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  1. Wanted to get opinions please? I'm looking at setting up a small breeding tank for my guppies, and was looking at a cheap heater from eBay. Has anyone had a US plug adaptor running full time...or wouldn't u risk it. TIA
  2. Quick query - what cord lengths are there available in some of the more reasonable quality 200-300w heaters. I am having difficulty tracking down info. I believe Aqua one brand is 1.8 m. What about others? The longer the better Thanks all
  3. Winter is about to hit and we all know that means it's time to get those heaters ready! We will be running a quick 24 hour promotion on a select range of heaters. Head on over to our website to get 15% off our already low prices! This promotion is for 24 hours ONLY so get in quick. Dont forget about your QLDAF discount too! http://www.thetechden.com.au/15_OFF_SPECIALS_s/2329.htm
  4. As the cooler temps are getting closer just wondering what brands of heaters people are using and recommend. My system is around 3000lt. I'm leaning towards a schego any advice would be great.
  5. Just noticed this moisture inside my heater. It's less than a year old, should I get it replaced? Is it a hazzard? It seems to be working fine, although I'm still not sure how to calibrate it properly.
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Just wondering where people place there heaters I have a Shogun 400 watt set at 26 degrees in my 5 x 2 x 2 and while I've had my sump shut down I've only had a Otto 2000L/PH Internal and a 3000L/PH wave maker going in my 5 x 2 x 2 and have noticed that the temp has been sitting on 25 - 26 most of the time although the temperature hasn't been to bad overnight this week compared to the week before and was wondering is it better to have it in the tank heating 500 Litres or in the sump Heating 130 Litres which is 630 Litres all up going through the sump or how does it work
  8. Hi Just wondering if anyone has used the hydor 300w inline heater? Is it capable of heating a 6x2x2 (550-600lt)? Or should I stick to the good old jager 300W? I have both and trust the jager but a heater that's out of sight is pretty sweet. Any experiences would be great to hear about Cheers
  9. I have the chance to buy 2 very cheap 150w reptile one heaters which on the pack says for Terrarium( amphibian and aquatic turtle environments) would these be okay for an aquarium. Thank you.
  10. .Anyone ever had an issue with their Hydor ETH 200 inline heater ? I bought mine from AOA about 18 mths ago. It was connected up to one of my tanks via an eheim 2213, all good for 18mths then tonight, it just blew and tripped the saftey switch. Horrible smell with it.
  11. PetSmart recalls 33,000 aquarium heaters for shock hazard - WCIV-TV | ABC News 4 - Charleston News, Sports, Weather Saw this on Facebook. Suspect that the heaters did not make it to Australia, but just in case......
  12. Hey Forum Lovers We at Aquaholics Online are having a sale on our Allpet Care Aqua Heaters The heaters are backed with a 3 YEAR WARRANTY Prices are as following 50w - Normally $20.90 NOW $15 ($13.50 after forum discount) 100w - Normally $23.90 NOW $15.50 ( $13.95 after forum discount) 200w - Normally $26.90 NOW $16.01 ( $14.40 after forum discount) 300w - Normally $29.90 NOW $17.00 ( $15.30 after forum discount) Stock is LIMITED and will be until sold OUT (not to be repeated at these prices) Aquarium Water Heaters For Your Fish Tank Wholesale Direct
  13. Got a eheim 200w and if you look at pic looks like moisture inside the glass, is this bad? It doesn't seem to be accurate my new digital thermometer says 27 but I can't get it to correspond with the jager (the little red arrow can't turn anymore to line it up with 27) hope that last part made sense
  14. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  15. Last night our heater turned on in our 50L marine tank and hadn't turned off I turned the chiller back on and temp hasn't got up yet. What size and brand heater would be a good choice to replace the original aqua one heater?
