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Found 32 results

  1. This morning i woke up and found a small hole in my appistos head that wasnt there yesterday. Water quality is good: 0ppm ammonia 0ppm nirite 0ppm Nitrate 6.6 ph Im so confused what would cause that. Any help much appreciated
  2. .Hi people Need some quick advice to make sure I'm not making a bad choice :-D Just about to set up a 3x14"x2 that I've had for a while, it's an ex salt tank so had a weir in the corner that I have removed. So can I use that bottom drilled hole as the suction to run down to the eheim 2215? I have a bulkhead with strainer in the hole now just waiting to attach the canister, just wondering if there will be too much force gravity feeding down or if it will just create more flow. Might be a silly question but just thought I'd ask first. any advice would be appreciated Cheers ;-)
  3. .Hi guys, this question has probably been asked before. I am just wondering what size hole needs to be drilled for a 32mm bulkhead? Thanks Will.
  4. Hi guys, quick question Just wondering where you guys think the best place to buy drill bits to drill glass for sumps? I am guessing Masters/Bunnings are pretty competitive, but they still are not that cheap, any other shops to check out in Redlands/South Brisbane. I need to drill a couple of 50mm-60mm holes in a sump, so looking for best place to purchase them....unless someone has one i could borrow:eyebrows: Cheers
  5. Hey, just wondering If anyone does 45 mm hole saw cut in for tanks? Southside would be perferable!
  6. Hi all, I have a 5 x 2 x 2 that I need drilled. I'm looking at trying a bean animal overflow, so that would mean three holes for overflow and one hole for the return. Would also need help with siliconing in an overflow as well. If anyone knows any one that could help with this that would be great! Cheers, Richard
  7. Hey all the next stage of my fish room will involve plumbing up a few racks of tanks to be sumped. Just wondering were to get a decent hole saw from? or will a cheap e-bay item be ok, there will be around 50 holes in total, in 5-10mm glass 32mm fittings. Will a normal hand drill / /cordless be ok, or is it essential to get the dedicated drill stand setup.. I have seen it done a few times, and have a fair bit of glass to practice on..
  8. my awsome oranda has devlopet a hole that keeps getting bigger please help i would get a pic is that i dont know how to upload one
  9. Title explains it all. But what do i do next. I have tried salt (yes salt), multi med and melafix and nothing is working. I originally thought it was an injury from the driftwood that's in the tank but now I'm thinking it might be parasites. Any help would be great. The poor bugger has been like this for nearly two months. :help:
  10. Hey All. I'm Looking to block up a couple of bulkhead holes in some of my tanks. And I have a couple of questions for those that have done it in the past. I'm planning on using square pieces of glass and silicone, unless someone has a better alternative? Questions are. 1- Is there a minimum glass thickness I should use? I have some 4mm glass laying around. 2- Should I fix the panel to the inside or outside of the tank? Or both? 3- Whats the smallest I could cut the glass for a nice strong seal? (assuming a 25mm hole, Would a 50-60mm square be sufficient?) Thanks in advance. Jesse
  11. This is my new build up for my Orange Head Tapajo's Species tank. Thanks to Mr Ozmo for holding some great looking Juvi's, Big thanks to Donny and the Boys at AoA for having killer deals for filtration, also Donny for a bottle of black magic and to the missus for doin' most the cleaning of the sand and glass for me since I put my back out! Anyways this used to be my Africans but now time for something different there hope you enjoy the pics and any advise on tank mates or low maitenance plants (no co2) would be greatly appreciated! Only put water in it an hour ago so hence the $h!tty pics!!! p.s this is the above tank in the back of this picture with no water and lights on!
  12. Hey I need to fill up a couple of drill holes in my tanks there 30mm wide any ideas. Thanks steven
  13. I think my discus has HLLE dont know how it has caught this,it has 5 red marks between its eyes I have put in qtank doing daily water changes ,it is not eating,is this contagious to my other discus,have had them for 3 years with no problems at all,the only thing that has changed is added some new plants could these have anything to do with it.Any advice would be greatly appreciated
  14. I always thought snookie had got these scars from banging the lids when feeding. He's had 'em a while and has always appeared healthy and eats well. He hasn't eaten now for 3 weeks since the tank was disturbed and I now notice some other scars under his chin and near his eyes. I'm wondering if this is HITH? Oscar and Geo (both renown for HITH) in the same tank, have none of this scarring. Your thoughts please? Parameters OK except for Nitrates which I have never managed to get below 30ppm in this tank
  15. Howdy Folks, I'm lead to believe my Humphead has this illness. Just curious can the "Hole in the Head" illness spread from one fish to another? & does anyone know a treatment for this issue? Cheers Jonce.
