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Found 52 results

  1. I have a colony of pepps in a 100lit tank, changing them to a 250litr, if I use the internal filter and two sponge filters as well as the water from the 100litre will I still have to cycle tank?
  2. You can buy wide bam torches for under water pics but at much more then it cost me to convert one. I got a 2000 lumen single diode torch recently from Hong Kong I think it was for around $14 to my home here in aus and then the ultra fire battery and charger that was held up in customs for a week or so for around $12, lithium ion batteries are closely looked at before being let in. The torch I cut down to put the diode nearer to the glass so the affect would be a wide beam and it worked out great, these are just a couple of pics of that cut downs results and two pics of the colours that the torch helps with. Torch cut The result A couple of pics with that light in use. \
  3. Have been away on holiday for 3 weeks and have come back to find white sPot. 150L planted aquarium with a variety of tetras and guppys and long fin albino catfish... Guppys look like someone has springled air bubbles all over them! Pet shop said raise temp to 28 degrees and use a white spot remedy.. He wasn't sure if the remedy would affect the plants! Help... What can we do?
  4. .Not exactly a treasure trove of info............. but perhaps an excuse to start a thread and gather peoples tips! Feng Shui Tips for Location of the Fish Tank At Home | My Decorative
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  6. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  7. Thought I'd share my experience on the Seneye home monitor. Well so far it's like AHHHHH you piece of sh*t. 1. So i install the software and the installer freezes on the welcome screen. 2. I wait hours for there return email to patch the error. 3. Problem was there software had files missing. So i had to manually add them in. 4. Got the installer to work and now the Seneye won't sync with the server or talk to the internet. 5. Waiting and still waiting 12hours later for Seneye to advise on the errors that are appearing. 6. I HOPE ALL OF THIS IS WORTH THE STUFFING AROUND BECAUSE SO FAR I'M NOT IMPRESSED. Anyone else had these problems or any other issues with the Seneye? Cheers
  8. This little guy, it is a male, was into hanging off purple morphs in there but now it has made up its mind to use this green acan in the bottom tank for its feeding spot to throw out a sail or two and filter out some planktonic food types. Good spot, a lot of food passes there.
  9. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  10. My old man watched some show on tv where they had jellyfish in their home aquarium... He has been at me to find him some and so far I have failed horribly! So I pose to you all: Have you seen anyone or is anyone keeping them? Are they commercially available in Aus? (assuming some non-venomous variety...)
  11. in a previous thread I setup a grow out drum for my bs dregs . http://www.qldaf.com/forums/aquarium-projects-diy-journals-11/growing-brine-shrimp-adults-attempt-1-a-96345/ now its producing a good number of shrimp so iv been feeding them regularly. video is not the best but is fun to watch them get smashed
  12. I have a salt water tank in my office that has recently been affected by the disease "velvet” . I don’t have the facilities to nurse these fish back to good health so I’d rather give them away then let them die. They are free to whoever has the spare tanks to nurse them back to good health. Fish are: Volitan Lion, Flame Angle, Bi-Coloured Angle, Clown, Yellow Tang, Moon Wrasse, Porcupine Puffer. Please call me if you want any or all of them asap . Mat 0410654721
  13. Today I open my canister to service it and I find a small colony of about 10 shrimp, mixture of yellows and reds living in there, fairly happily it seemed. I have removed them now and rehomed them. Was pretty surprised they could survive in there! Just wondering what critters have you found living in your filters?
  14. Thought I'd start a single post that everyone can post their own recipes, links to other threads or web sites to create a one stop shop for home brews. If you post can you head your post up with the intended fish group the food mix is for (e.g. Cichlids, Natives, Discus, whatever). Also include all ingredients and preparation techniques. From what I have read, the method to hold it all together is critical (gelatine or agar) and how much of each you used, so post this as well. Here's a few links of some good threads I've come across. Add your own or links to build a good resource for anyone wanting to DIY. http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/i-made-my-own-fish-food-1st-time-55767/
  15. After the power outage earlier this year I lost some of my acropora sps, lps, some other coral species and some of the survivors just weren’t getting back to really good health. Also my coris gaimard was not putting on extra body or changing to adult colour as it was before the outage, so I changed my invert mix to get the corals healthy and a slight variation to my fish food mix and total success that was hoped for was achieved. There is no way the wrasse will stay still long enough to get a pic but most of my acropora are in easy spots to get pics of. Virtually all my sps,acans and other lps extend polyps with every time I apply this mix, these are a few of them feeding. All but one of the corals in the pics are from what I could save from the three days of no electricity. I am nearly over all those years of experimenting that I used to do which allows me to now appreciate it all with near no water changes, no skimmer no live rock and they are all flourishing and their obvious growth rate is such a relief! It is all so easy if filtraion is right and they get a good feed!