  16. Good morning all! My heaters arrived yesterday (yay). I got 2 x Aquasonic 300 watt for 10 dollars each from AOA (bargain, love your work AOA). Now, one of the heaters was going into a 4x2x2 which was sitting at 20 degrees (freshly full of rain water). The second was going in my 4x2 american tank which was already being heated by a 200 watt eheim (was upgrading to a bit bigger, and the eheim is going in a 300 liter bn tank). The heater in the American tank is doing Fine. It didn't have to do anythign really, the tank was already at 26. My problem / question is; the 300 watt heater on the 4x2 which is full of rain water.. It was sitting at 20 degrees, and has jumped up to 23-24 over night. The heater turns on and off, and stays off for a period of time, then i think it turns itself back on. Is the heater doing this to prevent itself from breaking, from rising temp to quickly? or am i dealing with a faulty heater? Thanks, probably a really noob question, but ive never had to run a heater in such cold temps, it seems all my tanks are usually setup in summer
  17. Hi everyone. I have just finished putting together my new 700l african setup. I have tried my best to get quality hardware (within reason) only using brands I trust. The heater I chose to go with is the Eheim Jager 300. My question is what do you think is the best possible heater for my setup? It's taken me a long time to put together my fish collection and way to much $$ lol so I need a heater that I can trust. I know the Eheim Jagers are good but is there anything better? Thanks in advance for your help
  18. I have bought some anubias nana and part of the deal is to get the entire plant/wood contents on a 2ft cube tank. Im not sure what ive got but thrown them on my spare 4ft tank im using for remaining feeder fish. Im not sure if i need a heater for the tank. I also put them on a tupperware type container (4x) as the tank is bare and got some gravel as their base substrate. Tank is only running on sponge as filter and has only a window light. As much as possible i want to keep the plants as i may have a use for them later on.
  19. I'm looking for a heater that can do my 25L. I'm looking for one with the following features. Thermostat, can be set horizontal, full submersible, small and can do the 25L capacity. I'm also looking for some that can do the following tanks that hold 100L and 300L but without a thermostat that can be set horizontal, full submersible any suggestion or recommendations.
  20. I recently bought a second hand tank, which came with a 300w Eheim Jager heater. This heater is rated for around 600L, though up to 1000L. My tank on the other hand is 200L. From the several test runs I've done, it didn't seem to raise the temp much over what I had on the dial. Does anyone see a problem with me using this heater, or running into issues in the future? Never had a tank or heater this large before… Also, does anyone know a store where you can get replacement suction cups from such heaters? I can't seem to find anything online. Thanks for the advice.
  21. After reading many many threads about heaters failing and people loosing expensive fish we got in some of the Lifegard Aquatics Temperature Alert. The units can be set with not only a low temperature but also high temperature alarm to help stop your fish freezing or frying with excessive temperatures. In summer time you will soon know when your tanks get too high and in winter is your heater is up to the task as we mainly check temperatures through the day but that is not when it is the coldest - do you check your temp just prior to the sun rising when it is the coolest time of day? Is your heater up to keeping the temperature your fish require? Should your heater fail it will give you the indication by an audible alarm or by the unit flashing if your heater looses heat or starts cooking. It is a relatively cheap option compared to replacing fish and recycling your tank It has a large 7.5 X 6cm display and the unit itself is 10cm x 10cm. Lifegard Aquatics Large Display Temp Alert for Aquariums, Reptiles and Greenhouses
  22. So just seeing when everyone thinks I should take my heater out. It's starting to get hot as f**k. It's an African community tank. It doesn't get any direct sunlight, but my place is pretty warm.
  23. Just wondering what size heater would be best for 4 x 1.5 x 1.5 tanks 150w or 200w heaters thinking Jager 150w would be ok as I have to get 3 of them cheers Yellows
  24. One of the best heaters at one of the best prices. Too good to run for a day or week - available for the whole month of July.... And you still get your QLDAF discount off the special price which means you pay only...$359.10 http://www.thetechden.com.au/dealoftheday.asp Deal of the Day Click Here
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