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Found 14 results

  1. Would like to say a HUGE thanks to [MENTION=13551]Funtimes320[/MENTION], [MENTION=9797]darrolb[/MENTION] and [MENTION=3782]pandapete[/MENTION] for today. Thanks to Chris and the Kids and Darrol and your Wife for buying the Acei off me it was a pleasure to meet you all and to Pete for the Quality Peppermints and a tour around your Fish room it was quite an eye opener to see how it's done on a big scale so here's to you's
  2. Just want to say a huge thanks to [MENTION=12095]BloodBrother58[/MENTION] for the purchase of the Bird Feeders today and may your bird enjoy many feeds out of them mate. And a huge thanks to [MENTION=1196]Rowdy[/MENTION] for the purchase of the Electric Yellow and Yellow Tail Acei Fry may they breed heaps for you mate and thanks for your patience at such a busy meeting place so to you fella's
  3. :dance:Just want to say a HUGE thanks to The Tech Den ordered some things from them yesterday and turned up today talk about fast service thanks John cheers Yellows
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. Hey guys, A little over a month ago I purchased a new Eheim 2213 for my 20G tank, complete with the "bio-media" canister insert basket. It ran really well when it first started, too well in fact. I drilled out the holes on the spray bar to lessen the output current, which worked decently. Then I bought an inline CO2 reactor (Ista) from AOA which I am really happy with, it's very efficient (100%). It uses the water flow from the canister to spin an impeller, which also helps to impede water flow rate and slowed it down a tad for me too. It was running at a current I thought was really good, but then I noticed the other day when I washed out all the media (rinsed it with tank water) and put it all back together the water basically trickles out of the spraybar now. And I really do mean trickle. When it was brand spanking new it blasted water all around the tank, the fish had trouble swimming in it. Now it seriously seems to have something wrong with it. My research tells me they should be cleaned monthly and the white (wool?) pads replaced with each cleaning. This is the fine pad I think, and seeing as it is the first in the filter flow then it makes sense it would restrict the pressure greatly. The filter is still running virtually silently and doesn't make any gargling sounds. The only air that has gotten into the pump was the residual air after I primed it and got it going, but there was virtually none. I am thinking I either need to buy some more pads from AOA (really cheap, which fits my budget!), perhaps check the impeller / pump unit, or perhaps remove the external reactor and see if that is restricting me too much (which I don't particularly want to do... Cheers for any input guys, if anyone has had the same experience then it would be great to get any insight!
  6. Hi, We have some pond lights we are clearing. they were reduced from 79 to $35. we are now clearing these for $24.00 Hurry these will not last. LED Pond Lights Submersible 2Pc Red/Yellow
  7. A huge thanks to Matmatmat for helping me out while I am overseas.
  8. Not having met the bloke before, traded with him or anything, I gave him a call out of the blue and he was gracious enough to drop what he was doing and come give me a hand to move a big tank. Without his help I would have been up s**t creek. I cannot overstate how grateful I am that he was willing to give us a hand, and ask nothing in return. Cheers Trevor, I owe you big time.
  9. Deadfishfloating and Supercobwe for all there help in the past with fish ID's Brismale28 for being always there when I need his help and the countless members (you know how your are) I've brought off in the past. This people make your hobby so enjoyable and love seeing a smile all everyones face. Cheers Guys for everything in the past and future to come
  10. Not mine but thought someone would like to see this Aquarium / Fish Tank (very large) | Pet Products | Gumtree Australia Western Australia - Perth Region
  11. Filmed at a members house. He's a pretty solid fish! Got 60-odd fish vids on my channel from members and myself so have a gander if you have the time . Cheers, Seph
  12. Hi Guys, I don't normally run these, but I was able to strong arm Eheim for a deal for Christmas this month. So on Special (Yes Club Member only -NFD - that is our business model) Eheim Classic 600 (2217) - $199. I have about 35 of them in stock. You guys are the first to know!
  13. Hi everyone, Got an issue with my common plec. Went to do a water change last week and loticed a huge lump behind the gill of my plec. Almost looks like a tumor. I did a 1/4 water change (500 lt tank) and put a little more salt in it then usual. By the next morning the swelling had gone down and looked heaps better. Kept an eye on him all week, got home from work today and it has blown up again. Does anyone have any idea what it could be and how to treat it. He is approx 30cm long I will be picking up a 3 ft tank tomorrow to house some baby cichlids, should I maybe put him in there and medicate before I put the babies in there. The babies are currently at a friends house so they can wait if need be Any help or adivce would be greatly appreciated as I'm really worried about my fav
  14. ey just went down to the tank and one of my big females was on the glass and i noticed it had a HUGE gut and this sort of bubble out its but. it was see through but had little black dots on it. here is a pic but it aint to good you can kinda see the size of the bubble, please help!!!!
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