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Found 32 results

  1. Hi Everyone i have been searching for awhile now and have not been able to find either of these synos anywhere is aus. (well i lie i have been told of 6 flavs but they are all the same sex and owned but the one person). anyway my question is has anyone see any in the last few years? or would it be safer to say that the few that were here have most likely died off. (would have to be atleast 10 years old.) even tho i synos can live for along time and i have one that is estimated to be 20 years old accidents happen. i really am thinking that if not already then within the next few years will sadly be able to say we can no longer own these beautiful fish in australia. i guess the main point of my post is that i want someone to prove me wrong
  2. Hello everyone, I am back into fish keeping and decided to join the forum to learn more and get help with my issues: fish related of course. I kept American cichlids way back in the late 80s and still have my 2.5 footer from 1986! I am currently running a 180, 400 and 2x200 litre tanks. Plus a the old tank and a small hospital tank. Community planted aquarium, African cichlids, another community/discus tank (400 litre). Acquired a 5x2x2 recently and considering a tang community tank with a sump but I will probably need it for the malawis as they are growing fast... Most of this in the last 6 months. Wife still talks to me...
  3. I have run out of things to work on, so this tub is for these latz and femininus wrasse and more, the other tub if for my true cleaner shrimps The dominant shrimp of the group that initially had go at me, doing her warning dance.
  4. So I decided I should probably write about this as I think I have done pretty well. I have four tanks and I'm currently in KL airport awaiting my next flight to Vietnam. The fish however are home alone. My two larger brackish/freshwater tanks are very stable and I don't believe they will have any problems. Both have internal and job filters and also a sponge filters and bio filters so they seem to take care of themselves except for the odd substrate clean. Water change every two weeks. Food wise I have 4 Bumblebee Gobies in the Large brackish tank which only eat live blackworms so I've made a device out of a couple of Powerade bottles some gravel an airline and the light on the tank. I tested it for 10 days before departing and worked without a hitch. The light is on a timer 3hrs twice a day and that stirs the works to move downwards because they have to get through 4 levels they seem to drip feed through and slowly come out the bottom. For the freshwater tank I just put fish flake in an automatic timer that will rotate twice a day. Most of the fish in there are vegetarians (peppermint, albino, otocynclis)and they will feed on the moss and algae but the rest of the food will keep the white clouds, rasboras, and tetras alive. It's 200L so hopefully the feeder won't oversees them too much. I also set a fair few worms into the substrate they seem to survive for a while until they get eaten so that should help. I did 20% water changes on both large tanks before leaving adding a full does of prime and easy life filter medium One small tank just has shrimp and it has plenty of algae. The other has some old tetras that are almost a year old so I put them in quarantine I also hooked up a backup air pump into the LP 20 setup. I think I thought of everything let me know what you guys think. Obviously the results will speak for themselves when I return Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  5. Sorry I have not been on much - Telstra has been fixing the problem for some time now....... I think our hobby has a problem. Our desire for cheap fish. Downwards pressure on price means the seller has to source fish cheaper to meet the demand. The end result is we get the bottom of the barrel fish. We do not get the best, we get at best the mediocre. I have heard people say that Asian fish are not good quality. However when I have been in Asia I have seen great fish. Maybe our desire for cheap means we do not get the quality fish sent here. If goes further to the commercial breeder. The breeder to make a dollar when downwards pressure is on may not be culling as he would desire. He needs to raise enough dollars to cover his cost of raising the fry. This may not affect the hobbyist, who is not as concerned about profit, but does those who depend on the $$$$$ There are places you can get quality at a great price, but do not expect it to be cheap! Remember you do get what you pay for!
  6. have a lot of people been getting out of the hobby lately? or down sizing?
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. i see lots of BIG fish rooms being posted on here and facebook, mine included, i have been told that the limit is 5000 ltrs, is this true, have any members been told they have to much water, can you get a permit to have more and still stay as a hobby, some will know, some won't, but i have down sized my fish "hobby" for a couple reasons, mostly due to family members health and our time needs to be spent on them, i have been looking into what is classed as a hobby and what isn't, this limit on water volume was the only one that i failed at, so i'm working at getting back down to 5000 ltrs, which should be done within a couple weeks, but interested in knowing other members thoughts, and would love to hear from any that had been asked to cut down on water volume, also something we should keep in mind when setting up our "hobby"
  9. I would like to express my gratitude/appreciation to [MENTION=3443]Sclero p[/MENTION] - you're the man, for his unsolicited recommendation / providing his expertise to help out our breeding plans. Being on a different field and struggling on breeding, [MENTION=3443]Sclero p[/MENTION] took time to suggest ways on how we can improve breeding some fish. Not something you would hear as most will charge you "retainer fees" to provide there expert opinion. here's some of the notable suggestions that can be handy for other start up breeders: I would recommend you use the following hormone regime. • Estradiol : 2 mg to 4 mg (sublingual) daily. • Estradiol Gel : Apply 2 to 3 measures daily to the skin. • Finasteride : 6 mg Propecia (divided, morning and evening) or 5mg Proscar in the morning. • Spironolactone : 100 mg to 200 mg divided dose, morning and evening. • Progestin : 5 mg to 10 mg daily for 10 days of the month (optional). Truly a wealth of knowledge. The Team can't thank you enough Steve. Keep up the good work. Karma will get back to you. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/images/icons/icon14.png
  10. A well respected member of this forum has unfortunately been ripped off with a purchase of fish. Does anyone have any ideas on how to mimimize this happening? Would it be possible to have a national registry of honest reputable breeders? If so how would it be policed?
