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Found 1 result

  1. Hi everybody. I am having an issue with my 4 comet goldfish. Last week I noticed that they had started to develop a white line down the edge of all their fins. One fish in particular is in a bad way with ripped fins and white mucus looking stuff on him. And I noticed this morning a patch of what I would describe as hemorrhaging on body toward tail. All fish had clamped fins, not interested in food and listless-staying on bottom. I do a weekly water change of 50% and gravel clean sand. Tank is a 280 Litre running a 500gph canister, has good surface agitation and 3 airstones running. The 4 goldfish are the only occupants. I am at a loss for their sudden demise.The only thing that has changed is that I borrowed their light for another tank and so the algae that was in tank growing on back wall and rocks has all died off. Is it possible that this die off is the cause of the sickness? The tank was dark for around 3 weeks. with light only from kitchen window. That is also why I did not notice the deterioration until I put a new light on tank. I did water changes for 3 days of 30% and went over sand really well. I have added aqaurium salt and am using melafix for the fin damage. 2 of the 4 seem to be responding and are swimming around but still not actively looking for food. However my biggest and sickest fish does not seem to be getting any better. I have him in an isolation chamber in main tank with an airstone as the others were nipping his tail. He only has one arm - he is called "flip" (which is how he was when I bought him) and so he is really struggling as his remaining flipper has been affected by whatever this is attacking him. I have been up most of the night looking at websites trying to identify problem/cause. It does not look like ich. There are no little white spots. Nor is it like a fungus. More like a whitening of the mucus membrane. He also has a cloudy eye. I am thinking it may be a parasite of some sort. Was thinking of treating with malachite green and formalin as a last ditch effort to save my flip. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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