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Found 27 results

  1. I saw this setup on APTI Aquael Planted Tanks International facebook group and just loved the setup and work he had put in. The Shrimp sets are a big hit overseas and you can see why when they are done up like this. There are whole heap of his pics of his shrimp on a few of his posts.
  2. Thought id do a BIG thread full of pics of my fish and tanks. Phone quality, I have 36 pics all up, please don't comment until I get them all up, have to add five or so at a time, so bear with me ENJOY! I have a 6x18x18 5x2x2 4x18x18 4x2footers and a 20 litre fighter tank. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. Hi all, my eldest daughter loves guppies and has been breeding them for years so she has decided to try and develop her own strain. In her tank there is high dorsal blue endlers, gold tiger endlers, red chilli endlers and other assorted guppies. This is the progress so far. Guppies suck to take photos of lol. Cheers mick
  4. Hi all, Just thought I'll share some of the photos of my own fish with you. I am not a photographer and mostly use my phone:oops: to take photos, and with an occasional good camera. Fundulopanchax amieti Fundulopanchax filamentosus Fundulopanchax cinnamomeum Fundulopanchax deltaense Fundulopanchax gardneri Udi Berge Fundulopanchax gardneri N'sukka Fundulopanchax gardneri Makurdi Fundulopanchax gardneri P82 Fundulopanchax gardneri GOLD Chromaphyosemion biateniatum Ijebu Ode Chromaphyosemion biateniatum Lagos Chromaphyosemion biateniatum AMAR11 Chromaphyosemion poliaki Aphyosemion striatum Aphyosemion calliurum Aphyosemion australe Chocolate Aphyosemion australe Gold Epiplatys sexfasciatus AMAR11 I am always looking for species/localities of killies that I do not have and happy to swap pairs/eggs with other killifish keepers. Killifish are usually hard to find, so you'd be surprised to know most of the fish in the photos were bought from the two major wholesalers on the east coast; one in QLD the other VIC. The fish are out there, it just takes someone like me to chase them! The key is once you get them, to make sure you breed them so the fish do not disappear from the Australian hobby. Hope you like the photos. Cheers, Serkan
  5. As title states, I'm looking for something a little tougher than egg crate or perspex. Also, how can I fasten it onto the tank strongly? Thanks, Finn
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Hey guys and girls, I thought I would start a new thread as all my fish are now TANGS TANGS TANGS only in my fishroom. With the breeding aspect of these fish: I will try my best and always up for a challenge with the breeding side of things so fry will be available at times if not pre sold so if your interested please PM me. For you interstate members I do ship fish. I have a decent camera now and my pics are only average from it until I can learn and work out the art of photography. Enjoy
  8. Re-scaped my 6 foot tank and added some new friends. Got some lovely F1 Princess Brichardi, tried adding them to an exisiting group but they were rejected, they new have themselves a new home and have already made themselves tough against all the other Big Boys in the Tank............... love their attitude!! (Sorry bout the $h!tty phone pics!)
  9. So I'm picking up a 6x2x2 tonight and it's just me and a mate (average size people) we have to drain it ourselves, so there will still be a little bit of water left in it, will we manage? As no one is able to come out and help. I've lifted 5x2x2's before, is there much difference?
  10. Had these for a few months now they take a age to color up but looks to be i have 2m 3f which i cant complain about Any one had any experience keeping these fish , My favorite in my display atm And a quick snap of my chimoto reds
  11. Hi All, I know there has been a few posts about where to hire them from but no actually places listed. Im looking for good strong suction ones. Any help would be great on where to hire or purchase from (Besides Bunnings) as i have to move 11 tanks in the next few weeks.
  12. Hi All, I hope that this hasn't been covered off before and I just haven't been able to find it... I am looking for a bit of reading and detailed information on Betta's. I have been reading Adrian R. Tappin - Rainbowfishes book, and was wondering if something similar had been published for Betta's. I enjoy my reading so I hope there is something out there to download on the net. Cheers! Kieran
  13. Thought id do a progression thread on my three Flowerhorns, i will try and do pics every wed Any info/advice etc welcome as im very new to these guys. I plan to keep only one, but will grow them as big as i can. Ok so ive got nick names kinda happening, and yes im a chic so they are kinda girly. Helps when im uploading pics So i will have seperate the posts as i can only do 5 pics at a time, Ill start with 'Little Miss' Shes the sweetest, least meanest but least colourfull.
