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Found 53 results

  1. Anyone able to tell what type of fish this is? It came with a tank I got on the weekend and it was an unwanted extra which I'd like to get rid of. He's currently in a tank with africans, I know it's not ideal but I guess it's better then him sitting in a bucket where he was.
  2. I have an aquarium similar to this one. Cracked>exploded>made a mess>bought a new one. Now I'm left with a choice of either throwing it out or making something good out of it. This is my idea I made it in Photoshop If anyone has some engineering experience it would be greatly appreciated. My thoughts are that if I silicone one divider where the crack is and leave that empty or put a plant in it or something. Then put a second divider in so that the water pressure is displaced between two bays instead of one. I would still like to filter both bays with one pump so I was thinking an overflow into one then maybe a siphon back to the other. I really don't want to have another flooded mess in my house so please let me know your thoughts if this would work or if I am wasting my time and $$ I think it will cost about $80 for the acrylic then some silicone. Here is the actual tank Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. Hi, I have an angelfish in a planted community tank, and it appears to have grown raised black bumps all over its body. He is active and eating, its just that they seemed to have only grown recently. Any ideas on what they are? Should i medicate? thanks sorry for bad picture quality any help is appreciated, thanks
  4. Hey guys, I have a small tank that I want to give to my mum but it is without a lid and has no lid supports, I bought the tank about 5 years ago and it had plastic lid holders and a glass lid but somewhere along the line all that crap got lost or thrown out. So I need an idea for a cheap easy to shape lid. The tank has a hang on back filter so it needs to be easily cut. I'm thinking acrylic but I don't have any way of keeping it on top without the supports.
  5. Sometimes I have thoughts about tanks I would like to do. Or nifty tricks that could eliminate the work. And I imagine others do to. Which means a thread like this could have some fun. So add 'em if ya got 'em. So... today right? Looking for a bit of driftwood to make a moss tree. Is not easy to find. I looked at my driftwood. All too big and clunky. And thought, I should just whittle one of them down! Why I have not thought of this before..... I do not know as I am a man who owns many mora. One nano moss tree trunk coming up. Perhaps not the best idea to start the thread with, but hopefully start it, it did.
  6. So I have cleared out a 92gal corner bowfront and have decided i want to go Tanganyikan. Hardscape idea crushed coral sand 1mm. what depth do you guys recommend? medium size larva rock, 5 piled in center back, 3 lone rocks along front. stockng 2 of the following 4 x Neolamprologus brichardi, 4 x Neolamprologus leleupi or 4 x Julidochromis ****feldi i want to see some breeding from at least one species and have small numbers of fry make it to adulthood without intervention. but the other half wants there to be some colour. suggestions? maybe a small group of small cats. Synodontis petricola? should i get anything for the upper parts of the tank? it is 2' tall.
  7. Hi, I have set a marine tank up and I would have a question. I just started to circulating the water and it is quite noisy. Could you suggest me any idea how could I make it more silence? The main noise is coming from the water surface where it flows into the outline pipe. I have attached a couple of pictures about the system, also I try to attach a video as well maybe hear my problem. With the noise which comes from the sump I can't do anything more I think. Or if you have any idea for it too... I'm listening. The tank is 3 foot with 2 foot sump. The pipes are 20 mm on the vertical side (back of the tank), but on the horizontal side (under the tank) and the outline elbow (on the surface) are 25 mm diameter. The sump's main pump is 3000l/h, which is working full capacity. Thanks, Jani
  8. .Hi guys, I have been thinking about how to have a saltwater nano and a freshwater nano (35L tanks) but only use one chiller to cool them both. If I use a sizeable sump for the saltwater nano and place the canister filter for the freshwater nano in the return pump section (also where the chiller water cycles in and out of set to 24 deg) and design it as such that the canister filter is submersed as much as possible, put lagging on the canister piping etc Do you think that it would effectively cool the freshwater nano? It's a bit of an out there idea, I know but just throwing it out there. Cheers, Beau.
