or has anyone got info on heat pumps for heating their water instead of solar or typical heaters thanks
  12. Hey everyone just wondering if anyone has any different and cheaper way of heating tanks than the common heater. I'm thinking about making something similar to a water cooler but obviously a heater not cooler and using it to heat my 2 largest tanks. Have not put alot of thought into it yet but Im Sure it can be done. Maybe even running a GOOD air con in the room. I currently have tried it with a cheapie air con and it works out about the same running cost. Only difference is I'm fighting to keep the whole room at temp not just tanks. It is a bedroom and it had a split system air con in it if anyone wondering. Any ideas or thing that you have tried? Cheers
  13. whats the easiest way to heat an ibc, the 1000ltr type,
  14. This is my first summer season breeding in Oz. To date, all my hatches have been successfully raised. My last two hatches of multispinosa had the parents removed after 1 week but over the following week, the fry gradually dwindled away on both occasions (they breed every 14 days). All paramaters are ok and older fry from the same parents are doing well. The temps in the fish room have risen to around 86F (30C) on a couple of occasions. Could this be the cause? Being so young they cannot withstand the raise twmps as opposed to their older siblings? cheers kev
  15. Man me spawn rate has dropped hardcore. About the only way I can trigger them........ is to do a water change just as the arvo storm hits as in right now still though its enough to make a man want to run his backup chiller poor gasping buggers http://www.photolib.noaa.gov/htmls/fish3187.htm
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. hi there i was just curious and thought i would post and see how everyone heats up there fish room in winter if you'd like to share I am after a new way instead of putting 40 heaters in and making my electricity bill skyrocket.... would an oil heater keep the room at a good temperature being cheaper? gas heater? any ideas how i can keep my cost down would be much appreciated... chris
  18. Hey, Recently, I noticed some ich on my oto and a couple of tetras. I read up about treating the ich with heat, so I've had my tank at around 32 deg for the past couple of days. Today I saw that the ich spots have gone. Now I don't want to rush and drop the temperature back to normal just to have more ich. How long should I leave the temp up for after the ich spots are gone? Thanks, Raff.
  19. I was just reading a book on aquaculture and came across something I had never heard of before. To help retain heat in tanks during winter, the book suggests bubble wrap. Just keep the smooth side facing outwards and put it on the sides, rear and top. Double sided bubble wrap is supposed to be more efficient. There you go, an easy do-it-yourself solution I had never heard of. Anyone tried this technique?
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