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Found 26 results

  1. Ok so I have my first real concern regarding a fish in my recently stocked 8ft aquarium. I have what is seemingly a case of sunken belly in one fish. It is not as active as the other fish but is still active. Other items to note; He is eating well He is not showing any colour and is quit dark all the time He is showing small signs of damage to his scales, which could be from fighting but he doesn't seem to fight and generally takes off if troubled by any other fish. What product should I purchase to treat this fish and the other fish in the tank? Cheers Grimace
  2. Hey guys, I got 6 "hongi's" from a mate, they have been breeding in their tank for years on end and I have some of the younger adults. I know they ain't pure hongi, as they are all around 13-18cm big. I would like others opinion on what they could or may be crossed with? Regards, Nathan Barcoo Grunters FS Rainbow Cichlid fry FS 99 dc4 gsi FS Inbox me
  3. I bought a couple of hongi juvies during the week and just noticed the larger one has lightened up and has more prominant bars when he gets near the other then when its away from the other one colours/ bars go away . Is this a young male showing off in the rare chance i got a pair .they are both a bit over 5 cm
  4. Glad to get my hands on these stunners. Some will call them Super Reds and you can see why. Doug has bred some insane colour into the hongi so it will be great too see the quality getting around for the future of the hongi in Australia. Even the females are looking this good so it's even hard to pick male or female without vent sexing them to be certain or seeing them hold. If you want to know more contact Doug (DFishkeeper) which you can find him in the breeders registry. Some of the pics I took last night and there still settling. .
  5. Hi All, I have a breeding pair of Hongi's in a 4ft tank, seems a bit of wasted space,what else can I put in there to save the female and also fill the tank. I don't want to affect the breeding either? Any advice or help would be great cheers Craig
  6. Hi All, I started to strip my Hongi tonight and noticed the fry were still attached to the sacks, they were still moving and wiggling. Do these need to be tumbled?? Cheers C
  7. Hi All, I started to strip my Hongi and the fry still have there sack., they were still wiggling, do tthese need to be tumbled or should they be fine?? Cheers
  8. Hi All, I have a few Hongi's in my tank and have noticed that a few are getting some color to them, but 1 in particular has gone really dark, nearly a black color. They have been in my tank for some time and the only thing that has changed recently is that we added some Red Forest Jewels, which the exisiting fish ate 10 out of 13 in 1 day (Not happy at all but mainly my fault,were to small to put in main tank, ) Any advice would be great, just want to make sure all is good. Cheers Craig
  9. what is the difference between the red top zebra and a hongi? or are they the same fish ..... thanks
  10. I bought 3 hongis 6 mths ago and now have or what i can see about 10. There seems to be babies everywhere and all different sizes too.. They were suppose to be or male for a male display tank. How do you tell a male from a female? The female and babies are free to take if anyone wants them. I dont know how to catch the babies hiding in the caves but i want them gone before they reproduce again. Richie
  11. Hi guys my hongi male is doing something weird he is not the only hongi male but he is the biggest and most dominant of the hongi in my tank he seems healthy he is eating well and defend his territory well but has started to sorta swim backwards in short bursts while sorta gumming his mouth looks like he is chewing on something, is really hard to explain so here is a video of him doing it its right at the end of the vid sorry for the out of focus when he does it but i think you will get the idea. http://s1113.photobucket.com/albums/k520/origin6/African%20Cichlid%20album/?action=view&current=DSC_0087-1.mp4
  12. hey guys had a batch of hongi that i have been growing out and noticed one was strange (thought it was sick) as it was dark and a little smaller than the rest of the batch it is now about 4-5 cm and has black blotches with a orange body has any one had this happen befor???? also they were bred in a species tank and all other fry are normal with no deformaties or strange coloration
  13. just ondering if any one has ever witnessed one female hongi breeding with to males at the exact same time ?
  14. my brother has a trio of hongi and one has a mouthful right now and my brother tryed striping it today but they were still eggs. help please?
  15. my brother has had a breeding trio of hongi for about 2 month but have not bred. they are in a 3ft tank with a trio of black calvus. they are fed spirilina flake, frozen and live brines and buying spectrium soon. there are a couple of caves but i don't think there big enough, the biggest one would be 8 by 8 by 4 cm. i know the temperature varies in lake, could i temperature change make a difference
  16. This is my male Hongi he would be around 7 to 8cm so still young .
  17. Does anyone have a hongi trio, that are ready to breed, thanks im up near gold coast cheers, channing
  18. hi we bought this as a hongi, it has no stripes, just a blue body and yellow fins/tail. unknown4.jpg[/attachment:3pfshiey]
  19. what is the scientific name for hongi please, because I was looking at some for my community tank but I want to know if they are compatible first. Thanks
  20. just like to now how much hongi fry are bring these days . cheers jay
  21. last week i strip my female hongi .its her fist time holding . end up with about 20 frys all heathy and going great .now my other female is holding. for her fist time. looks the breeding has finealy started.
  22. How long does a female hongi hold for? I'm assuming she has a mouth full of eggs or babies, as she is the only one in the tank with a decended jaw! Should I leave her alone or try and remove the eggs/fry?
  23. Can't claim this as mine, but a great vid just the same . . . (You'd think they would get dizzy after a while!)
  24. At the risk of getting bashed or having made a fool of my self yet again, I picked up a breeding hongi colony today for $50, there are about 10-12 in all, having trouble counting as they move to fast for my old eyes! The question I ask is have I made a good purchase or made an idiot of my self again? Put them in my jewel tank , and have to admit this is the most lively I've ever seen my jewels! Regards Marc
  25. 3 X pindanis 5 X debosi maswa 4 X electric Blues 5 X electric yellows 2 X red jewels 1 X albino electric blue 1 X albino red zebra 1 X venusta 1 X common plecto 3 X bristlenoses 2 X tangerine peacocks 10 X Ice blue zebra colony
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