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  1. Quick query - what cord lengths are there available in some of the more reasonable quality 200-300w heaters. I am having difficulty tracking down info. I believe Aqua one brand is 1.8 m. What about others? The longer the better Thanks all
  2. Valid for the first 50 customers ONLY We are having a fantastic sale on our 300W LED Digital Heaters for 1 week only Offer is not valid in conjunction with any other discount, offer is for the first 50 customers only, offer valid until midnight 2/8/2015 Redemption code - HEATUP33 300W LED Aquarium Digital Heater With Thermosafe WAS $45 NOW just over $30 AUTOMATIC LED DIGITAL CONTROL HEATER Having the right temperature for your pet fish is essential for their health and stress levels. Having a heater in your aquarium is essential for maintaining stable temperatures to keep your fish happy and healthy. Keeping your fish at a stable temperature should be as easy as placing a heater in your aquarium then set and forget right?? -- WRONG. To often heater failure is often the Number 1 cause of fish death. Here is a list of some of the most common cause of heater failure Accidental breakage during water changes (We all forget to turn them off) Cracked from large fish smashing your heater Thermostat failure causing the heater to cook your fish Poor collaboration of the heater causing the user to set temperatures incorrectly Lack of actual temperature display The NEW Biopro/Hopar Thermosafe aquarium heaters have eliminated most of these problems and more- Accidental breakage during water changes (We all forget to turn them off) Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have and auto ON / OFF feature meaning that when the heater is not in the water it AUTOMATICALLY SWITCHES OFF Cracked from large fish smashing your heater Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have a SMASH GUARD now around the heater protecting it from large predatory fish Thermostat failure causing the heater to cook your fish Biopro/Hopar Thermosafe heaters have now included a Thermosafe switch.. when temperatures raise up to 35 the heater will detect and shut down preventing accidental cooking of your fish Poor collaboration of the heater causing the user to set temperatures incorrectly Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have a tolerance of less 0.5 degrees Lack of actual temperature display Biopro/Hopar Safe Guard heaters have introduced a LED diplay of both the set temperature and current tank temperature 12 MONTHS AUSTRALIAN WARRANTY Product Specifications Model : Biopro Hopar H-338 Power : 300W Heating Volume : 300 - 500L Length : 400mm Fully Submersible Digital Display - Both set tempreature and water tempreature Auto on/off when removed from water Auto Shut Off with thermostat failure Accurate - 0.5 degree tollerance Touch Button Control Plastic Smash Guard
  3. Hey guys im chasing some cheap 2nd hand heaters needing 2 for two 2 foot tanks. Let me know what's available. Thanks
  4. Shogun 500w Aquarium Heaters Now in Stock at a Great Introductory price of only $59.95 ( well $53.95 for QLDAF Members ). Digital LED read out with built in memory that remembers last shutdown temperature. Precise temperature control with a tolerance accuracy of 0.5 degrees Celsius Energy saving design Quality tested For fresh & salt water Safety cut off circuit ensures the unit does not overheat even when the water level drops sharply. Will power off automatically if removed out of the water. Heating function turns off automatically and shows 'HH' when temperature exceeds 35 degrees. Shatter resistant safety glass Heater Guard included 2 Year Warranty Rated for up to 1000 litres ( based on manufactures recommendations ) length: 52cm - We have tested these units and have found them to maintain an even temperature in aquariums up to 1500 litre's depending on ambient temp. Link - Age of Aquariums - Shogun Heater 500w * Introductory Special * Ben
  5. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquarworld 50w Aquarium heater
  6. Just in time for summer - 600w, 1000w and 1500w heaters...lol Full pricing, availability and details just click on the link below. Member discounts apply. Ocean Free Heaters Safety Auto Off Double Heating Units Temperature Precision +-.5c Fresh and Saltwater Multiple Heating Options Shatter Resistant Quartz Glass LED Water Temperature Display Plastic Cage to Protect Fish
  7. AquarWorld 50w Aquarium Heaters. Today only $5.00 !!. We need to make room in our warehouse and we are overstocked on this particular product so out they go below cost Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquarworld 50w Heater Submersible Adjustable and high visibility temperature setting Easy to read temperature indicator High impact safety glass Waterproof insulation design Length: 25cm ( 20cm minimum water level ) Suitable for up to 50 litre's 3 year replacement warranty Ben
  8. Hi All. We have now received our stock of Shogun 500w Heaters. Thank you for everyone's patience. Link - Age of Aquariums - Shogun Heater 500w * Introductory Special * Ben
  9. Now the weather is warming up im wondering if I should unplug my heaters or can they safely be left on although the tank temperature will be sitting higher then what I've set the thermostat on the heater? Does either cause any damage to the heater? Note im keeping shrimp so the thermostat is only set around the 20 degrees mark.
