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Found 23 results

  1. Looking up info about heating cables because I'm considering going all in with cables in my eight foot. Obviously many people think they are a waste of money, but looking online I found this http://aquaticconcepts.thekrib.com/Articles/PAM_Substrate.htm Interesting read. Where the eight foot is going stays generally cool enough to warrant it, plus I don't plan on keeping discus, so I may get away with the internal tank heaters being 24° or so ... Still researching, but would be nice to hear opinions, especially from people who have used them before. Am considering getting one to use on half the tank,and see if there is any difference
  2. Hi everyone, What would you consider "sufficient" heating on a 6x2x2.5? Currently have 2x 300W heaters (1x Eheim Jager / 1x Aquaone Thermosafe) in there, but seems to be taking a helluva long time to warm up...
  3. i've been looking into alternatives to using aquarium heaters. i was considering going reverse cycle before i stumbled upon these. 4 4 5 Swimming Pool Heat Pump Heater Solar SPA GAS Heating Cooling | eBay They seem like the could work with the addition of another pump to cycle from the last chamber of the sump, through the heater then back into the sump to be pumped up to the tanks. i would also use a solar controller to shut off the heating system if it passes say 26 degrees, and turns back on around 24 degrees. the fish room is around 6500L and well insulated so heat loss shouldn't be too much of a problem. im leaning to these over reverse cycle as well as i wont have to worry as much about closing the door into the fish room or moldy ceilings. anyway whats your guys thoughts? anyone had any experience with these heat pumps? steve
  4. Hi All, Might be a silly question. I age and dose my water in storage tanks. Would I use more power keeping the tank warm all day, or putting it on a timer so it is ready when I usually do my water changes? thanks, Dan
  5. Hi I'm in the process of moving and have never had to put my tanks in a garage or shed but I have no choice this time as we didn't get much notice to move and had to take whatever house we could get so they will have to go in the garage/shed detached from the house and not lined. So the question is what kind of heating is the best kind of heating and most reliable for my 4x2x2 with oscar, silver dollars, and BN. 3x1.5x1.5 with cherries, platties, BN, The normal out door temp at the moment is getting down to around 3 or 4. Might be less I haven't been awake in early morning to check the actual temp.
  6. im looking into setting up a 2000 litre pond curiouse to see if any one has ideas for heating i know a large body of water holds heat pretty well and will be closed off in the night to keep inthe heat just wanting ideas cheers blade.
  7. Hi all I have just setup a 6x2x2 tank and i an using a Jager 300 watt heat in the tank, i was wondering how long the heat should take to heat the tank up? the heater has been on for almost 24 hrs so far. Oh i am in Melbourne. Also i am running a Fluval FX5, the way i have it set up is i have both the inlet and out let at one end with the outlet facing the opposite end of the tank, i have put the heater just in front of the outlet as too circulate the heat from the heat Do you see any issues?
  8. Ok I will try to keep this brief. I have a 3 ft 150 lt freshwater tank that I have just setup. Tank is inside and windows closed.. Purchased a Ehiem Jager 100w (100lt-150lt) heater and put it in on tues evening. Tank temp was just below 10degrees. Now minimum temp on these is 18degrees. Over 36hrs it maxed at 15 degrees. I upgrade it for a 150w Jager heater good for 200-300lts and put it in last night-gave it 15 mins to adjust/settle like the aqua one units and set it at 18degrees. Tank temp was 7.8 This morning tank temp was 10 degrees??? I have now put another heater in the tank at the opposite end (brand new aqua one 300w heater) to hopefully get it up to 18 degrees then slowly up to 25 degrees.. Anyone else had trouble like this?
  9. Hey All, In the new Masters catalouge on page 4 there is a wall mounted heater. "Econo-heat eletric wall panel heater 400w $79". Dont know if people have used something like this but i thought if you had multiple tanks and no system maybe it would be a good option. Anyway just putting it out there. Richard.
