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Found 41 results

  1. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  2. I am completely over people taking culls or low grade that are handed around and selling at a profit elsewhere. This practice is far too common and people praise Facebook and Gumtree when people buy culls from here and sell on those places. These people are not good for the hobby. I have two possible rule changes: 1. Anyone found buying culls or low quality fry from here and selling elsewhere will be banned from trader. 2. Anyone found buying and selling fry to make a profit from members will be banned. At the moment I do not concern myself with the going's on elsewhere, but I am starting to feel that it makes the forum complacent in allowing trading of low quality fish to the ignorant masses on Facebook and Gumtree. I think I prefer option 1 as it is clear a misrepresentation, and there are times members want to clear a tank for various reasons..... I do not want to make things difficult for the volume quality breeders who want to move bulk fish, but am tired of the ongoing misrepresentation by various sellers on Facebook and Gumtree on selling poor quality fish from here.
  3. If your answer is "yes" why? If your answer is "no" why not? I know it's not a big deal question, but just wondering why the forum has gone quiet. Of the more than 16000 members how many will respond? Will the members who only use the trading sections answer? I would say "no" because they wouldn't read this.
  4. http://piaa.net.au/iridovirus-and-live-fish-importation-update/ Read an update on the rules that are coming in. This sounds better. I would be interested to hear more details. Interested in peoples thoughts?
  5. I am bored so decided to do a quickie as above ^^^^^^ This was a hot topic v v v v v v Any others that come to mind? http://www.qldaf.com/forums/african-cichlid-discussion-16/white-crane-discussion-35267/
  6. There seems to be a few new foods on the market at the moment, and it does make me wonder if I am getting left behind with my NLS love. Have you/Will you try any of the new feeds available, and if so which and why? If not - Why? Also helpful to mention the fish you are feeding as I do not believe one food suits all.
  7. i see lots of BIG fish rooms being posted on here and facebook, mine included, i have been told that the limit is 5000 ltrs, is this true, have any members been told they have to much water, can you get a permit to have more and still stay as a hobby, some will know, some won't, but i have down sized my fish "hobby" for a couple reasons, mostly due to family members health and our time needs to be spent on them, i have been looking into what is classed as a hobby and what isn't, this limit on water volume was the only one that i failed at, so i'm working at getting back down to 5000 ltrs, which should be done within a couple weeks, but interested in knowing other members thoughts, and would love to hear from any that had been asked to cut down on water volume, also something we should keep in mind when setting up our "hobby"
  8. We have a number of threads that try and represent who we are. We have our Who We Are Post: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/who-we-77959/ We have our rules: http://www.qldaf.com/forums/welcome-room-beginners-corner-22/forum-guidelines-77084/ We also have guidelines for admin and mods reproduced below. What would you write in as members guidelines? How do you think hobbyists should treat other hobbyists.... After all this board and indeed all other platforms only exists for the hobbyist.
  9. A well respected member of this forum has unfortunately been ripped off with a purchase of fish. Does anyone have any ideas on how to mimimize this happening? Would it be possible to have a national registry of honest reputable breeders? If so how would it be policed?
  10. There is a "like" button. Should there be a "hate" button? We have the option of liking a post. Should we be able to hate a post?
  11. With slight fear I put out the challenge, show me the thread of the year on QLDAF. Must have been made in the last 12 months by some other member. Please bump the thread with a tag "thread of the year" and quote thread here........
  12. What do you think? Do we sack all the moods? Should mods post more? Do you like Hot Topic Friday? Competitions? Chat room is back due to members asking - how can we use it better? Posted from here:
  13. So, I was asked by my wife to pick a mothers day song for her class, I failed...... please help, film clips needed. I now cannot convince her that the QCG auction is a romantic outing.......
  14. This topic occurs due to a post I saw on facebook with a gent claiming he had frontosa and discus in the tank, they were fine and all in perfect health. The question that occurs is where is the line when mixing fish with different requirements? African and American? Central vs South American, Lake Malawi vs Tanganyika...... Where is the line you will not cross and why.
  15. I am keen to revamp the quality fish project, and am looking for ideas on how we can do it better. What can the forum do to help promote breeding of quality fish only?
  16. The best fish available in the Australian aquarium trade is.. The best fish NOT AVAILABLE in the Australian aquarium trade is.. Submitted by a member - THANKYOU!!!! Please submit any ideas for hot topic to myself via PM
  17. What bred for you this week?
  18. "Is it time for the clubs to accept Flowerhorns as a legitimate fish in the hobby? i.e. should they be allowed to be entered in shows/ auctions..... " A topic suggested by a member. If you have a topic please send me a PM.....
  19. Is the rise of the number of aquarium pages on Facebook a good thing or a bad thing?
  20. The worst advice I was given in this hobby was........
  21. How do you determine if you are using a good fish food? Admin Note: The purpose of this is not to discuss specific brands in either a positive or negative light. Please keep brands or allusions to brands out of this thread.
  22. Hot Topic Friday is a discussion to be launched on Fridays to raise and discuss some important issues within the hobby. The thread will be pinned in general discussion until the next Hot Topic is raised. The topic will be raised with a single line statement raised by Admin. Some of the statements will be a little tongue in cheek..... most will be contentious. While forum rules will still apply, moderators will be asked to tread lightly as we know some of the topics may raise some feelings within members. Any suggestions for topics are to be raised can be sent to Admin for implementation.
  23. I would keep cichlids from Lake Tanganyika but they are all silver and too hard to keep ......
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