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Found 38 results

  1. Hello all, My smallish female is once again holding, as before I leave her in the tank with the other 5 females and 1 male she spits them out after about days. Last time I stripped her and put the eggs in a tumbler, however after about 4 days they went clear and started to float. My question is, does she only hold fertilised eggs? Should I strip her again? Put her in a small isolation tank and see what happens? Cheers
  2. hey guys i finally got my moba to breed, wondering what opinions are out there on weather to strip or not. she has been caught and eggs checked and still holding, currently in 1.5mx1mx~0.5m, tank is now divided in two with the female on her own with a few hides and some dead liverock/coral piles to hopefully help her feel secure. my question is weather to strip or not as it looks like a big mouthful with only undeveloped eggs, hard to see her holding that brood, but then again i dont want her used to spitting in the first week. anyway just looking for ideas as ive been waiting a while for these ones to get their grove on. cheers mick
  3. hi, i brought a breeding pair of burundi frontosa a few weeks ago, male 20cm female 17cm (was told they breed 3 times before had fry to prove) anyway they been hiding in cave last few days, and now it looks like the larger male is holding a mouthfull!! i was just going to put eggcrate divider in tank to seperate girl,eggs until there wiggling in mouth, question is whats the chances the male if its the male will hold them for a bit?? he definatly looks male big hump on head, long threads from fins, boss of the tank cheers rorie
  4. I have a female electric yellow holding. I moved her into a tank with a small shy ellioti about 3cm, a very small julidochromis transcriptus 2cm and a ****feldi about 4-5cm. I have a back wall completely stacked with lava rocks. She has given me offspring before as she was holding when I purchased her. so my Question: will she spit with these fish in the tank.
  5. Looks like i have a mpimbwe holding at just 9-10cm.. i haven't had them start so young befor.. they have not been feed for 24 hrs so it not food.. thought i noticed two mouthfulls last week but didn't pay too much attention. there is 18 (8 to14cm) in an 8*2*2.5..... guess they are happy and horny..
  6. Okay so my electric yellow is holding for the first time and this is my first time I've had a cichlid holding, I be had african cichlids for around 3 months. So I'm wondering what I should do??? she's been holding for 5 days now and shoes tiny she's barely 6cm Thanks
  7. Hey is it possible for a male to hold eggs? One of my labidicromis chismulae has held before and I've stripped 25 odd fry from it but it constantly displays male colours fights with my dominant male and chases females around? Any ideas? Cheers clint
  8. YaY..... finally got one of my Dimidiochromis compressiceps holding again and she is full as. you can see the eggs easy as tumbling in her mouth. I sectioned the tank off for her and am unsure if that is the best idea :/ Very similar to one of my kapampa frontosa holding a couple of weeks ago and did the same and sectioned her off. I do notice they seem to stress out a bit with the grate and some what swim up and down it. I really don't think either fish have or liked the grate but I don't want to take the grate away in case the other fish harass them. The eye biters are nut cases. Any ways.... any ideas on what you will do? let her swim free like my kapampa or strip her? What is the ideal stripping day on a eye biter? here is a crap pic of the Dimidiochromis compressiceps holding and a pic of my kapampa frontosa holding at present
  9. Hey guys just a quick question. I have a few females holding at the moment and just noticed that one of there poo was clear. Is this normal for a holding female? Cheers.
  10. what is a reasonable time for holding fish? What is fair and reasonable with no contact From buyer? Does it change things if they are travelling a distance?
  11. horrrah! found one of my ikola females holding for me this morning, so hopefully she wont spit/swallow... pretty pumped!
  12. Just wanted to let everyone know my WC female mpims are holding....Yay!!!
  13. I walked into my Frontosa room this arvo and noticed one of my Chaitika girls had something in her mouth so I looked a bit closer. She is loaded with eggs. Im so F ing happy. I have had my colony now for about 2 years and this is the first time they have held. I hope all goes well. Will keep you guys posted. Cheers.
  14. Ok so i have a colony 1 m and 5 F and i think 1 mayb even 2 females are holding. Ok so i no i need to get a egg tumbler that is about all. I am relitively new to cichlids all together and have not breed them so far. So i am after some help from the simplest of things like how do i collect the eggs and when should i do so once they have been layed. Also i read a while ago someone getting something from bunnings to make home made egg tumblers does anyone no what i need? or could direct me to that link. Um so yer any help would be awesome cheers chris
  15. Hey all, I have a crapload of africans in a community 3x15x15 most of which are 30-50mm, and I have just discovered one of my female flamebacks is holding. I am so excited but then concerned about the survival rate when surounded by around 100 other fish. I know this is too many for the tank, however, my new 6x3x27 is arriving in two days. Any advise or comments? Other species include aurora, yellow-tail acei, maingano, e-yellows, afra cobue, humpys, dolphins, hongi, demasoni, pepps and mbamba in order of greater-lesser numbers Thanks people
  16. i have a colony of 10 tropheus red bemba and i think one is holding now. it has a bulging out chin and sits in its own spot and keeps all the others away. this is my first mouthfull of tropheus but have had hongi, do the same rules apply, just strip after 15 days. i heard that you should strip the first mouthful because they wont breed again? should i put in a separte tank? has it bred? what do i do
  17. I got 6 new pindanis for my 55 gallon tank and I was wondering if anyone has any pictures of these guys holding. My biggest female has a larger mouth than the rest so I thought she could be pregnant, but I have only had them for 3 days so I don't think she will be. She also stops in front of my male and shimmies like she is having a spasm is there sominthing wrong. If so what can I do. Cheers Matt
  18. my female venustus seems to be going to around 6 days and spitting the eggs, not only that when she spits them only 20% seem fertile, the rest are a pale tan colour. any advice on fixing this issue???? i have put her in isolation when she starts holding so she isnt getting harrassed, a few more females around the 15cm mark would be great but not many people are willing to part. any help would be appreciated, cheers ryan
  19. ive got mpangas and johanni and need to tell whoose holding ???? to try and prevent the fry getting eaten thanx
  20. Hey guys I have a colony of maingano's and today when I replaced the gravel with coral I noticed I had a lil swimmer, so it looks like my maingano's are breeding and the strongest one survived. So now my question is how do you tell when a maingano is holding??? I have been told some look like they are going to explode and other people have told me that there's a white buldge on their throats. I'd like to know so next time one has eggs I can strip them and make sure they all survive. Cheers Shane
  21. Bought in a batch of fish 4 days ago, & just wondering how long they hold for? She is about 110 - 120mm long. I have no idea how long she has been holding, but things are starting to look a little crowded in there. This is my first spawn, so not sure how to play it. Look forward to your replies. Thanks, John
  22. hi all, one of my pindani has a bulge under its mouth, i was wondering if its possible its holing eggs? as it is not eating at feeding time and i heard cichlids dont eat when holding? can anyone help?? also as i am new to fish keeping any general advice would be helpful thanks ant
  23. Hi All Have a couple of female cyprichromis leptosoma Mpulungu that are holding after 3 whole days since arriving in my Tang set up. (Great fish and great deal thanks to Brad at Aquariums Alive) How long do they hold for before i should strip, i mean are they similar to malawis . Are there any particular problems/issues that i'll have to look out for. Thanks in advance. Dave
  24. I have a small female Lepto who was holding when i bought her on Wednesday ... I have no idea how long she has been holding ... When do i strip her? I can see 2 big eyes in her mouth ... Hamza
  25. Here's a pic of my flavus holding only at about 3cm One of smiley offspring Cheers Nick
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