  11. Just found out that for the second time in the last 12 months, the Pet Barn chain has bought out and taken over a longstanding independently owned Gold Coast pet shop. 100% Pets at Tweed Heads has now joined Coomera Pet Barn as a member of the Pet Barn chain Now neither of these shops was a specialist lfs, but both did have a strong interest in the fish side of the hobby and tried to maintain a wider range of fish than the basic "bread and butter" species usually stocked by these chain stores. Both shops as part of the Pet Barn chain are now required to stock only a limited range of fish purchased exclusively from a Melbourne based wholesaler. You may be aware that the Pet Barn chain also took over the City Farmers chain last year. This appears to be a corporation intent on dominating the whole pet supply industry by taking out the competition. Reminds me of a couple of other major corporations that started by dominating the grocery industry. If this has happened twice in the last 12 months on the Gold Coast, it is probably happening around Australia. Personally I don't believe this situation is beneficial for the fishkeeping hobby. We can't blame the struggling owners of existing businesses for taking the money offered, we can only help make that decision harder for them by supporting their businesses. Think about this next time you, your family and friends are looking at supporting your local chain pet barn by spending your money there.
  12. Hi all, I'm fairly new to the hobby, I recently set up a 2ft tank and a small betta tank on a student budget (uncomfortably tight). Enjoying it a lot, so much to learn. Ideally within a couple of years I'd like to get a 4ft planted community tank up and running. Also if anyone in brisbane would like to gift me some hardy plants to get me going, I would love you haha. Thanks
  13. Is the rise of the number of aquarium pages on Facebook a good thing or a bad thing?
  14. I have recently had a major health collapse , and I am about to get rid of most of my Aquarium gear . I have been pretty crook for about a year . I am looking at getting rid of most of my gear very soon . I go in for cardiac surgery on Thursday 14th , so I will not be of any assistance loading or moving stuff . I really do not know how to go about this . But most of my stuff is old but pretty sturdy - I do want to keep some stuff but not much . I do not know what current value is on my stuff and some my daughter will want .
  15. i just wanted to say a big thanks to 2 of our members, [MENTION=5203]bulldrag76[/MENTION] and [MENTION=9695]blasche92[/MENTION] i posted an ad for some blue pindani's, both the members above replied via pm that they had some, but toowoomba was a little further then we wanted to drive, so long story short i bought both lots of fish and the 2 guys got together and arranged for blasche92 to drop them off today as he was down my way, fish arrived safely and are top quality, thanks guys, it's great to see there are still some people who will do that little bit extra, both [MENTION=4961]Sparky[/MENTION] and myself appreciate it,
  16. Hi everybody not long returned from w.a and the addiction of cichlids has bitter again after a 6year break . Looking forward in catching up to you all . Cheers rob
  17. Hi everyone. I'm pretty new to all this ect Been up and running a few tanks for a few months Mostly keep Africans. Just wondering why most New people to the hobby ect get the most hate I Guess you could call it? Just seems if we havnt Been doing it for years we shouldn't be ? Just wondering If anyone else is like this? I've tried to ask Few questions to people who been in this hobby For years but they don't bother giving ya the time Anyways any info or anything would be good Cheers
  18. 10 ways to make money from your fishkeeping hobby | Blog | Practical Fishkeeping
  19. i live on the sunshine coast hinterland. i used to have some breeding convicts 20 years ago , lots of fun . i'll be setting up a comunity tank soooon. can any 1 tell me what they put in their canister filter & why ? + what you'd recommend. i've looked but can't find any hard info. thanks oh, i'm lovvin' the forum
  20. so...... after about 3 years of being out of the hobby, i have decided to get another fish tank. I kept fish on and off all my life, but about 4 years ago I decided i wanted a bigger tank, and one I could display. so i bought a 4 foot package. didnt cost much. i think about $300 for the tank stand and hood. I thought i would go down to my local aquarium and get all the gear I needed. so after spending too much money in one go, i walked out with a cannister filter, internal filter, heater, filter media, S&$@ load of seachem stuff, plants, ornaments, test kits, back ground, light and fish food. after speaking with the owner of the aquarium, he told me everything I had bought from him that day, that I will have my display tank that I want. he told me exactly what to do, from setting the cannister filter up, filling the tank and testing the water. I followed every step he told me to do, from adding the chemicals to testing the ph. everything was great after a few hours. so I went back to him and said the water is ready to go, temperature, PH is right and the water is clear. It was almost knock off but he stayed