  9. .Just throwing some ideas around to see what the general thoughts are before I go doing anything that's been tried and failed. Has anyone built or bought one of the colorbond/zincalume raised planter beds from masters/Bunnings and lined it with pond liner to create a pond/fish tank? I'd really like to have a pond or something similar at home outside but being a rental it can't be permanent so was thinking this would be ideal. Any thoughts on this? Anyone else done it? It definitely has to have a pond liner in it so the metals don't react with the water and cause unfavourable conditions for fish and create rust. Was thinking of using a tank flange/bulkhead at the base to be able to drain and just have an open top or at very least some fly screen mesh to protect from birds etc and keep jumping fish contained. Maybe some floating water plants and some submersed plants that will help oxygenate water and keep fish fed aswell. I'm thinking Lo tech/no tech for this as I don't have any external power points however may resort to solar pump just for circulation. My brother has a pond in his backyard with several goldfish and he's never in the last 5 years fed them, changed their water or put a pump in it and they're healthy as and breed regularly! So I'm hoping to achieve the same thing here! Hit me with your thoughts because if enough people tell me it'll work or that they've done the same thing I'll do a build and doco the progress for others. Luke
  10. .Hi All, I am getting sucked in to this hobby big time but my problem is I only have space inside for a 3ft which we already have. I have been looking for more space and found some in our outdoor area but don't know if it will work. I would like to know if anyone has experience in having a tank outside and what success you have had? I am thinking something around 6x2x2 with Americans and plecos. It would get a couple of hours of direct sunlight in the morning but be in total shade for the remainder of the day. Would this work? What are the challenges? Will a heater keep the tank warm enough through winter when it gets down to around 9C? I am thinking if there is enough water movement, algae should be controllable is this correct or will it not really be a concern anyway? Any help and suggestions would be great. Thanks
  11. Hey Fellow Fish PPL Just an idea probably a silly one, why don't we are breeders organise a co p or rent a market every 2 months and have a sale day with the public? I know I hate scumtree ...as I said prob a silly idea... Matthew
  12. So I was thinking and talking to a friend and we where talking about a few ideas. So please tell me if any of this won't work. Thanks 3ft and has heaps of hiding places. 1x crayfish 1x cory catfish 2x gold fish And a few smaller fish (still undecided). Cheers. From allboutthebass
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. By that I mean near all of our reef aquarium none mobile inverts are algae symbiotic, algae with in! A part from all the other stuff I have in place, retaining all that builds in my waters by not doing water changes and the algae’s content dosing/reintroducing is really paying off! Also the sps in the top tank are better then ever. Another looney idea, “it would be called by you know where”, is blooming beautifully, lol. Don’t be afraid to experiment guys, following the status quo is not always that fruitful!
  15. I have been concerned about this fish for awhile, however after the water change today it's just sitting in the bottom. Previously it was sitting in the back corner but did come for food and eat. I took a water sample a week ago and the ammonia was high so from advice from the aquarium have used amguard and stability. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  16. Climate-change adaptation: Designer reefs : Nature News & Comment Now is it just me.......... or does the idea of having an sps reef that can get to 35degC without bleaching sound awesome? Oh and props to Palumbi. One of the oceans best friends, and one of biologys brightest stars.
  17. Hi Gals & and Guys. I want to pick your brain about my sump. I have a 4x18x15 sump with 3 chambers, first chamber is empty (not sure what to put in there), second chamber has 10lt of clay balls and jap mat on the top of the clay balls and third chamber is where the pump is 5000 liters an hour. This sump going to connected to two 4x2x2's, one 5x2x2 and possibly down the track a IBC and the stock will be Africans. I'm planing to get some coral pieces in there for a buffer. Thanks for your help in advance
  18. My current cannister busted last night and require a new ASAP ! If anyone that's bought one or seen one somewhere well priced can they please help me out thankyou guys
  19. I'm planing 44 gallon drum build for crays and shrimp and will probably put swords or guppies in there as well. What plants/moss would go in there well? i already have phoenix moss (i think its called that). Most of the day it will be in direct sun light will i have drama's here? will i need aeration ? Thanks, Brodie.
  20. Hey guys just saw this guy on the bottom of the tank. I have no idea what type of snail it is but looks cool though . Do you guys know what it is?
  21. Ok so I have a mate who builds tanks and he may be able to get me toughened glass at a realy great price now question is is it safe to use for tanks? this tank will be big 10x4x2.5 it will be built by a guy who has built many a big tank and no's what hes doing braced wel etc etc he even said he would want to put wide alloy corners on all 4 corners for extra protection, but said to do some research into toughened first I have read it can explode if hit hard:shock: sounds worrying lol what are your thoughts guys? mods can close thread that idea is over with! lol Thanks
  22. OMG, just went to the LFS to get an Ammonia Test Kit which they didnt have any in stock. The Lady working there said dont worry, you only get Ammonia in Salt Water Tanks anyway. How do these people get a job with fish ????????????
  23. Well I finally remembered why I stopped going to pet shops to buy fish. In the last few weeks have had a few new additions to my tank and all of a sudden there are small white dots on my geos. I have never ever had white spot or any disease so I'm really new to treating with meds or anything like that. Anyway I'll start with everything about my tank and hopefully someone has the patience to help me sort this out My tank is 4 foot long, 270 litres Ph is 7.4-7.6 Temp at the moment is 25 degrees celcius In the tank lives: - 3 Orange Head Geos - 7 Peppermint Bristlenose - 6 Sterbai Corys - 15 Black Phantom Tetras (Been in tank for 1 week) - 3 Blue Rams (bought today... great ) Also have a couple of anubias plants and recently added some java moss. So I've read a little about white spot and I sort of understand the three stages, I'm just not sure about the whole thing. What is safe to use with these fish.. Also there aren't heaps of spots on the geos. Just a couple, and only on two of them. ANY feedback is really appreciated. At the moment I just don't know where to start. I'm also going on holiday next week for two weeks and my sister is coming to look after the tank.. And she doesn't know anything about them..
  24. Just came across this pic on the web - would work equally well for bare bottom tanks. There was a question about this recently... The air-stone strapped to the pipe inlet in the centre of the tanks helps to 'pull' in the solids. As the intake is open to the atmosphere, no siphon is created. If you make bits so they come apart easily, you can remove it for catching fish etc
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