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Found 30 results

  1. Hi Guy - I have been breeding L No's for a while now & was thinking of dabbling in some L046 's (zebra's ) -( I know little about them except I love the look of them ) & was wondering if anyone could give me some pointers to help me identify the L046's from other similar L No's - thanks
  2. I would like to buy a female to go with my (assumed) male. I have a 5 foot tank, with this fella (about 25cms) who I would love your help identifying properly, and a convict. I have been trying to work out if he is a green terror or a silver saum or otherwise. Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  3. This picture is taken from the interweb, but looks to be exactly what my Tetras have. Can anyone identify it and tell me how to treat it?? None of my other fish have it and I am currently cycling a quarantine tank to fix 'em. Cheers
  4. .Hi there, About a month ago I caught this little fella from a creek out Bilambil way and was curious to know more about him. From end to end it's about 4cm long. The front two leg pairs have have 'fluffy' fans instead of nippers which I thought was interesting. Is this normal for this species or was it born with serious abnormalities? The stripe down the back is usually beige but i've seen it turn really yellow too. Any further information would be heaps appreciated. I've never kept shrimp before, Ghost-Knife eats them all, but this guy is a master evader.
  5. I am having a little trouble identifying my fish i got from a friend. He says its a Melanochosmic and then someone else has said its an electric yellow, if these are one of the same, Im not sure since I'm stlll learning or if its something completely different. If someone can help that would be awesome. thanks.
  6. hi there im new so please be gentle.. just went for a net at my local river and caught a few different species any help would be awesome thnaks jacob.
  7. Hi all, Could some one please identify this little guy / girl please. Got it from mr LFS as just a Bristlenose. Cheers
  8. Just bought this what kind of moss is it?
  9. Can anyone tell me who I bought the white Delta male off at the Nudgee Primary super auction last November? Sent from my C6903 using Tapatalk
  10. Hi, I'm looking to purchase some new discus and love the one in the attached picture. Could someone please let me know what type of discus this is...blue torqouise?? Thankyou
  11. I need help identifying what is wrong with my cichlids, they have developed red sores and are dying lost 4 so far with a few i can see following. i have done a 50% water change, and a 20% water change a day later all seemed to be going fine today so i didn't buy anything then 5pm shops closed then they all start dying again. i have talken photo's of one of the living fish and one of the dead fish. test reads ammonia, nitrate, ph, nitrite? Can someone tell me what i need to do to save the fish? Thanks
  12. So I've asked around and nobody can give me a positive identification of this 'worm'. Plenty have said it's harmless and proliferates when overfeeding but no one can tell me what it's called'. I've also searched the net and Google Images with nothing coming up that matches what I have. What I would like to know is what is it called (I'm not after guesses as to what it is as I've already been down that path)? Is it harmful to fish (bristlenose) & shrimp? How do I eradicate them from the aquarium? I have treated the tank with 'No Planaria' without success. I just started a course of treatment with 'Blue Planet' Worm and Fluke Tablets. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-95qTFSCQAA
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hi Everyone, I found this photo of a plant from my first aquarium, but I'd like some help identifying it. Conditions it was grown in: - Average aquarium lighting (nothing special) - No CO2 injections - Just gravel I bought it from the Rocklea Markets for about $4 for twice that amount. That's all I remember, it's been a while. If anyone could identify what it is, it'd be really greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  15. Hi all, Does anyone remember the large chrome coloured (catfish?) type thing that pet city had a couple of years ago? I have tried a few google searches since but never had luck working out what it was. Tess
  16. Hi all, i am a newbie coming to cichlid. Please tell me what it is. Thanks
  17. Me and my dad went for a ride on our bikes today and found this crab in an estuary and we cant identify what type it is... so i was wandering if anyone could help me out with this:confused: The picture is really bad quality from my ipod but the claws are light purple and the rest of its outer shell is blacky brown. The eyes sit on long black stalks BC
  18. Hi Everyone. Here is a pic of my new fish.. he? was bought off a former member . As a Pink firemouth. Roz and Julie delivered some Beautiful Ellioti to me this morning. And now my " mystery fish " is not what i bought/thought it was So come on people please help my " mystery fish " find his ancestrial roots. Thanks julie
  19. could you please help me settle a dispute with a certain member called odins fish. what type fish are these? I know exactly what type it is but he's bagging my posts and pm me saying it's not????? help me shut this #@$** wit up. i have to pics the first one is the one i showed him and the 2nd is the brother. they are f1 and the parents where hand picked from 2 separate importers from a friend of mine that has been breeding for 20+ years. thank you for your info and pleeeeeeeeease shut this guy up!!
  20. hey i got this fish from a random petstore out in the middle of no where a little past Warwick on my way home the other day it was labeled as an unknown species... do any of you guys know what it is?
  21. can anyone tell me what type this is and what it is worth cheers sam
  22. Caught some of these in my trap today (along with some nice rainbows). I thought swordtails, but then the males dont have the SWORD tail. I thought gambusia, but the dorsal fin doesn't match up. Help?
  23. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone here would be able to identify this fish. I recieved a number of these guys when I purchased my 4 foot tank- think I have 3 males and 4 females. I was was told they were 'Icebergs' but can't find anything by that name on internet etc. Was thinking they might be white morph zebras? Any Help would be great, thanks in advance. I don't have a good pic of a female- but they just alot more silver/gray '
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