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Found 18 results

  1. So this is just some feedback on the Hydra 50 and Hydra 20 filters we purchased a little while ago. I'll just try and keep this post short and sweet. Firstly, if you don't know what they are they are a filter which has a set of electronic metal plates inside them and as water flows over them they basically zap the water and kill or neutralise ammonia, nitrites, nitrates etc. I don't know the exact science behind it all, I just know it works. Here are some examples of where it has worked for us. 1. We started a new cichlid tank, placed our fish in and switched on the Hydra filter. No cycling at all, it was filled and stocked on the same day. A couple of days later we woke up and our tank looked like milk, you literally couldn't even see more than 10cm into the tank. It took us 4 days to work out that the gravel we'd been given secondhand, and washed a zillion times, was riddled with dead snail shells which caused a huge bacteria bloom. So we pulled it all out and replaced it with new stuff. Through all of that and readings of Ammonia and Nitrite completely off the charts, but our fish swam around just as happy as could be. It didn't bother them at all. We were a bit confused by the readings but it turns out that if there are high amounts of ammonia etc in the tank it may talk a few goes through the filter before it is all removed, but in the meantime it just neutralises it. 2. We started a live bearer tank, placed our fish in and switched on a Hydra filter. No cycling at all, it was filled and stocked on the same day. Has been there now for over a month, hasn't had a glitch, all fish are happy, water is crystal clear. We didn't need to add the fish in bit by bit either, we decided what we wanted, got them all on the same day and put them all in. On this tank, the Ammonia and Nitrite is never above zero and the Nitrates sit somewhere between 0 and 5 depending on the day. (we've now done this with another tank that contains cichlids and had the same results) 3. I haven't done this one but I've seen it firsthand. One Hydra filter and some salt added to a tank and left overnight, marine fish added (clowns and seahorses) and weeks later happy fish and not one issue. These filters do have to be removed if you ever need to medicate because they'll zap and neutralise the medication so we have one fully cycled normal filter ready to go at all times. So basically I think they're amazing and I would recommend them without hesitation. We almost didn't purchase one due to negative opinions on them but all of those negative opinions were from people who had never owned one and just 'thought' it wouldn't work. I'm glad we tried it for ourselves. I think Tech Den and Red Dragon Aquatics both have these.
  2. Hydra internals are awesome and actually work!!! I have been using my hydra 50 for a solid month now and can see a definite decrease in nitrates. As always i was sceptical about the 'next big thing in nitrate control' but after hearing some good reviews about this filter i thought i would test it out myself. It works by converting ammonia (created by fish waste) straight into nitrogenous gas which is removed from the water column. Essentially it completes the whole nitrogen cycle (ammonia > nitrite > nitrate > nitrogen) in just one step. This should be used in conjunction with biological filtration in my opinion... Rather then converting 100% of all ammonia, it helps to convert some of the ammonia resulting in reduced nitrates that are converted from the biological filter. I used to do 50% weekly water changes but i have now reduced that to 30% and i think potentially i could even reduce that to fortnightly.
  3. has anyone used these leds I am tossing up between the two even though made by same company tank is 60-45-45cm will have sps lps bits and peices
  4. Great deal today for anyone looking for a quality LED. Link - Age of Aquariums - Aqua Illumination Hydra TwentySix LED - Black Ben
  5. Aqua Illumination has arrived at AOA. We have the Hydra Twenty Six & Hydra Fifty Two's in both white & black with all the mounting options along with the AI Controller & Director all in stock !!. Priced at $499.00 for the Twenty Six & $699.00 for the Fifty Two ( usual discounts apply ) Links - Age of Aquariums - Hydra LED's & Age of Aquariums - Mounting options Ben
  6. Interesting with all the new technology about and if you have not seen or heard of the Hydra internal filters - here are a couple of youtubes and a link for pricing. Hydra Internal Filters models and pricing
  7. G'day All, I've just purchased the Hydra 30 filter from [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] (big thanks to John) and was wondering if anyone else has purchased this and what they thought? Just interested to hear if the hype about this product, is it producing results in the aquarium world? Cheers
  8. I have found hydra in my bristle nose breeding tank. I know this is bad stuff to have so how can I get rid of it? I know I have to add salt to the tank ( worked out that there is 113L) but I'm not 100% on adding 113g, it looks like a lot to add in one hit with fish still in the tank... fry mostly. ( or those that have escaped the hydra) I was given this site to work off. How to Get Rid of Hydra in Your Tank | eHow I go have gourami but didn't want to add them to the tank. I also have a large log with an anubus on it that I can't boils due not having anything to boil it in. ( was told the only was to guarantee its gone, boil everything with salt that can be an wash the tank with salt. get rid of anything that can't be boiled) I'm also wondering if there are any meds out to help combat this thing. I've only just set up a canister filter on the tank ( had that soaking with salt for a week an the media was washed in salt.) the hydra looks like it had been in for longer than a week tho. please help as I've been trying so hard to get the tank right so my bristle nose fry can really grow an go to new homes instead of being taken down by something this nasty.