  10. Looking for ideas to heat a sump system;running 1800lt of tanks. , any good ideas appreciated. Thanks Murray.
  11. It's so simple it can't be true so I really want to get another opinion on this system that I have dreamt up. I have been looking into solar systems but aren't really practical for heating cause obviously you don't loose much heat when the suns out. So on to LPG. Will this work? now the Instant hot water boiler is a low pressure unit and I don't know if I understand it properly but it runs on / below 12ltr p/min has inbuilt temp control (with LCD) to set at perfect levels and from what I gather an inbuilt turbine to run the display and ignition source. what I'm guessing is that If I run water through it constantly or on a set timer VIA a pump at least 720ltr p/h (as long as it can pump the height of the unit) it should measure and adjust according. the stats of the unit are as follows: * Stainless Steel Panel * Low Water Pressure Starting. Fire & Water Separate Regulation * Over Water Pressure Protection Device * Anti Dry-burning Protection device * Over heat Protection & Anti Frozen device * 20-Minute Timer Is Optional Exhaust Way - Open Flue Type & Force Exhaust Type Ignition Mode - Automatic electrical pulse ignition. Use Gas Type - Liquefied Petroleum Gas(LPG) Rated Gas Pressure(Pa) - LPG:2800Pa Energy efficiency - 84%-87% Suitable Water Pressure(Mpa) - 0.02~~0.8Mpa Heating Status - Heating time <=15 Seconds; Over Temperature <=2c; Stability Time:<=15 Seconds Connection Pipe Specs - Water Inlet: G1/2" Pipe; Water Outlet: G1/2" Pipe; Gas Inlet:G1/2" Pipe; Rated Heat Input Power(KW) - 24KW Rated Water Output(T=25c)L/Min - 12L Product Dimension(MM) - 620×340×180 Packing Carton Dimenision(MM) - 750×390×240 The only thing is the rated water output - (T=25c)L/Min - 12L which I gather is 12ltr p/h @ a max temp of 25c so will I have to lower the flow to achieve a higher temp? secondly cause the unit isn't designed for this type of application will the unit be constantly burning while the water is pumped through or will it only burn when the temp is down? And how bad is burning copper when it comes to adding minerals into the water? any way here is a link to the actual product Wholesale 12L GAS TANKLESS INSTANT HOT WATER HEATER LPG STAINLESS, GOOD QUALITY
  12. Hi , I have a 3500L outdoor pond I would like to heat , it's currently around 19-20c but I want to bring it upto 27-28c Whats the cheapest running cost way to heat? I have some ponds around the same size under cover with 3-4 300W jager heaters in them.. but my power bill is getting kinda high
  13. Quick question, do you guys run your heaters throughout summer? Josh
  14. Im recently new to fish keeping, what i am trying to find out is - What is the best filter for a 200L - 250L Tank? - What is the best heater brand and model? - What is the best Lighting? does coloured bulbs do anything to the fish? what about a remote dimming feature and whats best for power usage? And if it makes much of a difference i own 2 GT's, 1-2 JD's (Soon), and a pleco. if these can be answered thoroughly ill be greatly appreciative! Thanks! Sean.
  15. Hi guys. thinking of adding a heater to the fish tank room. Whats the most efficent. I was considering getting an oil heater, probably 1000w or maybe 2400w one. just wondering if anybody is using this or if they just went with a element blower heater. was thinking oil to reduce fire hazzard also. thanks in advance
  16. Hi all, was just wonder what everyones opinions were as I don't think it is common knowledge. (well I haven't actually read anything) What is the most effective way to heat a system. Say I have a 300L tank with a 50L sump, do I place a heater in the sump that can heat around 300L or say more like 100L and will the smaller heater work effectivly enough. Also same idea with say a 3 tier plus a sump. 3 tier with say 3 60L tanks and 1 30L sump, all running from 1 sump. Pump to top tank and siphons down to sump. To heat the 3 tanks is it best to run say 3 idividual heaters for around 50L volume or 1 200L in the sump? also what is the most efficient( power bill wise)??? Thanks.
  17. Now I know this pops up quite a bit here and there on the forum but I got a garden shed which I have spent the whole school holidays sprucing back up to its original glorified state. As being winter my tanks are very cold and the shed seems to trap the cold temp in. I want to heat, I was gonna plug up all the gaps with (paste insulation ideas here)....and heat from the inside. Mini oil bar heaters are on special at big W and it got me thinking can i use these. They are 600watts with controlled thermostat, I could put it on a timer to heat only during night and early morning. I'm not looking for a flash and expensive way of approaching this but as long as it works... Ideas, suggestions and discussion welcome
  18. hey guys this is me system viewtopic.php?f=6&t=28583 im having trouble heating it i have a jager 300 w running in the sump and a aqua one 300w in the top 4 footer the bottom 4 footer isnt hooked up to the main system the problem is i have a breeding pair of discus and can only get the temp to close to 27 in the day and of a night it falling to like 25 i have insulated the backs of the tanks with some thick stro and sheeted the side with pine and well as of a night time placing a drop sheet over the front to keep the temps up i just dont know wat else i can do to get the temp up im just worried that the temps would be too cold for the parents and fry so have had to isolate them from the system with a separate heater and help you can give me would be awesome thanks
  19. i have a water tank cut in half thats 9000L running into a pond 8000L i dont want to cover it so i want to steer away from a spar system due to power bill. wat are my options? is a solar system easy to make?
  20. i have a water tank cut in half thats 9000L running into a pond 8000L i dont want to cover it so i want to steer away from a spar system due to power bill. wat are my options? is a solar system easy to make?
  21. hey everyone....i am setting up a fish room with 6 4x2x2 tanks (which are split in half with a divider..so really 12 2x2x2's). I have the filration side of things figured out, but it can get cold where i live at times. So i am after suggetions on how to keep the water heated comfortably for the fish....without paying the national debt in power bills!!!!
  22. hey guys i have just bought a rack of 9x 2x1x1 tanx.just wonderin what the cheapest way to heat the tanx would be.use individual heaters in all tanx or use a heater to heat the room thanx
  23. i got a 150watt heater yesterday, its in 87litres of water and its set at 26c but its only getting to 24c, could it just be that the thermostat is out?
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