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Found 6 results

  1. Check those heaters people. Get your insulation in your fish rooms finished. Hunker down for some chilly weather. Antarctic front to bring icy winter chill to southern Queensland
  2. Hi All, My much loved Brazillie male is in a bad way. Found him doing a tail stand. Its as if his tail does not work anymore. He is also gasping for air. Checked tank levels and all are ok. Other fish seem to be all good. Me and a mate saved him and lots of his brothers ans sisters as fry from a LFS. He is around a foot long and has the best personality. Would love some help or ideas if anyone can help. Cheers Just had to share
  3. So about a 2 weeks ago i brought home a lovely Marble Fenny, who needed a female, so i went hunting for a girl. Found a lovely fish at a pet shop and brought it home with me. I introduced them together in the same tank. Of course they started fighting, so i added a divider into the tank. I left for the week end, to come home with the divider destroyed and the other fish pretty much dead. He is a complete mess, i was planning on selling him, but now i doubt i will. When i came home he was up side down, not moving and just breathing, the other fen had not one scratch. I only have photos of him from today, but i can get ones of him from the day i found him like this. At this point of time i am amazed with him still being alive, i thought for sure he wouldn't make one night, let alone over a week. Now im after some advise as to how i should treat this situation? What medication etc should i use to keep him going, or is it not worth it? I do have bacterial medication standing by ready, and ive been keeping the water clean and air rated for him, adding in some salt after every clean. I ask for you to only look at the photos if you don't mind looking at mutilated fish.
  4. Finally finished the lads fish room. A few disasters with 4 of the tanks on the right leaking but one replaced and the others repaired. All done and dusted..............hopefully...............but I just know he's gonna want some 6 footers once his stock grows. Currenly stocking: Jaguars Cubans Rivulatus Marbled fenestratus Rainbow cichlids Firemouths Nicaraguense Suraminensis Paratilapia Polleni Gold Sevs Green Sevs Salvinis Doviis Synspilums Red Devils Texas
  5. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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