  9. anyone used these before or know of their performance? it claims to be able to go from ammonia straight to nitrogen using hydro-pure technology...wtf is hydro-pure technology? so far i've only been able to find one review which wasnt too favourable but i just wanted to see if anyone else has used it. Review: Ocean Free Hydra 30 internal filter | Video | Practical Fishkeeping
  10. Hi, I have recently discovered that I have a big hydra infestation - its on the tank sides, gravel, on rocks, plants and wood. Its green hydra. I want to get rid of it but have no idea how to. I have read that a couple of apple snails will do the trick. I am breeding guppies in that tank so its a bit of a problem. Any advice would be really appreciated. Thanks.
  11. Ok so I'm a newbie to the world of keeping a shrimp tank (20L) have about 15 cherries with java moss, driftwood and anubias plus just added some elodea. Have now realised i've been overfeeding was reading today to not even feed as they will survive off algae and plant matter.... Anyways I have these long thin clear worms about .5-1cm long on the glass plus some planaria plus hydra growing, yuck on all levels! So I have done a huge 50% water change mega gravel clean and scraped off as many worms as I can, I've also added a teaspoon of salt, I have worming tablets for my bn with 100mg of praziquantel but it doesn't say anything about safe or not safe for invertebrates? What can I do/get to fix these problems but keep my shrimp alive?
  12. Hi guys Each day, I think i might have hydra in my tank(well it doesn't look like hydra but a wormish thing) Had this about a few days ago(Sunday), then I removed all things from tank and gave the tank a good scrub. It also seems that at least 1 shrimp is dying per day but the wormy thing keeps on coming back Also, i have been observing my shrimp and they don't seem to eat what I place in the tank --> Spirulina Algae Wafers (I also cannot measure water parameters as I do not own a kit yet) IMAGES EDIT The death of the RCS are caused by something like this
  13. Just figured out that the strange new life-forms in my shrimp tank are Hydra. Still small, but not happy! Tank in question is small, 20ish litres with moss/sand/driftwood and shrimp-only (intentional) inhabitants. Most tips I find on the subject recommend something called Panacur? Anyone have tips on getting rid of these little buggers? I've lost a couple of adult RCS and an adult CRS recently, not sure I'd notice if the CRS shrimplets were vanishing, there is a small army in there. Also have other squirmy things, some that look like cigar-shaped worms on the glass, others with short tails that jump like fleas! Any ideas & ought I be worried? XD
  14. I know, I know, over feeding norty norty me.... got bazillions of them, very small, at best <1mm, so barely visible but they are there... In the meantime, whats better for ridding them out of the following two... Snails ~or~ Siamese algea eaters? Bare in mind this is an 8ft african display tank, so whatever goes in there stays in there unless it gets eaten, coz Im not pulling everything out to catch a few fish....
  15. hi all one of my tanks has these growing on everything, glas wood and plants how do i kill it. it is in a breeding tank if that makes a difference. cheers, mick
  16. Hey guys i think ive got hyrda in one of my bristlenose tank it they where growing on one of there longs so i took it out but its on another log with eggs it. can't see it anywhere eles in the tank, is there any where i can get a good picture of it to make sure i know what im looking at and is there a safe way of getting rid of them. Thanks Ross
  17. Well I have an absolute infestation of hydra and the catch is this, they are in my b/n fry tank. Now being new at breeding b/n I have been told not to move fry from one tank to another. the hydra weren't a problem to start but they are growing faster than my smallest fry (12mm). not sure if hydra are directly killing or if water quality is being affected but have lost about a dozen fry in the last day or so. this is the 4th lot of fry and all 4 lots are growing in the same tank (2x1x15). Don't want to medicate such young fry, can't cook them, and scared to move them to another tank. Is it likely the hydra are killing? Should I medicate? Should I rehouse the fry?
  18. just noticed an infestation of hydra in one of my small tang tanks only appeared recently and so only a few at present for every one you see theres prob a hundred hiding there are no juve fish in tank Ive read some info ont he net about copper treating the tank any other ideas or treatments would be appreciated if nothing works ill strip the tank of fish put ina 300w heater and boil the suckers for a day or so tks peter I put some sterazin in just incase that worked all i had in the cupboard
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