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Found 11 results

  1. Hi all, I am or have not been a fan of frontosabut recently I looked up how many species there are of frontosa. I was amazed to find there are around 15 various strains geographically located around the lake. Of those we seem to only have about 4 of the sepcies. I don't know if it is cost or not but I was looking for C. Gibberosa "Nangu" as these are a deep water frontosa and the adults look impressive. I may be a bit naieve but the import of Cyphotilapia spp does not identify the individual species. Surely there are people with the contacts or ability to coordinate a buy and possible add in other species that people may want such as new blood in apistos or other species. What do you think?
  2. Hi All, Yes it's been a very long time since I've been on here. Been busy with work, reno's and keeping the missus happy. Since I've been away I have noticed that fish quality is becoming hard to find (colourings of fish not as good). I've heard a few things as to why but the main reason that keeps popping up is that the fish have been bred that much here in Australia that most likely every fish is related a bit to close. Just wondering (don't have to mention it on here just pm me if you'd like) who gets their fish imported or has had fish imported from Africa? Who did you use? and what was the quality like? I had another idea of doing a trip over there getting the required permits or working with someone that has them and catching my own, but that's a wild idea and may do it later on down the track. Shane
  3. Has anyone tried to buy fish from aqua bid? Cus there is a guppy pair I like and just want to know if its safe to use and if anyone else used it before or if there are any other site I can buy rare guppies?
  4. Hi Im just woundering what you have to do to import fish (African & american cichlids & discus) into australia. Do you need a license. What is the procedure with quarenteen. Etc Etc How do i find out about this stuff Any advice you be great Thanks in advance
  5. hi people, I'm trying to get some food off ebay (commoning from the USA), will it get through customs? it iuff)s: Sera (various stuff) Hikari ciclid gold TetraVeggie algae wafers all this is on special so I contacted customs and they said they may take 10 days; the special ends tonight LOL. thanx anyone
  6. went to my local aquarium shop on the weekend and said that there has been a ban put into place on importing wild caught africans because of some disease or virus. he also said that they have been debating this for the last year. anybody know anything about this?
  7. hoping someone might be able to help me find out what you need to do to import fish from Malaysia
  8. Ok, I'm sick of filtering through web pages offering everything except what I'm looking for. Am chasing information on suppliers or LFS who can import wild caught fish. Any information appreciated. Thanks. Clint.
  9. Hey, was browsing the US Ebay and came across Motoro Pups for like $180.00 each... can we not import them into Aus and sell them? ive always wanted one but can not afford the ones in Aus. :/ what are the rules and regulations or why hasnt anyone done it? ahaha Here is a Motoro: http://cgi.ebay.com/Stingray-Motoro-liv ... 3efcbfdaa8 $195.00 And a Marbled Motoro: http://cgi.ebay.com/Live-freshwater-tro ... 3ca939143f $179.99
  10. is it possible to import eggs and if so how do i go about it? cara
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