  10. Hi All. Crazy price on the fully submersible & reliable AquarWorld 50w heaters. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aquarworld 50w Heater Ben
  11. The Aqua Zonic G2 Titan Heaters in 600w, 1000w and 1500w are due to hit Australia Mid August with some big improvements on the previous model. We are taking preorders at this stage and expect to be sold out on arrival and I think the first shipment is almost all sold already. For Starters - the electronics are not in the main unit - they are a separate controller, this will be a good way of going and avoiding any issues with the water and electronics. They also have a feature where they have a half power control so you can reduce the power usage by 50%. I think the 50% off would be handy where you are looking at extending and going on a rack system where you might be adding tanks at a later stage and might need the extra power. The option of using it to expand with out buying an additional unit. The 50% off will use just one of the two elements. Safety Auto Off Double Heating Units Temperature Precision +-.5c Fresh and Saltwater Multiple Heating Options Shatter Resistant Quartz Glass LED Water Temperature Display Plastic Cage to Protect Fish Anyway here is what they look like.....pricing is on the link and priced a lot better than the previous ones. Aqua Zonic Titan 600w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1000w Heater Aqua Zonic Titan 1500w Heater
  12. I'm thinking of buying a Hydor Inline heater for a tank i'm about to set up. I really like the idea of no visible heater in the tank and want your feedback on the Hydor 300 There are mixed reviews online and its a considerable amount of money to invest in a heater. I don't have the time to build a DIY version so happy to buy a commercial version Thanks Matt
  13. Hey guys, Looking at adding some heaters to my sumps for next winter, I heat my room and it keeps at a steady 22-24C temp most the time (12 x 6 meters, 700w heat pump), this winter I have noticed the tanks have been dropping a bit lower during night. In short I am chasing a unit that can heat fairly large systems to a stable 20-22c just for the winter, I dont want to add too much draw over all so I may look into running them on a timer to save some $$, in summer time they will be pulled out also. I have 3 main systems as such, 1 x 8x4x3 with 7ft & 8ft sump. 3800L ~ 1 x 8x3x2.5 with 7ft sump. 2000L ~ ( might add more tanks to this system, trying to figure out how to connect them to the sump ) & my cichlid racks . 2700L ~ So I need some pretty decent heaters, I have been doing some reading & seems the schego units are pretty decent & the shogun units are also, this is where my confusion comes into play. Which units would be better off? from the price point I can buy multi shogun units for the price of one schego, as they are in a sump the glass aspect is not a worry but am I comparing apples to apples? are the titian units really worth the extra money (with controller) I imagine they may give out a better heat being metal? any advice would be great.
  14. I have 5 x 300watt Aqua One Thermosafe heaters, 2 have failed now - light is on but they dont get hot. One was like this straight out the box, now one has failed about 12 months later. Anyone else had trouble with these? They have warranty but I cant trust them now.
  15. The Cold weather is here to stay for a while. Do not get caught in the cold. We have a full range of Aquarium Heaters in stock now. From 50W to 2000W.Heaters
  16. Hey guys, Just wondering if anyone has had experience with external heaters such at this one: http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3282&catID=7 I have a feeling that more things could go wrong, but it's also one less thing in the tank. Any info would be appreciated. Thanks, Cory
  17. Hi All. Great price today only on the AquarWorld 150w Aquarium Heaters. Today only $5.00 each. Age of Aquariums - Aquarworld 150w heater Ben
  18. The Eheim Australian Supplier is promoting the Jager Heaters 50w, 100w, 150w and 200w heaters come with a two for one movie offer for 6 months. Here is the big point - if you are a movie buff you can do it each day if you wanted to for 6 months - now that's a savings. It is not just a one time one ticket offer. All you have to do is buy one of the specially marked heaters as shown below. For more details and terms and conditions... https://mytlcrewards.com.au/premierpet
  19. So i have just been on the AOA website, and they have hydor theo 150 watt heaters for 9.95.. BARGAIN also exactly what i was looking for. WIN
  20. Hi Everyone We have launched a new website and have been offering some specials check this one out JUST IN TIME BEFORE THE COLD HITS 300w Heaters only $12ea buy 10 or more and get them for $10ea, Use your forum discount code QLDAF10 to get 10 % off and that brings them down to a low price of only $9ea LIMITED STOCK Biopro Glass Submersible Heater Aquarium Fish Tank 300w (OEM) NO BOX DON'T MISS OUT
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Crazy price Today only on the Vitapet 100w Aquarium Heaters. Today only $4.00ea. Link - Age of Aquariums - Vitapet 100w Aquarium Heater At this price it is worth buying and reselling the following week on the forums / facebook groups Ben
  23. hi all..just had my local sparkie over to check my aquarium heaters b4 winter turns up..seems he couldnt check them because they are double insulated-2x pronged ones so.. anyone got any ideas..place them in a bucket of water..turn them on.. if they dont break or explode.. they are good for another year..? suggestions please ty
  24. Hi all, Just wondering roughly what the life expectancy is of an AquaOne 200w glass heater? I have only had it installed for around a month and everything is great, I was just curious as to how long they typically last for. Thanks in advance
  25. Deal of the Day - Aquarworld 25w Nano Heaters. Today only $4.95. Absolute bargain and a great time to stock up. Age of Aquariums - Aquarworld Heater 25w Ben:eek:
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