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Found 16 results

  1. Hey everyone Just a quick question.... I managed to capture two of my acei tanzania breeding... I saw the female acei pick up at least 20 eggs... this was just over a week ago...however she no longer looks as though she is holding...however...my female yellow lab has a mouth that is stuffed full of eggs - the fullest I have ever seen it...I did not observe her breeding and until 2 days ago she did not seem to be holding and now her face is really full....could she be holding the eggs from the acei?... I ask because in the yellows last batch there were 2 yellow and two acei tanzania babies (one got eaten) but the surviving one looks all tanzanian - does not look at all like a hybrid...is black with the typical yellow marking on tip of tail that acei have..this is my yellow lab's third batch of fry since I have had her and she is a good mother (she actually hides her babies and guards them)...has anyone ever heard of mbuna stealing or holding another females eggs?...could she have scooped up any eggs that were missed or spat out? Thanx.
  2. I am after some plastic strips to fit glass lids on my tanks. Have been to Bunnings Hervey Bay and can't find anything. Does anyone know what they are called. vern
  3. Big Happy New Year fellow fish,shrimp,plant,coral or animal lovers! Make it a great one for yourselves....Just curious as to what everyone is up to fish wise in the new year?.. big plans?.. fish your hunting down?... me personally I'm rebuilding slow and steady with the fish collection and would love to really have a go at breeding some marine guys along with a few big predators and as always the fancy goldfish ....2015 should be good :beer:
  4. Just wondering how long fish hold there eggs for before they hatch into fry? I am new to my fish breeding it is the first time they have done it, all info would be much appreciated I have kigoma frontosa, hongi, saulosi and a elongatus mphanga holding atm I caught the fronny spitting some of her eggs out this morning but she has gone back to rolling her mouth around again. All the others have been holding for a couple of week now.
  5. Hi people just wondering if you get less hatch able eggs if you strip a frontosa after 2 days when compared to letting her hold for 6 days and if this is true any ideas why this is. Thanks. Mark
  6. Hi people I am letting my fronty hold full term in a separate tank from the colony. I caught a glimpse of a heap of eggs it released then picked them back up when I shone the torch on her. There would have been a good 30 big eggs it picked back up. Would she naturally swallow afew over the coming weeks as the eggs hatched and if so what is the average mouthfull of fully developed babies that a 15cm female would hold full term. Thanks in advance. Mark
  7. Hey guys Im going to try and update and upgrade our forum late Friday night 23/11/12 I will wait until the late hours of the night to do this so i can work through the night fixing all the bugs so that by Saturday morning we will have a nicer newer version of the forum. The upgrade will allow some extra features and will also tidy the forum up During the upgrade the forum will be down for maybe 20mins and then it will come live again however once live it will no longer look the same until i tidy it up I'm pretty confident that we will not loose any threads or PM's however with any changes we do there is always a risk If we do crash and burn it was nice knowing you;) see you on the other side Webmaster
  8. hi guys , what size steel would b best to use to hold 2 4x2x2 tanks on 2 tier stand with no middle legs. cheers tim
  9. dont worry guys, the seller has found a place to hold them, thanks
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Saw the seachem 'bag' that you can get for filters. was wondering has anyone used other things to hold in filter media such as matrix and other more course filter stuff such as purigen? Can you just use a stocking? What do you use and in what type of filter?
  12. Okay well mum wants to clear this bench which is in the kitchen so I was thinking it would be a perfect place to put a tank It used to hold a 2 foot tank before but this time I was thinking something bigger A 4 foot (120cm long) by 45cm wide tank (not concerned about height although it will impact on weight) can fit nicely Do you guys reckon the bench could hold a tank like that? the top is granite It will be run with just HOB filters
  13. Over 80 existing LFS for Sale in Australia, 25 or so are in QLD this excludes Groomers, Vets and Produce Stores. What are your thoughts?
  14. So im downgrading from a 4 ft to a 3ft tank and im just wondering how much it will hold. I dont think my 4ft is stocked to anywhere near its capacity... Anyway so its a 3ft tank with a 680L/hr canister filter and additional airation can be supplied via a 90cm airstone if needed. at the moment i have about 20 odd tetras, 4 glass catfish, 2 mystuss catfish, 20 odd loaches, angel and keyhole cichlid, 2 sharks and about 10-15 BN. Reckon it would cope with that load easily enough? I suspect it will be fine but never hurts to check! Cheers Guys Alex
  15. gday all just wondering if anyone would know how much weight will my tank roughly hold its made of 12mm laminated glass i have alot of rock in there and was a bit worried there would b prob 90kgs of rock in there it has been in there for a while is this safe?? thanks ben
  16. How long does a female hongi hold for? I'm assuming she has a mouth full of eggs or babies, as she is the only one in the tank with a decended jaw! Should I leave her alone or try and remove the eggs/fry?
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