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Found 24 results

  1. Hey guys I have a led light that I wish to put inside a hood. But seeing as it gets really hot just sitting on the tank I want to look at ways of cooling it and have come up with using PC fans run of a old PSU I had lying around. now my question is what way should I place the fans, pushing air into the hood or pulling air out? due to space restrictions I will have to mount them in the top of the hood above the light. thanks Edit: I should also mention that the back of the hood is open
  2. I bought a 6 foot tank but it had no lids but does have a 6 foot hood with lighting. Do I actually need lids as well or is it fine without
  3. Morning, hope everyone one is enjoying the festive season. I'm about to do a new 8x2.5x2.5 build for my beloved p-bass, but I am trying to find a cabinet and hood similar to this, if someone could point me in the right direction it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks James
  4. ....Hi all looking to buy a 2nd hand or ner new display tank for my Frontosa colony needs to be with a cabinet not a stand. if anyone's looking to sell one with in 2hrs drive from Toowoomba qld 4352 let me know pm me or sms me on 0403745984 cheers
  5. Hi people I owned one of these afew years ago and am looking at buying another. When I had the last one the lid (which has a metal grate inclosed) rusted out. Has anyone who owns one of these had the same problem or found away to prevent this happening. Thanks. Mark
  6. hey guys ive got a nice custom cabinet im making for a member here and thought i would share a build journal along the way ive got the cutting list drawn up and started ripping and edging the panels ready for assembly. heaps of pics on the way to show the progress and it begins ripped,docked and edged ready for marking out one cabinet assembled trio of cabinets screwed together kick made with ss laminate on ply cabinets on kick with stainless shadow line panel on top more to come of the satin board being cut and being prepped for spraying, cheers from Aussie
  7. Hey guys, Was bored today so I thought I'd make something up for my 2 foot tank that I have. I used some bits of wood I had laying around the shed to make a hood and small stand for it to sit on while on my shelf. Stained it up to match my 4 foot tank, pretty happy with how it turned out! Let me know what you think Next up I'll be building a cabinet and hood for my 5 foot tank, that should be a fun project! Cheers
  8. just a quick thread on a hood to be built at the request of Dan... using dressed pine and will be sanding smooth for him to stain to match his existing stand, will have covered top also mike
  9. Hi All, I am wanting to buy a 3ft Wooden tank hood. If you have anything for sale let me know... Thanks Phil
  10. Hey guys, having some drama with my hood. I can't get the centre fluro to work. The others are dodgy at best. Ok starter and tube have been tested and are fine. Seems to be no power getting starter. Anyone with exp. with aquanova products? Any ideas on substitutes or replacement of hood, I don't need filtration just light. Cheers guys Bryan
  11. Hi all, I want to move my 4x2x2.5 to outdoor next to my glass door, so the tank will be outside with display view through the glass door. My room so small to put the tank in now. It already has a solid metal stand, so I need to look for an ourdoor hood to put the light inside for night view or planting. It is good to have space to cover other items such as power extension for heater and filter. I can't find any in the market, anyone has done this before? Or can give me the name of the outdoor timber, which I can buy from bunnings to do this? Also thinking of getting a big glass panel for the roof but dont know where to buy, and how to attach it on top. Pls help, thank you.
  12. ok so my tank came with 2 13w t5 14000k white lights and i want to plant the tank and iv been doing research and it said, I need 3 watts per gallon, meaning i need at least 100 watts, since my tank is about 37 gallon. So my question is, how can i get the light i need if my aquarium hood will only let me put in no bigger than a 20" tub. can you get tubs that size that are over 40w each? tank is a 140l blue planet with hood and stand
  13. as promissed Gavin showed up yesday to help build his new hood for his 2x2 cube tank. went to bunnings to pick up timber and other supplies, turned out an awesome day/night. some pics............ cheers mike
  14. can anyone recommend a good sparky to rewire my cactus sun sun hood
  15. Hey guys, finaly have got the pictures worked out on my computer and have my new tank up and running, still have a few minor adjustments on my sump. It has been a long project in making the hood, stand and sump. It all started when i went into my LFS and purchased a 4 cm bass and put him in my 4ft tank, threw in a heater and started feeding him. He is now 18 cms and going well with another 12cm barramundi. I started looking for a bigger tank for the pair and ended up buying a 6x2x2, the guy from my LFS said it was going to take 3 weeks to build the tank as he had a few little tanks to build and would have to let mine cure for a while after making it, after drivinga round all day getting prices and looking at the way tanks were built i was convinced to buy one from warners bay aquarium. Was a bit pricey but was well worth it in the end. I took the measurements of the display tank home, called into hudsons (hardware shop) and purchased some timber, plywood and MDF so i could start building my stand that afternoon (way too excited by this stage). I got home and started to cut out the frame for my stand, thinking i would have it done in a week, well..... as i am a carpenter and work 6 days a week things went a little down hill from there lol. Anyway was a long on going project but i stuck through it and got it done!! i am hoping to put some pics up please have a look and any comments are much appreciated!! always looking of bettering my ideas, so dont hesitate Thanks guys Chris [/img] Frame built. [/img] 2 coats of undercoat and then waterproofing. Doors hung.