  16. hi guys i was wondering if any one close to kallangur northside had a 25 mm bit i need 2 holes done in our 6 mm glass lids a hole done in the middle of each one for our fingers to go through if so how much would you want pm or call 0415799864 cheers nev and paula
  17. hey I hve a black angel fish and it seems fine, but ive noticed its got a hole in its top fin? ive got a pic that you can see. its kept with 2 gouramis, 10 neon tetras, 4 swordtails ( 2f, 2m) and another smaller silver angle fish. I havent seen any of them attack this fish before. does any1 know what is wrong? should I seperate it or what should i do? thx aagroves
  18. Hi all, as above I need a 25mm hole drilled threw my sump 5mm glass. If anyone is able to help please pm me. Thanks Ben
  19. was wondering what size hole everyone drills for 25mm bulk heads drilled mine and they seem alittle loose. only drilled one at 35mm as recommended by the store expert down the road.
  20. Hi guys n gals, I've finally got all the plumbing for my tank and turns out I should have measured the hole for the return before placing the order :urgh: I intended to use and have got 25mm pipe work for the return but the hole is about 2mm too small to get the 25mm bulkhead through. Pretty sure the hole is currently 32mm. How easy/difficult is it to enlarge a hole in glass? I have googled it and keep reading about dremel bits, can these be used in a normal drill? Are diamond grinding drill bits available? Could it be done (very slowly) with wet and dry paper wrapped around a piece of dowel or something? I have a 38mm diamond holesaw but the tank is inside on carpet and I really really really don't want to have to carry the tank (6'x2'x28") outside to drill it nor do I want to make a mess on the carpet. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Damo
  21. hi just wondering if anyone had a glass hole saw bit that will cut around a 28mm hole in the kallangur area that could either be borrowed/rented this week or weekend if not how much are they roughly to buy ???? will bunnings have them need to drill 2x 26mm holes min in the end of my diy sump lol its not the best looking lol but it will do anny help would be great thanks chris
  22. Hey guys. How can you remedy hole in the head (mild case) in discus about 6-8cm diameter? Cheers, Eric.
  23. I took ownership of a 3ft Tank/Stand/Hood today (YAY FREEBIE) which was home to a large Tiger Oscar and two large Silver Dollars. Now I think the Oscar may have HITH, he has a couple of White sore looking things on his body and some white stuff protruding from between his scales on his snout. Figure I would try to rehab the fish and find homes for them as I dont want them. I did a full water change, scrubbed the tank and treated it with a Fungal water treatment and bought another heater for the tank. Might my diagnosis be correct? The water was pretty filthy and very cold as they didnt have a heater.
  24. Hi all ive got one male blue ram, 4-5cm aprox, looks good, good colours etc. lately he has had little pimples on his head which are gradually getting worse and looks very much like hole in the head disease. also a lump above his right eye ... nitrates are at 25mg/L (is what the colour chart says the colour is) at most. with weekly water changes .. moderately planted tank. i was dosing pmdd but have stopped as it has potasium nitrate in it .. and trying to keep the water as clean as possiable the weekly 40L water change on a 150L tank, lately ive up-ed the water change to twice a week i feed frozen blood worms, defrosted and he loves them, also sera discus granuals which he also enjoys and eats readily ive tried ground up flake food which gets ignored, and frozen beef heart which he eats but stuffs up the water clarity. also tried frozen brine shrimp but he shows no interest.. im wondering what else people feed their rams as im trying to very his diet but he seems rather fussy tank inhabitents include a small school of tetras (6 or 7), a pleco, a couple of guppies, and 4 young 4cm max pepperment bristlenose nitrites are 0 as is ammonia. im about to test nitrate again after having done a water change a couple hrs ago.. i really would like to provide a good healthy enviroment for the ram and dont want to loose him any help is much appreciated.... thanks Tony
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