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Found 12 results

  1. We will be closed over Christmas from the 25th to the 28th of December and also on the 1st January. We are also very close to the changing of our website which will give it a facelift as well as better functionality especially for phone and tablet people. In the upcoming week we will preparing for the change over and there will be a few changes mainly in the menu for preparing for the change over. I know there is still a day to go but would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone, as well wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and hope all your Christmas wishes come true - be safe and hope the new year brings even bigger and better things for you all. Merry Christmas from us all at The Tech Den
  2. Have been away on holiday for 3 weeks and have come back to find white sPot. 150L planted aquarium with a variety of tetras and guppys and long fin albino catfish... Guppys look like someone has springled air bubbles all over them! Pet shop said raise temp to 28 degrees and use a white spot remedy.. He wasn't sure if the remedy would affect the plants! Help... What can we do?
  3. I just went on a weeks holiday so I bought an Eheim automatic fish feeder before I left and set it and tested it for a week it was fine. I just got home and it managed to open itself 2 slots more then what I had it at and dumped the whole canister in the period of the week. Lucky there are no fish dead yet I fully striped the tank and cleaned the gravel and did a 60% water change and is back to normal now just cloudy it is currently under a mini cycle the ammonia is .5 and nitrites .25 I have a 2 foot sump with heaps of k1 i hope my fish survive I have 9 black calvus 6 frontosa and 6 leulupi
  4. So I picked up this tank today... 2100mm x 800mm x 800mm but has the bayfront and on the back Going to be a nice marine tank Came with 3 x 120W LED units - hoping this is enough for LPS and soft corals, might upgrade down the track to keep some SPS corals Marine sources skimmer - are these good? Haliea chiller Sump with refugium area Wave maker pumps with the Boyu wavemaker controller unit Dosing pump with controller The whole thing needs a lot of cleaning, painting, better plumbing etc. No idea how to setup the skimmer again or any of the other controllers etc. but that'll be the fun part haha
  5. Hi I am going on holidays for 2 weeks and was just wondering if anyone has had any luck with those auto fish feeders? I have a 8 x 2.5 x 2.5 foot tank with a large silver arrowana, 2 motoro rays, tire track eel, flag tail sharks and some other misc cichlids. Whenever I feed, the arrowana goes for the food quite aggressively so I guess I am more concerned that he will knock down the feeder or that the eel might try find a way out. Any ideas greatly appreciated, otherwise I am going to have to get a fishsitter
  6. to everyone out there that has the opportunity to go on holidays, what do you do with your fish? I have africans that eat alot, and i wont b home for 3 weeks, i have seen those fish feeder things, but what does everyone else usually do? Sell up? Trent
  7. Hi all, I'm thinking about taking my sailfin pleco out of my cichlid community tank and putting him in my wifes tropical tank for a bit of a clean up/feast. Any pro or cons I should know about. Obviously will have to take some time getting him used to lower ph but is there anything else I should be aware of? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I was having a chat with a Sera Rep the other day about their "Holiday Food" and he explained that it's ALL food, unlike other products that are on the market containing all sorts of stuff from Plaster of Paris to heaven only knows what else. Now, being that Sera are fairly superior products across the board, I'm wondering if any members here used it? What are your thoughts on this product? What's the maximum period you believe it could be used for please? Cheers Di
  9. Hi, I'm going on holidays for 2 nights and 3 days. I'll feed my fish them on early morning on 1st day of holiday and then again on 3rd day night once I return from holiday. Will my fish be OK in this period with that food? I got platies, angels, rainbows and gouramies.. I also have 50 platy babies (2 months old) in other tank. I don't want to starve them to death.. Is there any food/product I can put in the tank which fish can eat for 3 days without that food getting rotten? Auto feeders are costly, so its not an option for me. Plz help.. Cheers, cooldb
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  11. im getting pritty board i have 3 weeks off and just spent a week at kirra , soo i ended up go for a walk on the beach and i found some pritty cool shells and little rock. and this is wat i done with them 2day. ill post some pics when i get some fish. josh
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