  14. Alternate thread title: How you can build a cheapskate tank and stand. As we all know, buying a tank and stand is an expensive habit When you think about it, you can drop a grand on a decent setup without blinking an eye, before even buying some fish/plants to put into it. Sometimes too, there's just nothing quite the right size and/or style for your chosen location or there's no commercial equipment for the job. I assume that's why this DIY section exists. For me though, all of this equipment is available but I don't have the luxury of spending the hard dollars for a ready-made setup. The Tank I got this tank from a garage sale for $20. I didn't think much of it, and for the price I was expecting it to be leaky, scratched and generally buggered. However, it was cheap and that's a pretty good selling point in anyone's books. I also have the mandatory silicon gun ready, so I was expecting some repairs to be in order. Evil Catfish After dragging the large transparent beast home and cleaning up all the messy silicon around the top it was time for a leak test. The small mark in felt-tip there was for the leak test. It held water for 3 days with no visible leak, and with no drop in water level. I took that as a pass. Next up, it was time for a stand. I had a young carpenter friend of mine construct this stand from building off-cuts and other leftovers. He asked for $70 but I gave him $90 for doing such a good job and for getting it done so quickly. I don't have a pic of it before painting, but it already looked pretty good, but several sections were multi-layer plywood, inherently water sensitive. Two coats of glossy, water resistant stain came next, and at this point I learned in retrospect that you don't stain wood with a paintbrush. Oh well. The result has some streaks of thick stain here and there, and some with less stain - I am not a very good tradesman . Nonetheless, the result is somewhat rustic looking, and I've decided that I like the look. The side shelf is for electricals and other equipment on the top, and underneath for various additives, food and whatnot. Ok tank and stand complete, time for plumbing. You can see an empty tidy tray type plastic box. That's going to be the sump, but I'll go into this later. Plumbing I hauled the silica monstrosity to Brad's shop for a hole punchin'. If you note in the previous pics, the tank is situated next to an external door. There's a reason for this: laziness. On the right-hand side is a drain fitting ($25 hole ala Brad), salvaged ball-valve, and a few metres of garden irrigation pipe (more on this later). A 30% water change requires opening that valve, after of course, checking to make sure the exit pipe is OUT the door . Also, on the other end of the exit pipe is a standard hose fitting, so that replacing fresh water involves attaching the hose and turning a tap on. I am a true Effort Conservationist. Yeah, gravity does all the work for me. Since I was using a sump, I needed some way to get water from the top, to the bottom. Getting it back up is reasonably straight-forward, they have pumps for that. The Ghetto-Tank™ abhors expenditure, so drilling another drain hole was an expense to be avoided. Of course, another solution is to use an overflow, like this one: http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4465, but the price: more than the entire project so far. No, Ghetto-Tank™ says this is unacceptable. Thanks to this very forum, I was introduced to the idea of a permanent siphon. It might look like a complicated beast, but it's easy to construct from gardening irrigation supplies, and all I had was a scribbled sketch on the back of a scrap of paper to work from, so it can't be that difficult. The original design. Thanks to QLDAF for the idea It worked ok, but there was a problem in that the little irrigation fitting that punctures the top crossover part poked too far into the lumen of the pipe. Despite drawing out all the air, the siphon would have probably eventually failed, and the flow rate didn't really match my expectations. I redesigned it with a tall stack on the outflow side. Of course, for bling's sake I used a small section of transparent nylon tubing so that I could see the level of water in the stack. (This of course, turned out to be pointless because eventually the water level falls to a stable point about the same height as the crossover. I does look cool however). Anyway, the new version works as expected and gets quite a high flow rate. For mine I used 25mm (internal diameter) irrigation pipe. Siphon, v2.0 To construct this, is dead easy. You need a good length of irrigation pipe from Bunnings (or wherever) ~$25 and tonnes to spare (you either buy a 20m roll or get ripped buying smaller lengths. It's probably heaps cheaper from an irrigation store, but impatience won out over cost reduction. The elbows, t-pieces and end cap cost a couple of dollars each. There's no reason why you can't go balls to the wall and use full on PVC for this though, particularly if you have a large tank. The great thing about irrigation piping is that if you make a mistake, you can pull it apart and re-do the bit you screwed up or aren't happy with. All you need is a knife from the kitchen drawer too, because this piping has barbed ends that fit very tightly together, and the pressure is only that from gravity. Nonetheless, I used a little silicon around the joints just in case. Tip: The barbed ends are designed to go in, not out. Once in they are extremely hard to remove, usually. However, the plastic is a form of heat sensitive stuff that softens when heated. I used a jug of boiling water to soften the ends and pulled them apart (it still took a fair bit of force). Also, this stuff comes coiled and will tend to have a natural curve to it - so you can soften it with boiling water, straighten, and then cool it with cold water. If you do this with PVC curvature won't be a problem. To prime the siphon, you need to suck on the check valve to pull the air out. For this to work though, there needs to be some water in the bottom of the "exhaust" pipe, which only needs replacing if you empty the whole siphon out (to make adjustments, or whatever). Once the air is pulled out, the check valve prevents air from getting back in, so it keeps the siphon running. This design doesn't stop either if the water level falls below the input, that's the beauty of it. I don't think I've really had to prime mine since it started (that hasn't stopped me from doing it anyway, for s*ts 'n' giggles). Also, fish tank water probably tastes gross; quite coincidentally, air tubing from any good LFS fits perfectly onto a bog-standard medical syringe (50mL), which they usually only have at hospitals but they aren't THAT hard to obtain. I got a little fancy with some spare equipment and made this: When you pull the plunger back, water flows into the vertical section and into the syringe. When pushing it back in, the flow is stopped by the first valve, and heads out the second. Here's a photo of it. To pump water back from the sump is a straight forward setup using 19mm pipe. There's two reason for this, the siphon has to be able to remove water faster than the pump, so it's a little larger, and the pump's outlet is 19mm. On the pumping side I used silicon and hose clips, but this probably wasn't necessary.
