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Found 40 results

  1. I have a 1000L water pod (IBC) arriving next week, and intend placing it outside as a water ageing tank. Havent tried this before, and unable to find much info on the forums, so here goes....hope someone can give me some tips (yet again). Obviously the pod will need some exposure to fresh air. If I only fill it to 95% so its surface area is open, can I get away with just a small 1 inch hole for air exchange? Or should I keep the lid off the pod? Am trying to use as little power as possible, would a 400LPH air pump and air stone keep the water moving enough, or would a small water pump / powerhead be better? The intention is to use only ¬300 litres of this water per week. Finally, would it be better in sunlight or out of the sun? Cheers!
  2. There is feeder shrimp breeding in there too, so was just thinking fire tail gudgeons as they'll stay closer to the surface away from the shrimp ? Any suggestions welcome.
  3. I have quite a few females now berried up yay!! and in preparation for there imminent arrival I need to provide some protective cover for the shrimplets to hide in and be able to retreat to away from bigger hungrier shrimp. They are in an IBC so am looking for ideas of what people may have used..... ? Are they even canabalistic? Shrimp in question are Australian freshwater shrimp- yep your common feeder shrimp, Macrobracium Australiense
  4. Had the day off due to rain so knocked up the trickle filter for my live shrimp breeding Ibc. They will be used as feeders for my toga and bass and for bass fishing. Had most of the gear in the garage and bought the rest of what I needed. A few containers with holes drilled, Perspex drip tray powered by a 4500lph pump. I utilized an Ibc from the four I use for collecting rainwater. Added some seeded media so just have to let things run in for a while and then I'll start adding some shrimp. Pictures are self explanatory.
  5. The IBC is for breeding freshwater shrimp. It will have a hatch for access but will be closed all the time. the tank is outside but does not get any direct sunlight on it. Which type of plants if any would grow in these conditions? Doesn't need to be anything fancy, even just some elodea if it would survive as I can source that in massive quantities. Cant be free floating due to overflow pipe mosquito screen would get blocked. something I could put in pots would be good....
  6. I want to get an ibc for wc water but this ones had adblue in it. Think I could get it right for fish? http://www.blueskyeco.com.au/bsSourceFiles/pdf/BSE%20Material%20Safety%20Data%20Sheet.pdf The owner said he has had fish in one before with no losses.
  7. Just putting it out there to see what people would put in a 1000 lt tank I'm thinking of playing around with some discus in them. Just a thought at the moment but you never know !! What would you put in a couple of ibc tanks if you had them spare. Let us all know. Cheers Marty
  8. Hey all has anyone used them to breed in before. Thinking of putting a few rainbow species in them and may even put some discus in one??? What are your thoughts. Cheers Marty
  9. Hey guys, I'm looking at setting up an IBC cut in half inside a 2.1x1.5x2m bird aviary that's closed in 3 out of the four sides. Looking at housing a Macquarie short neck turtle in one with local caught gudgeons, the other half will be rainbow fish and gudgeons together. My question is, "Am I able to use an IBC cut in half as a pond, as in both sides useable?" I will have a fly screen cover over both that will be latched done with hinges in one side, a t8 duel baton 4 foot light with reptile globes over the turtle side and just 12v led Cree spot lights over the other side. I'm thinking of a canister for each and heaters as well, and some 700lph internals to keep the water always moving. Is this at all feasible? Or am I just dreaming? I could buy two! the turtle ones the important one as we have two! Both were in a 4.5 foot tank and the male has bitten off the toes of the female, so she gets the pond and he can live in the tank! Both turtles are my sisters, I'm the fish dude, but I've offered to take her off her hands, she's currently in a 2 foot =[ keep in mind they are only just over palm sized at the moment. I will also get a Bigger turtle dock for her, plus that "pond" will only be 3/4 full at most. Regards! Nathan =]
  10. Show info/rules/classes and entry forms : HERE
  11. Thinking of doing a fish pond out of an ibc I've got at home. What kind of filtration would I need if any? Thinking of keeping rainbows maybe some Africans or Americans and some bristlenose cats. Interested to know what fish have worked for others in the past. I'm not doing aquaponics. Just wanting to try other ways of keeping. Thanks guys and any other pointers would be great. Would be in a fairly sunny spot sorry if I sound like a noob but its because I am with this stuff hahaha