  16. OK so I had a bit of spare time over the last few days so decided to make up some homemade food for my fishies and took some pics so here goes. Ingredients 90% vegetable to 10% meat ratio • prawn meat deshelled • Spinach • Peas steamed for 2 mins in microwave • Pumpkin steamed for 2 mins in mocrowave • Zucchini • Garlic cloves • Spirulina powder • Paprika • Human multivitamin tablets • Human calcium tablets • agar Method Put one ingredient at a time in the food processor and chop till fine but not a paste. Once all ingredients are done I put it all back in the food processor and gave it a few more pulses to mix it all up well. Final product. Once everything was all mixed well I boiled some water to dissolve the agar and stirred this through the mix. You have to stir slowly or you will make air bubbles and the food will float. Once the agar was mixed in I place it into zip lock bags and pushed all the air out before the mix cooled and the agar set. Leave the bags sit flat on the bench for 10-15mins to cool and set then place in the freezer. I just snap a piece off and let it defrost and put it into the tank. The fish seem to love it. I also made the same mix and omitted the prawns so as I can feed my bristlenose veg every day and the prawn mix once or twice a week only. The discus get the prawn mix once a day.
  17. Hi Guys, Just putting it out there... Is anybody interested in allowing like minded members into their home/shed/garage/fishroom to admire their tank/s/setup and maybe have a coffee and a good old chin wag. I'm not sure of the etiquette of this, so apologies if I am being to forward. I for one will love to show off my tank once I have it stocked. I aim to have an african tank stocked with Haps so this is my interet at the moment although I want to do an American tank in the not too distant future. For those who havent been following my fishless cycle thread this is the link http://www.qldaf.com/forums/general-aquarium-discussion-19/my-juwel-rio-400-setup-fishless-cycling-86734/ which has pictures of my tank so far. Anyway I'll leave it at that and if anyone wants to link up please pm me. cheers Gary
  18. Hi Guys, I work in a nursing home in Waterford, QLD. Some of the other staff and I are trying to get some fish tanks into the place so our residents have something nice to watch! My partner and I can donate a 2ft tank (all the room they have is for two feet tanks!), filter, decorations and some food. Does anyone have anything they would be willing to donate? They only need one other 2 ft tank however they do need two 2 foot stands as we do not have any that small. Also, what do you suggest are the best fish for them, needs to be hardy and easy to see/clean up after. I was just thinking goldfish as they are constantly moving and not afraid of people watching them. Anyone willing to donate some fish for my resi's!? Hopefully we can come up with something great for these residents! Thanks guys, Alyssa
  19. I once read on here of a home made fish recipe with shrimp, spinach + other things and was wondering if any one had something similar that they use them self that they wouldnt mind sharing? Thanks
  20. Is anyone else out there that has struggled to keep their tank under 30 noticed that their fish are now eating like athletes! My tank has dropped from 30.5 to 29 and my fish won't stop looking at me waiting for food... Even the jack dempseys are sitting at the front of the tank half way up, as opposed to hiding in their caves now that's saying something. The others are mostly young half grown so that could be a contributing factor to. It is awesome to see them all frenzying up and hitting the food so hard.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. I found an interesting decorator crab the other day while collecting and now its in the tank it appears it likes lots of colour to live in,lol. Under water. Collected. In my oldest piece of sps coral.
  23. I have placed my breeders and smaller ones in there new furnished home that I have made up for them. Tank is 3x15x18, I'm running just a sponge filter as I don't want fry sucked up with a powerhead filter, using some almond leaves for water chemistry ph sits around 5.8 to 6 range and temp is about 24 deg at the moment and yes that is one plant LOL my question is do you guys have more success with just a pair/trio of peps or colony bred with multiple fish there are some fry with them at the moment. here are somne pics and just fun I have placed a photo of all to see who guess how many females and males their are.
  24. I don't even care that the name is silly. Said it as a joke, but it stuck and he's ADORABLE. A little rip on the tailfin and the tips of his little back fins are missing but they should sort themselves out in time. I don't even care. I'm SO happy. =) Here's some pics, uploading vid now!
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