  16. Howdy folks, I'm wanting to buy a tank, stand, hood & sump set up. Wanting a nice big display tank 8ft+. Just wondering if anyone has any suggestions on who to buy one from, cost I'd expect about $2,500.00. I'd like to know if anyone has some recommendations on who to get this made by. :confused: Cheers, Jonce.
  17. Hi I have brought myself a raw 3ft Maher tank as I would like to paint it white. Can anyone please tell me what type of paint I should use and do I need to use an undercoat or primer? Thank you
  18. I have finally conned my boyfriend into making me a stand and hood for a 5ft x 2ft x2ft tank and was looking for any build plans i could give him. I have done an internet search but have not found much so far. Could anyone point me in the direction of some plans, we have looked at stands in the stores for ideas as well. Thanks heaps Edit to add the stand will be made from wood not steel.
  19. i know every one has dramas with the factory lights in the hoods i have a 6x2x2 sun sun and got my brother who is a sparky to check everything and it was all fine and got all lights working except for the 2 2ft lights in the hood im not sure weather these are meant to come on with a switch as there are 4 switches on the side and as far as i can see there is 2 4ft bulbs ,2 3ft bulbs and 2 2ft bulbs now the 4 switches on the side turn on the 4ft and 3ft lights but no 2ft was wondering if the timer thing on top of the hood anything to do with it. has anybody had this problem
  20. Hey Guys, Anyone seen a tank (e.g. 2ft AquaNova package) where the hood had a compartment for filter media (bio balls, Coal and sponge) and basically had a drip hose that was suppose to drip water onto the media and back into the water. Basically Im trying to get an idea of where the power head sits (I.E in the hood or in the water) and how its plumbed etc because my mate has one, and the hood doesn't seem to fit the power head in it, but yet there isn't sufficient piping to plumb the outlet from the powerhead (if inside the tank) upto the filter media in the hood. infact, none of the piping supplied even fits over the powerhead outlet. Ive written this and it even sounds confusing to me, so perhaps if anyone has something like this they could post a pic of the plumbing setup? Or if you've seen one gimme your thoughts/memoirs? Anything would help at this point.
  21. Hey guys n gals, I am quite new to fish keeping and I have an Aqua One tank 90L but am wanting to go a little bigger. I am looking at a 3ft with a wooden hood. I have tropical fish and was wondering from your experiences, does the wooden hood suffer any damage over time from the condensation from the heated water. Genuine Question. I am really not sure whether to go for the wooden hood or stick to what I know. What are your thoughts? Thank you, Teressa.
  22. I recently picked up a 2.5ft SunSun tank dirt cheap. Currently it runs 2x T8's (only 1 works) built into the hood. I'd like to up the lighting in it to 2x T5's, as i want to give saltwater, with corals etc a try How does one go about making the change? The tank below
  23. Hi all just wondering if anyone out there has done a 2 teir 4ft cabinet setup, same as just a normal tank cabinet and hood setup but wit 2 4ft tanks high. As I only have space for a 4ft and was thinking of going up but still keep it nice enough for display. My missus doesn't think its a good idea but I figure if someone else has done it and has pics it might change her mind lol. Cheers Shane
  24. Could I just go down to Bunnings and buy a 2ft T8 light fixture and attach that to my hood? Is there a difference between normal light fittings and ones sold specially for aquariums? Not talking about the tubes (I'd use aquarium tubes) but the electronics that run it.
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