  12. Anyone know where I can get a cheap couple of food grade IBC"S close to Toowoomba landlord got water rates bill today so need to store water or fish have to go
  13. Judges: Hermanus Haryanto (Head Judge), Todd Knight Stewards: Jodi Lea Matheson (Head Steward), Jarrod Nielsen, Peter Kann Show Chair: Jodi Lea Matheson Entry Fees Entry fees for the show will be $3 for Betta Australis club members $5 for non-members (Pairs count as one entry) Entry deadline All entries and accompanying show fees must be submitted by no later than Thursday October 10, 2013 contact enquiries@bettaaustralis.com with any questions. Australian Entries All Australian entries that cannot bench in their fish in person, may send their fish to the show via mail, courier or QANTAS freight. Entries must arrive between Thursday 17th October and Friday 18th October only. If shipping/dropping fish off, please ensure fish arrive on those days only. Must be before 1pm on the Friday. If you require your fish to be returned after the show, fill in the appropriate section on the entry form. If you wish to sell your entries after the show, fill in the appropriate section on the entry form. Please note there is a 20% commission on all fish sold. For further details, contact enquiries@bettaaustralis.com International Entries Arrangements can be made for International entries. Please contact the show chair for further details fishchick@gmail.com Please note – International entries cannot be returned, but can be sold. There is a 20% commission on all fish sold. Eligibility You must be a member of the IBC (International Betta Congress) to show in Group A: Regular Classes (with the exception of Divisions “F” and “G”) Non IBC members may show in Division F: Wild Type Pairs, Division G: Arts and Crafts (Optional) and Group B: New Breeder Classes. Prizes Prizes for the show will be - GROUP A: Regular Classes Division A: Halfmoon Singletail A1. Dark Solid Colour STM A2. Iridescent Dark Solid Colour STM A3. Light Solid Colour STM A4. Bicolour and Patterned STM A5. Metallic Solid Colour STM (dark and light) A6. Solid Colour STF A7. Bicolour and Patterned STF Division B: Halfmoon Doubletail B1. Solid Colour DTM B2. Bicolour and Patterned DTM B3. Doubletail Female (all colours/patterns) Division C: Crowntail C1. Solid Colour CTM C2. Bicolour and Patterned CTM C3. Crowntail Female (all colours/patterns) Division D: Shortfin D1. Dark Solid Colour Show Plakat STM D2. Iridescent Dark Solid Colour Show Plakat STM D3. Light Solid Colour Show Plakat STM D4. Bicolour and Patterned Show Plakat STM D5. Metallic Solid Show Plakat STM D6. Giant Show Plakat STM (TRIAL CLASS) D7. Solid Colour Show Plakat STF D8. Bicolour and Patterned Show Plakat STF D9. Giant Show Plakat STF (TRIAL CLASS) Division Awards: Best of Variety Male – Trophy & Certificate + Sponsor gift Best of Variety Female – Trophy & Certificate + Sponsor gift Class Awards : First – Certificate Second – Certificate Third – Certificate Division A-D Winners compete for BOS & RBOS BOS Male - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Male - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate BOS Female - $100 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Male - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate Division E: Breeders Division E1. Colour and Form Variations E2. Form and Finnage E3. Pairs Division F: Wild Type Betta Pairs F1. Bubblenesters – small F2. Bubblenesters – medium/large F3. Mouthbrooders – small F4. Mouthbrooders – medium/large Division G: Arts and Crafts (Optional) G1. Photography G2. Illustration G3. Crafts Division H: Temporary Classes H1. Traditional Plakat Male H2. Halfmoon Shortfin Male H3. Doubletail Plakat Male H4. Female (H1-H3) Division Awards: Winners from Division E & H compete against Division A – D (according to tail type) for Best of Variety Male and Best of Variety Female Best of Division (Divisions F & G only) – Trophy & Certificate + Sponsor Gift (Division F & G do not accrue IBC show points) Class Awards : First – Certificate Second – Certificate Third – Certificate Divisions “F” and “G” are not eligible to compete for BOV, BOS or RBOS GROUP B: New Breeder Classes NB1. Singletail Male NB2. Doubletail Male NB3. Crowntail Male NB4. Shortfin Male NB5. Singletail Female NB6. Doubletail Female Class Awards : First – Certificate Second – Certificate Third – Certificate Group B Winners compete for Group B: New Breeder Classes BOS & RBOS BOS Male - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate BOS Female - $50 