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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, A friends fish have been slowly deteriorating and have no heater. I've suggested putting a heater in and bringing the temp up slowly, but what else would you suggest to try and save these poor buggers? Any help is much appreciated!
  2. Hi guys, Just hoping someone might be able to id what this may be. This fish also has a degraded left pectoral also which is new and strange as this fish has always been extremely healthy. Its a red spot on the tail with a white centre that seems to protrude out. Any help so i can treat it (If necessary) would be appreciated.
  3. I think I have some sort of fungus in my tank that is killing off fish slowly. How do I get rid of it?
  4. Hi everyone, On friday I noticed that one of my kribs was acting very strange, swimming oddly and flicking. He also seemed to have a rough skin surface instead of the normal smoothness. Looking at the other kribs in the tank, a few of them had the same problem. I took the one who seemed healthiest but was still showing these symptoms to my LFS on saturday to get a diagnosis. It seems they have a bacterial infection due to the pea-sized gravel I was using in that tank not being kept clean enough. On saturday afternoon I set up my quarantine tank, getting it ready to house these guys for treatment with the medicine I bought. I dosed the tank. Sunday morning the fish went in. The medication I was sold is called Bactonex by Aquasonic, and it's active ingredients are 1.66mg per mL Aminacrine Hydrochloride, and o.o25mg per mL Methylene blue. The instructions are to dose 10mL per 40L of tank water, and to repeat after five days if necessary. Yesterday I had noticed the fish were getting worse. Since this antibacterial medication would be killing all the beneficial bacteria in the tank, I decided to perform an 80% water change and redose with the Bactonex, thinking it might be ammonia levels hurting the fish and slowing their recovery. I have decided to follow this regime: every second day, change 80% of the water and redose with Bactonex. I am only dosing the new water I am adding to the tank, i.e 80% of volume, not the entire 100% of water in the tank, if that makes sense. I have also added 1 teaspoon of rock salt per gallon of water since during my research I've seen some recommendations for salt treatment. Oh, and I will readd a teaspoon of salt per new gallon of water I put in every second day, as well. If anyone has any advice or recommendations I would LOVE to hear them, since my fish don't seem to be getting better. I really want to get these guys better! :sob: Thanks for your time!
  5. Hi all, have recently got a Geo surinemensis off a guy and found that it has 2 small holes in the head (above the left eye). Asked the seller and was told the they have them (the holes) since he bought it from a shop. But today I see fungus on one of the hole (scar) . Have put methylene blue in the tank now and what else can i do. Thanks in advance.
  6. what is a good treatment readily available to treat external bacterial infections..???
  7. Hey ppl, i just recently noticed a infection on one of the frontosas i have, it looks pink/whitish about 2mm in diameter and sticks out about 1mm. The fish is a large frontosa. Not too sure what it is needed to help this infection. Did use to run salt in my tank but starting to get lazy after water changes to throw it in. The fish still looks healthy and happy too... Should i seperate him into a little hospital tank with alot of salt? Help much appriciated on this matter, thanks
  8. i definantly know the fish have white spot and im treating them for that but over night they have developed different symptoms like blood in their fins . also their fins seem to be splitting apart not sure if this is from rubbing though. ill get a photo and post it when i can. does anyone know if tetracycline does for aquarium fish and can it be used at the same time as Machite green. i have also bumped the temp to 29 and added 15L of naturla salt water to the tank to increase salinity. i will add more soon just letting them adjust at the moment. thanks in advance Mattt
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