  15. Only tablet quality, but ive been wanted to do a big thread like this for AGES, Stocking is located in my siggie Enjoy and please let me know what you guys think!
  16. My dad came up for my birthday and we knocked this together using a shelf (particle board) as a square and 50lb braid as a level line. We put it together in one evening, sealed and painted what I couldn't do later the next evening as the tank came in from Sydney the following day. I don't think it could have came out better even if we were carpenters with proper tools. will still seal and paint it aswell as add on side panels and a skirt around the foam before it is filled as we ran out of screws. front inside under extra floor rail so I can screw in a floor later adds some extra support extra Side rails also add extra support and ease of installing the side panels
  17. I had a few power head in some of the tanks just for circulation. so i decided to try thi out after seeing scotts DIY filter. being pretty lazy and not giving instructions or teps but take from it what you want. (the tub is an old yogurt tub)
  18. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  19. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  20. Hi all, So, for some silly reason I some how convinced myself that I don't have enough on my plate when it comes setting up tanks and decided that I would refurbish our 3ft. In all my madness, I do have a reason. When we bought it, the base of the inside (being made of MDF) was all swollen up and the stain on the stand wasn't exactly the best job but we could live with it. However, after constructing our 6ft x 2ft x 2.3ft tank that sits directly oposite using black, it kinda put the 3ft to shame in both size and style. So, to bring it back to life we are pulling it totally apart, fixing a few things up, sanding it back and redoing the stain to suit the furniture surrounding it. Some pics of the current state of the cabinet So .... time to start the refurb! Day 1 First off, we had to move our 30cm oscar to his temporary 6ft home Pumping the water backwards and forwards to level the parameters
  21. Hey all, I'm currently trying to organize my tanks better in the space that I've got. I want tiered stands it's just a matter of what will fit and stay up. For the purpose of this question I have one wall in mind and I want to put a 3 tier stand there. Given the space between the wall and the couch I could only fit a stand 15inchs wide (while still having room to work with them.) So I'm thinking a stand with 3 tiers, 4 foot long and 15 inchs wide. The first tier sitting on the floor with a 3x15x18 on it and a canister filter beside that and 2 2foots on both the middle and top levels. I'd like 1 foot of room above the tanks on the top 2 tiers and the roof is 7ft tall . My question is, would this setup be too top heavy?
  22. Hey all, I currently live in coffs harbour, nsw. Never had to live in an apartment that's not on ground floor. I am moving to Brisbane and it's a high possibility that I'll be living in an apartment building off the ground floor. What's the go with having a decent sized tank in this situation? 6x2x2 or 5x2x2. Will it fall through the floor? Is there any regulations I should be aware of? I didn't even think of the problem until recently, anyone live in a apartment that's not a ground floor unit that can enlighten me? Cheers, Calum.
  23. Hi guys an gals, I am wondering if anyone uses heavy duty steel shelving for tank racks. Something like Rivet Shelving or Longspan Shelving. And if anyone knows where to buy some and approximate prices. Thanks Pete
  24. Hi All Well it's that time of the year again where I have some time to spare. So finally I have the opportunity to setup my long awaited planted tank and thought I would put a journal on this forum to share my experiences with everybody. I have been saving up and collecting bits and pieces over the past year and am finally ready to put something together. Hopefully everything will turn out well..... Ok so the tank I am using is an old custom 38cm x 35cm x 35cm made by Dennison from Mary-Anne's Aquarium. The tank has seen better days and has a few scratches and cracks but still in decent condition. I will be using the ADA concept for my substrate i.e. ADA aquasoil amazonia, power sand special and the powders (as below). ADA powders...apparently has some kind of mystical vodoo effect on the plants. First layer is the powders. I tried to spread them on the bottom as evenly as possible (excuse the mess behind the tank) but ended up just chucking it everywhere..... The next layer is ADA power sand special. Looks nothing like sand I know....... I like to use a piece of fly screen on top of the power sand to prevent the next layer of aquasoil from mixing with the power sand. Now the final layer of aquasoil to top it all off. With all that done I can finally get to the fun part: putting together/designing the hardscape . After some playing and moving about I came to the following two scapes that I found appealing. I decided to go with the 2nd one since I wanted more room for planting up top. Before filling up the tank I like to spray down the surface of the soil so that the granules don't float when filling the tank with water resulting in less clouding. Ok so it's about 8 pm and this is how the take looks as of right now. Will be getting some plants soon so I will update then. Here are some toys that I have bought for this tank : Glass inlet and outlet Cal Aqua flow pipes and CO2 drop checker. Test placement on the tank. Up Aqua CO2 atomizer for dispensing my CO2 into the tank Any questions or critiques welcome laterz
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