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Male - $25 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate RBOS Female - $25 Prizemoney, Trophy (Platter), Certificate Not eligible to compete for BOS and RBOS (Group A) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Schedule (Times may vary closer to show date, go to Betta Australis for up to date details) Friday 18th October (times to be confirmed) – Benching in Saturday 19th October (Morning - times to be confirmed) – Benching in Saturday 19th October (Late morning – afternoon – times to be confirmed) – Judging Saturday 19th October (5pm approx.) – Trophy Presentation Saturday 19th October (6pm approx) – Club BBQ Saturday 19th October (7pm approx) – Hermanus Haryanto talk: Wild Bettas Sunday 20th October (6am – 12pm) – Betta Show “Public Day” & Caboolture Markets Sunday 20th October (12pm – 4pm approx) – Bench out Sales (Details may vary closer to show date. Go to Betta Australis for up to date details) For this show, the IBC has granted Betta Australis permission to sell fish that entrants nominate for sale, rather than the usual end of show auction. During the show, stewards will have a book available to record expressions of interest for fish available for sale. Please note, there will be a 20% commission on all fish sold. Sale times After 12pm Sunday 20th October. Pickups between 12 – 2pm Sunday 20th October, or by arrangement. **The Betta Australis Livebearer Interest Group will be holding a Fancy Guppy show alongside the IBC International Betta Show. Judge and prizes to be announced** More details as they come to hand. Hope to see you at the Show!! Jarrod Nielsen Secretary, Betta Australis
  14. I have a 1000 litre IBC and it has been holding a chemical called kamicryl. I'm not sure what it is, tried to google it and see if its safe to clean out and use for fish but didn't find nothing. Does anyone know if it will be ok and how do I clean it?
  15. Today I had to move some ibc's and when i started to drain the ibc I found 2 full tubs of Val that put in there 6-8 months ago after visiting [MENTION=2642]Wolfgang[/MENTION] and getting a small bunch of Val and replanting it .I know it's a very easy plant to grow but never thort it was that easy:). So I think it's time to break it up and spread it out again #1st pot full #2pot full
  16. I was given an IBC Tank used to transport PA Glue, i want to confirm if it will be toxic to my fish ? If i clean it out well will it be suitable to use or not? any advise would be greatly appreciated. Thanks MJ
  17. water tank | Other Home & Garden | Gumtree Australia Gold Coast North - Upper Coomera | 1027143120 1000l of tank space is a good deal!
  18. I've just acquired an IBC and wanted to know what other people have for filtration. Was thinking some sort of a DIY box filter setup on top using some storage tubs, possibly including some K1 as well. It's currently running a few Otto 800's. Cheers.
  19. A special show meeting will be held next week to discuss plans for our upcoming IBC sanctioned show on 20th October. Date: Tuesday 3rd September Time: 7pm Venue: Ace Comics, Shop 18 Annerley Arcade, 478 Ipswich Road, Annerley QLD 4103
  20. Hi Guys, I am on the hunt for a Black, food grade IBC to use to collect rainwater. Does anyone one know where I can buy one from in Brisbane. Google isn't helping much in my search. Looking to buy brand new or will consider second hand if it's been used to store fish safe liquids. I have found a used one that stored fibreglass resin, but after some reading have opted against using it for fish. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be really appreciative. Thanks in advance, Beau.
  21. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  22. Hi friends I have one, soon to be four IBC's going, for growing out malawi's I know ill have to watch what speices I mix in them, but fo now im wondering what sort of stockin levels people heve managed. I want go drop fry in at 1.5 to 2cm and grow till 5 to 10 cm. I think with good filtration and weekly water changes I should be able to have about 150 fish per ibc. What to you think? What worked for you?
  23. Does anybody know where I can get a new seal that goes between the IBC and the tap? I can't find one..
  24. Hi Guys, just wondering what the diameter of the top opening of an IBC is? I want to use one to collect rainwater and want to find a strainer to fit the top opening, like the removable strainers they have on rainwater tanks. Tank Guardian Easy-Clean | Rain Harvesting Thanks in advance, Beau.
  25. Looking to setup some grow outs in ibc s want them sumped preferably not a glass tank though , so any ideas or pics would be great, cheers:p
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