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Found 102 results

  1. Hey guys, I'd like to introduce myself, i'm Tim from Holland where i still live currently. I'm about to move to Cairns QLD next year because my GF lives over there. So might as well look up some info about what kind of predatory fish are legal to keep in an aquarium. I'm an experienced fishkeeper, i have had predatory fish for over a decade. I own a well known aquarium webshop here in Holland and i'm involved in a lot of aquarium projects for companies. Last month i did the lighting for a zoo's shark tank. I own a rare piranha now. a black piranha " Serrasalmus Rhombeus" full grown: 42cm. A real monster and very agressive. I've had an Golden Xback Asian arowana and some BDx stingrays in the past. The good thing is there are basically no restrictions on fishkeeping over here. I read that rules in OZ are a lot stricter so i'm happy to read what is possible over there. My dream is to build a massive wooden- epoxy aquarium in Cairns in wich i can house the biggest predatory fish like stingrays and peacock bass. I build an aquarium like that already on a small scale for practice. and want to do it on a monster scale when we have a house in Cairns. PS: sorry for my english, since it isn't flawless yet.
  2. Hey guys, i use to be a member on this forum around 5 years ago, I have just started fish keeping again, i I currently have started up again with a small setup primarily for smaller tangs, maybe a pair of smaller tangs or a colony of multis, any tips or suggestions I'm all ears, I'd love to hear some info thoughts and opinions ect, many thanks, catlegs. (current setup attached)
  3. Hey All Dale Here really old member getting back into my fish just got 6'X2'X2' gonna do an African setup. i came back on here to get some knowledge back and some new ideas from new people any help i can get is allways appreciated
  4. Hey everybody my name is Chris I've recently gotten back into keeping fish, I have a 5x2x2 curved glass tank with 7 F1 Burundi Frontosa's and Afew electric yellows to add abit of colour to the tank.. I'm interested in getting more Female Burundi Frontosa's so if anybody has some definite females they'd like to sell inbox me please.. Thank you everybody
  5. A mate of mine is giving me two saratoga that he no longer wants and I don't know what other fish would be okay to put with them or should I put it in the same tank that I have bass and rainbow trout in? Any suggestions would be great ? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. :beer: big hello new guy here im into saltwater,shrimps,planted tanks and much more...
  7. Just a heads up that AOA is back. Kudos to all who have stuck with us during the trials of the swap over. Lots of changes incoming, but for now we are almost back to where we were lol. Lot of good feedback has been reviewed. New systems setup, contacts made and changed. Plenty of bumps ahead, but times are good and we are going to have a lot of fun together
  8. Hey everyone, long time lurker, first time poster. I think I made an account here a while ago to try and see if anyone had pure Trimacs for sale in the trade section Anyway, I'm currently running 8 tanks of SA/CA cichlids. This whole addiction thing's got out of hand. 6x2x2 no. 1 has 1 tiger oscar, 1 green sev (white spot is a scar from before I got her) and 9 SDs: My other 6x2x2 has my juvenile Umbee. Poor thing is getting over a small bacterial infection in his dorsal spine (totally my fault that one, long story, treatment for it is working well though). He's around 6 - 6.5" (~15cm). Got him when he was around 1.5". He's been missing the dorsal spine since I got him - another juvie Umbee bit it off when he was at the pet store. Yes, he is alone in this 6x2x2. Got some WEIRD looks from the guy who helped set up the tank for this tiny little fish What else do I have. Oh right, I've got a male jag rescue (8 - 8.5") in a 5x18. He's got HITH from how his previous owner kept him, but it's improving slowly. Going to upgrade him to a 5x2x2 in a couple of months then upgrade one of my other fish to his tank. Also got a small Freddy in a 4x18 (another Gumtree rescue). Only had those two for a few weeks. Finally, I've also got 4 RD mutts (from Hazelwood) I was given for free. Each of them has their own tank, got the smaller two in standard 4fts and the larger two in a 5x18 and 4x2x18 respectively. So yeah. Happy to provide more pictures of the gang, but that just about covers it.
