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Found 16 results

  1. Hi Guys, I need some help, please. I'm looking for double wire hose clamps for Marine-flex hose. Could you recommend me a place where I can buy about five of them in 40mm diameter? I have already tried the Bunnings (they have only smaller), Super Cheap Auto, Repco, Mitre 10, BCF without any success around the Logan area. I'm using the standard clamps now but for this kind of hose would be better the double wired I think. (http://www.bunnings.com.au/aquapro-12mm-hose-clamp-4-pack_p2810212) Or if you know an alternative solution I'm open for it. Thanks in advance! Regards, Jani
  2. Hi guys, i am am looking for some aftermarket hose to fit my fx5 filter. I am not a fan of the fluval hose as it is ribbed inside and collects a lot of gunk. i have plumbed 2 fx5s into the base of my 6x2x2 build and I am in need of a good flexible hose that doesn't kink to fit over 25mm hose tail barbs that I have on the bulkhead fittings in the Base of my tank. if anyone has some ideas or opinions I would love to hear them, thanks in advance! Chris
  3. .hey guys, info needed please, im trying to source a hose ( pref non kink- ribbed type) i think u know what i mean, its to go from pond pump to filter, the outlets are the staggered type ie, 19,25,32 and 37mm, trouble is, where do u find the 37mm ?????? or whats ur thoughts on running 32mm from pump to filter ???
  4. I've just purchased an 1800lph bio pro canister from Aquaholics (great price, crazy fast delivery) but the hose isn't quite long enough, at least on one side, as I'd like to sit it off to one side of the tank. Is it possible to buy a replacement from Bunnings? If so, what size and spec should I be looking for? Would it matter if one side's hose was longer than the other?
  5. I'm getting a bit frustrated with the barbed/ribbed 25mm hose I am currently using as it continously breaks and needs to be fixed with 25mm joiners. I did get it from a plumbing shop and it wasn't cheap. The plumbing taps and elbows are very difficult to attach tho the damn thing as well. I like to have it done with taps and elbows so it can just hang off the tank and be moved from tank to tank and just be turned on/off from the attached tap. Any better ideas/suggestions for a good 12 metre hose that doesn't kink/curl up too much and work well with 25mm plumbing fittings?
  6. Hey there, I just noticed that some of the new rubber items in my tank have a white slime coating on them. Not a lot just on the air hose and the suction caps holding the filter. The older suction caps dont seem to have it. The tank is clean and all the fish are happy so I'm not worried. Has anyone else had this or know what the cause is? Mitch.
  7. Hey I'm currently running marine flex hose I think it's called on my 5ft and I'm pretty happy with the noise of the water flow. I have quite a bit of pvc laying around and can use that for my outlets on the 6x3 but am unsure if it's going to be louder or not? What do you prefer? Cheers, Luke
  8. Hi all I have a 7x3x2 I will be setting it up soon and will be running a FX5, problem is the hight of the tank on the stand from the floor is 166cm so there is no way the hoses will reach any ideas what to do here guys? whats the best move here? and where to get hoses aswell cheers all!
  9. I am constantly having to reattach my air lines to my air pump, what I was wondering was if any of you guys had any tricks to keeping them on, tried zip ties, but the outlets on my pump are recessed and don't give much for the zip tie to grip on, short of opening the pump up and gluing/silconing the air tubes in place I'm at a loss as to what I can do... has anyone done this? Any other tips/tricks? Tim
  10. Hey guys. Just asking to see if the hose clamps you buy for pool hoses and cars, the metal screw in types, are safe to put in water that the fish will be swimming in. I got the clamp on the hose coming out of the sump pump, but on the way home thought... Is it safe to submerge? So I'm just asking to see if other people have done it okay or done it and it harmed their fishes help or yeah, thanks all
  11. so this ain't really that technical.. but i'm just curious if anyone has anyways about making it so that your clear air bubble hoses that are in the water attract less algae/gunk etc.?? mine seem to get dirty really quick and than they look like shit, especially cause i got my tank set up as see through from both sides so they don't blend into a background.. anyone experimented with different ways to run it or to cover it in some sort of compound/chemical that will stop algae sticking but same time won't leak and kill fish?? cheers for any help!