around so he could sell me some fish to put in my new tank. Long of the short, all my fish slowly started dieing, 1 by 1, they would just end up floating. the next weekend i went back to him and said, they are all dead, why would that be, he asked if i had been doing water changes, testing the ph, checking the temperature etc. I said I did everything he had told me to do. step by step. he told me that my fish probabely had a disease and infected the rest of the tank. so he sold me some disease stuff to add to the water, and told me to do a water change. did all of that, left it with no fish in the tank for about a week, tsted water, all ready for more fish. so i added more fish.................. so after this batch of fish dieing, I thought to myself there has to be something im missing. I went back to the aquarium, he told me i need to do more water changes, at least once a week, half a tank water change. so once again i followed instructions. after the next batch of fish died, i almost gave up. I went back to the aquarium (AGAIN) and asked more questions, they just kept telling me to do water changes. i thought to myself, its not supposed to be this hard surely. i dont see any one on qldaf complaining of the saem issues. so the owner once again sold me a heap of seachem stuff, and new filter media. the rest of the story im sure you can guess. the fish kept dieing. i had spent abuout $3000 with this aquarium in the space of about 9 months, trying to get my tank right, the fish started surviving for longer, and it started to become easier. however after about 3 months, the fish started dieing again. I had been to a different aquarium this time, as i was in the area going for a drive and decided to drop in and have a look. so I asked the same questions. the owner of this aquarium told me simply, "your putting too much stress on your fish, too many water changes, sudden changes in PH, not settling the water before adding the fish. its not supposed to be as hard as you are trying." from that stage i had decided to throw the towel in. i spent way too much money with no results or success with any thing. I later that day advertised all my stuff and it was sold. but as of about 4 weeks ago, i started watching a show on foxtel called "Fish Tank Kings". since i started watching it i have wanted another fish tank. so on sunday my wife and I went for a drive over to Smith's Aquarium, and bought a big 6 foot. nice package indeed. i am having it delivered in about 3 weeks, i will then set the FX5 filter up with all the media (washed), fill the tank with the crushed coral (washed), aquascaping and then the water. i will let the water sit for about a week and tst the water to make sure its all good before adding the fish. i will be stocking it with africans. 3-4 Black calvus, 8 or so tropheus dubiosi, 3-4 fronnies and some bn's. should be a good set up. if any one has any help regarding initail start up for my new fish, please feel free to give some tips. the last thing i want is to have my original drama all over again. also i just want to say thank you to Mark fom smiths aquarium. i have never met such a nice guy that was willing to help. espescially late on a sunday arvo. look forward to hearing your replies.
  21. Kinda like the confessions thread but just funny stuff here: I used to have my six foot as a community with rummynoses, Angels, bn and snails. I had all the lids at one stage but after a while managed to step on one lid and never (still havnt) Got around to replacing it. Anyway i remember waking up one morning and going to the bath room to wash my face, as i entered the bathroom i felt something hard under the towl i had left on the floor from the previous night (as you do ) I ignored it at first, washed my face and then stepped on it AGAIN rather hard. So i though to myself, still half asleep Wtf could be under this towl. Lifted it up and found a Apple snail!! It took me 30 seconds to realise what it was and another 30 to realise how far the thing had to crawl to get where it was!! No joke this snail had crawled half the house to get to this bathroom!! I put him back in the tank, but it def made me giggle 6am in the morning Anyone else have "funny" Stories to share? Ill add more as i go. Even today i check the house for Apple snails Haha!! Esp the bathroom floors! :p
  22. G'day all, Just wanted to introduce myself, I'm Adrian, living around Ipswich, i'm looking to set up a few tanks again after being out of the fish mad hobby for about 4 years. I use to, at the peak have 53 tanks running at about 14000 liters keeping and breeding mainly africans, I would of meet several of you's befor, my username use to be Adrian666 (i think). i currently have a 6*2*2.5, a 5*2*2.5 and a 4*1.5*1.5 and and a steel rack read for some more tanks. well thats about all... thanks for reading
  23. Why are fishrooms closing down and why does it seem like the hobby is slowing? Im young into this hobby and well my bugs starting but i have noticed lots of things well Dry goods for sale lately people just packing it in? I was wondering why? I am interested to know or if this is normal and just part of the cycle?
  24. Convict hybrid Salvini x - Pets, other pets - Gumtree Brisbane Region FJ
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