  9. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the hobby, I recently set up a 2ft tank and a small betta tank on a student budget (uncomfortably tight). Enjoying it a lot, so much to learn. Ideally within a couple of years I'd like to get a 4ft planted community tank up and running. Also if anyone in brisbane would like to gift me some hardy plants to get me going, I would love you haha. Thanks
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Hi, So as you can all tell i am new to this space, have moved up from south Australia about 6 years ago where a had to sell up my beloved marine set up. i am currently looking around for another, nothing that big again just a little something like the Aquareef 195? i was in MLFS (Pet city Mt Gravatt) the other day and noticed that they had one at a really good price, a price i would happily pay, all this is well and good but i have been out of the game for some time now and being out of the game means im not up to date with "what's hot and what's not" I have a few questions that i am sure all of you can shed some light on. Soooo is it a good bit of kit? I have heard that the Skimmer is not that flash? Lighting... T5 is not too bad but i would like to grow some nice Coral, should i upgrade? i used to use halide and now i see a lot of LED?? Sump, is it any good for mods? or should i sell it on and get a custom one made? Thanks in advance for all your imput. oh also, is there another model or brand/unit out there that is better as such? Thanks, Ben
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. Hey all, just got back from 5 weeks in Spain, saw some amazing things over there. Went to the Oceanographic in Valencia, all marine stuff, saw a Sunfish in the flesh, will post images when I am less jet lagged. Did loads of snorkelling, its bloody hot over there. Aquariumwise didn't see anything to write home about, went into one Pet barn like place called Animal Mundo (Animal world) and the best thing I saw was a Red Bellied Pirahna. Photos soon. What have I missed besides the ANGFA meeting ? Grubby
  14. Hey, Just joined the forum, it looks awesome. Got 4 pythons and just wanted to get into fish, just brought my first tank, its a 6x1.5x1.5. Painted the back of the tank black and got 50kg of black gravel in there, I then put some rocks in there to make a few little caves and started to fill it. I ended up putting a internal filter, 1500 lph and one external filter that does 900lph, 250w heater. Made my own spray bar for the external so I didn't have to give the pet shop an arm and a leg. After letting everything settle for a bit went out and got some cichlids. Ended up with: 2x electric yellows 2x electric blues 2x dolphins 2x Ob peacocks 3x venutus 3x dragon blood peacocks 2x hongis 2x red fin kangadoos 2x saulosis 1x pleco I think I covered them all, but yeah anyways that is my set up, thanks for having me
  15. Hey everyone, my name is joey, and I have a couple of fish tanks, I have a crayfish, bristle nose, rainbow shark, some tetras, Im 11 years old. thanks for reading.
  16. hey everyone Im about to purchase my first proper beginner fish aquarium, ive been looking at roughly the 60L size long style tank. i have come across the Juwel Korall 60 Age of Aquariums - Juwel Korall 60 - Tropical Starter Kit and it seems pretty basic and "cheap" but its only to get me started and work out whats what in the aquarium work haha. im also open to other tank options but keep in mind this one will cost me $150 which isnt all that bad. im planning on putting a big Navy Carrier ship in there which i have found at Pet City in Mt Gravatt. it just fits in there so i might look for a smaller one or bigger tank. i will have some Java Moss growing in there too. the fish im not totally sure on yet. atm i have a small tank with 5 neons, 4 cherry shrimp and a bristlenose. im going to try and score about 50 or so more cherry shrimp for this tank and maybe some more bristlenose aswell but other fish have not been chosen as of yet, so im open to ideas. anyway im glad my Dad (richierichhsv) put me onto this forum as i have seen alot of very helpful posts and comments. cheers
  17. hey i hade this ell tail i posted up on Facebook about gett a new one but ever one keep say yer i have some but the are just plain old ell tail cat fish but i just wondering if mine is just normal ell tail catfish or is it a black ater ell tail or mabie a tandanus tandanus catfish plzz helppp i really want a new one
  18. well the story is i when to atlas aquarium and i was told take these six pill to worm my discus and to feed them to my discus so i ask how i do this the guy told me to leave the pills in the bag fill it up to certain point with vodka and it will seperate the stuff that i wanted out and then to pour it over some bio discus food is this right i think it gonna kill my fish any one help me plz are they joking with me
  19. Hi all, Im a relatively new member to QLDAF been signed up for a while but haven't been able to do a lot due to work and other boring activity's like that. I have 3 tank set ups 3ft tank with Africans (elec yellows & blues, Blood dragon peacocks & my favorite cuckoo catfish) i have a 6ft tank with some big Americans (Wild caught Oscar, Red bay snook, Saratoga, a breeding pair of Jags, eel tail catfish & a few nice plecos). I also have made up my own Tiered tank system that is still yet to be fully completed 2 3ft tanks in the center and still waiting for funds but getting a 6ft tank for up top and in 3ft tanks i have a baby Pbass in 1 tank by itself and in the other is a baby wild caught Oscar. female Festae, Waterhead Flowerhorn And a few Salmon tail catfish. I'm still only young and willing to learn as much as i can about having Aquariums from anyone and everyone.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Hi All. I am trying to build our feedback on The Age of Aquariums Reviewed By Australians - www.aquariumproducts.com.au Their have been several negative posts about our company on this website one being from a competitor of our ( outside of the QLDAF Sponsor circle ). If anyone has had good experiences with dealing with us and have a spare minute please post up your feedback on the above link. ( Mods if this post is not appropriate please delete ). Thanks Guys. Ben
  23. hey a bloke i know put me onto this forum , ive had fish tanks since christmas did have electric yellows but that didnt work to plan . so at the moment have a 6 foot tank with 2 green terrors 2 super green texas 4 convicts and a jack dempsey . hoping they agree to live together but do plan on more tanks , much to the wife not being as excited as i am about it lol
  24. Hey davey007 please clear your inbox. Trying to send you a message.
  25. How's it all going everyone? I'm shaggy "off course not my real name" I have only recently singed up to this site and its really good and helpful, especially for someone like me. I just recently bought myself a 3ft tank and stand quiet proud of myself ha ha, well...less gibberish and more info, i don't know too much about fish but i would love to learn more, I'm hoping to do really great with my tank for the time being and then getting some more, so any help from you all will be very helpful and much appreciated. PS: I have started a fresh water tank with just the basics
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