  12. who knows a lfs in brisbane sellsing them? norhside perferred. thanks sebastian
  13. Hey all, This is my first DIY and I hope someone finds it helpful. I was reading the other day(may have been on here, i can't remember, sorry if this is a Re-post) But I read that it is possible to bend PVC pipe and keep its shape by filling it with sand. I was Looking for the U shaped piece of pipe that is used for filter hoses for either/both the intake and return lines. This is cheap simple and effective DIY version. It doesn't really need photos, the concept is pretty simple, i just wanted to post it up because i was Amazed at the results and it took less than 5 minutes. Better get started. This is all the items you will need for this. 1) Length of PVC pipe, the pipe in this article is electrical conduit, Also works with plumbing PVC 3) Something to Cap the ends with, I used sandwich bags tied with rubber bands 4) Something round and solid to bend the Pipe around, a Can of soup is PERFECT 5) I don't have a heat gun, but my gas stove worked perfectly well I cut the clippy-bag in half to get one piece for each end, Wrap the end of the pipe in plastic and then tightly with rubber bands. One side finished. Now begin filling the pipe with sand, once full give it a good tap, from all directions, even drop it a few times. You will be surprised at how much the level drops after a few taps. Gotta get all the gaps out of the sand. Then once its full seal the other end in the same way. Pipe full of sand and sealed from both ends. Hold the middle of the pipe over the flames, I did it on just above half strenth. Keep it moving so it doesnt burn, the sand absorbs quite a bit of the heat so it takes a little longer than you would expect. After a few minutes you will feel the pipe become a bit bendy. Keep going a little longer, need it to be quite maleable, over most of the length. Take it off the flame and bend it around the Can, Photo isn't very good as i needed 2&1/2 hands to do this part as it was. I kept the pipe pressed against the bench whilst bending, to keep it flat. Hold the pipe around the can for a few minutes to let it cool down and take shape. Once it can hold its shape a bit run it under some water to properly set it. Pretty much done now Sand goes back in the Bag and you have your Filter Hose U-Bend. I didn't take a final photo but you get the idea. Again, I Hope this helps someone. If it is a re-post or just common knowledge i apologize. I have also tried it on thicker PVC as i want to attempt an overflow box. It worked but not as well, It didn't hold its shape quite as well, but i may have rushed it. Ive done 4 of this size now and everyone has been very simple and straightforward. Cheers Jesse
  14. Hi All, I have a question in relation to the Fluval Ribbed Hose Bracket. http://www.fluvalparts.com/servlet/the-150/20026/Detail Could someone please tell me the measurement for the internal U of the bracket? This would be the part that sits on the glass. I need to know internal side, as I have a lip on the inside of the tank the lids sit on and I got a funny feeling the U clamp might not be big enough to reach over this lip. Thanks in advance Stoppy
  15. Tanks are 260 Litres there's two of them, pvc pipe for overflow is 25mm/1". I am guessing I will need a pump that can supply around 5000-5500 lph at 1-1.5m head. I was wondering what size hose/fittings I should use for the return, I only have 15mm gap in between the lid holding shelf thing and the end pane of glass opposite end of the overflow. The end where the overflow is I have about 25mm but this will mean the spray bar will have to be the whole length of the tank which won't matter too much. I am thinking 15mm or 5/8" which should have an O.D around 20mm which won't fit in the gap. Maybe 13mm or 1/2" might fit not sure on the O.D, might be able to squish it a bit with a heatgun. Then there is the option of the closer end which would make me want to put the spray bar the whole length along the back of the tank. Which would probably be 15mm or 5/8" will having it that way create enough water flow throughout the tank to actually filter properly and pick up the crap?
  16. G'day, I set up my tank and sump over the weekend but my return pump is pumping too quick for the drains. I think this may be because the drain hoses are kind of kinked and squashed from the way they were packaged. The sticker on the hose said to soak in warm water to straighten. This worked for the 3/4" but not for the 1" hose. Anyone got any tips on how to straighten/unsquash (don't think thats a word but you get the idea) the hose? Its clear vinyl hose that I bought from bunnings. If all else fails I'll just hunt down some braided hose. Thanks Damo
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