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Found 109 results

  1. Hi, could anyone help me out in suggesting a air ran sponge filter and air pump please, have ordered a mid range priced canister to play with but am also interested in perhaps using an air sponge set up instead of the canister for a 45l tank which will eventually house a smallish group of Spotted Blue Eyes, Peacock Gudgeons and Glass Shrimp, planted lightly with Vallisneria nana, Lilaeopsis brisbanica, Native Penny Wort in natural aquarium gravel, thanks.
  2. Seeing I'm in the beginning stages of doing a small DSM Iwagumi tank, I thought I'd set up an emersed container next to the tank under the same lighting seeing the light is roughly 30cm larger than the tank, so more than enough for both. I'm after some info as well as plants that could be used in a scape such as this below. I'm currently looking at using the following if I can get feedback on these: Ludwigia glandulosa Alternanthera reineckii 'mini' Hygrophila corymbosa Staurogyne repens Bacopa caroliniana Hydrocotyle tripartita 'japan' Glossostigma elatinoides Micranthemum 'monte carlo' Hygrophila lancea So, can these all be kept in a small container/bowl with the substrate (ADA Amazonia) kept wet/moist at all times and still grow? Thanks.
  3. I'm trying to find some details and photos on a tank I have sitting in the back room, from memory it's a Aqua One Horizon, just can't remember which model, frameless, measures to 50cm x 20cm x 30cm, everytime I put Aqua One Horizon into Google nothing I'm looking for pops up, it's like these tanks don't exist, any ideas? Trying to look for scapes for it, just general info, cheers.
  4. Scored a bathtub today, pick it up later in the week, can some people throw me some suggestions on setting up, position in terms of sun light, suggestions on plants, bare bottom, or gravel, can an solar aerator be used, do I have to have it filtered, any info at all really would be really appreciated. I've let go of the tank, so that now belongs to my Mum, but I need something so I thought I'd go with a pond outside to house the 3 Desert Gobies and a handful of Desert Rainbows I might be able to get a hold of, cheers.
  5. I have 3 JDs in my 6ft community tank, 2 of which breed nearly every 3 weeks. They are sharing with (amongst other things) a 30cm gold spot Pleco, so I am not sure if they have been eating the eggs or the Pleco gets to them at night. They have managed to hatch them on one occasion but after they moved them they disappeared. They will be getting a tank of their own shortly so that should fix that problem anyway. What I am after is info on JDs, specifically spits, EBs etc. What does this mean? And about culling the "ugly" ones from the fry. Tried to find info in the forums but didn't have much luck. I've included a couple of pics of mine, sorry about the quality but they are in the corner of the tank and hard to get at.
  6. Hi folks, For a little while now, I've been trying to find a source of daphnia so that I could give my fish a different food source. I've looked in a few creeks and such, but have had no luck in finding any, as normally the creeks and ponds for full of fish already. I made an enquiry to a local scientific supply company, and the guy there has really been helpful. While they don't sell any, he did some research for me to try and find where any suppliers might be and got back to me just now. Here's one of the things he wrote : "Not only are the fish the problem, but worms and brine shrimp, often (unavoidably) present apparently, also go for the Daphnia first – even in the Petri Dish, so I read that many aquaculturists are struggling to produce quality daphnia cultures. Also, of all things, I understand some of the bushfires we’ve had in various states in the last 5-8 years killed a certain proportion of the high quality stocks. One chap in NSW, who appears to have been the main seller about 4-5 years ago wrote to me this morning: “Unfortunately we haven’t got a culture of Daphnia at the moment – we lost our main culture last year, and so far we haven’t managed to get a clean culture established again. Most of the so called ‘daphnia cultures’ we received had different crustaceans in them, and only small amounts of daphnia, but the other crustaceans have taken over in all our breeding tanks, therefore we are still looking for a good reliable source of daphnia." Interesting to note how even the pros are having a hard time at this. I've also read how some people buy frozen (non-irradiated) daphnia and put a few chunks into some water on the assumption that there will be some with eggs that will be reanimated, but there seems to be some mixed results. Trouble is, where to find the frozen stuff in the first place, as none around me (Capalaba and south brisbane) sell it. Would it work the same with freeze-dried daphnia as well? Anyway, just thought I'd put this up in case someone else was interested. Regards, Doug
  7. This is about this year’s most exciting event. The Queensland Cichlid Group is already known to you for a number of reasons. This time we are putting on a Conference featuring three top quality International Speakers. It is being held on the 14th of March, at the Tavernetta Function Rooms, 144 Dorville Road, Carseldine. [*] The Tavernetta has parking for 100 cars on site. [*] The function rooms are close to public transport. [*] Buses and Queensland Rail utilise the same interchange. [*] Only a 10 minute walk from the Carseldine Bus/Railway Station. [*] Please see the attached map for a better idea of the location. [*] The conference starts with registration from 9am till10am. [*] The conference starts at 10am and goes until 10 pm. [*] This means you get to spend twelve hours soaking up the knowledge of our International speakers. Who are these speakers? Our first speaker is Ad Konings. Anyone who has kept an African Rift Lake Cichlid will have read articles or indeed own books written by Ad. Ad has just written Lake Tanganyika Cichlids - Volume Three and will be available to sign copies you have purchased on the day. Ad will be giving two talks approximately an hour and a half in length (including questions). So you will get plenty of up to date, hand gathered information from Ad. As you will see from the list of books authored by Ad below he has been extremely prolific. o MalawiCichlidsinTheirNaturalHabitat; o EnjoyingCichlidsalongwithKjellFohrman&MaryBailey; o CelebratingCichlidsfromLakesMalawiandTanganyika; o TanganyikaCichlidsinTheirNaturalHabitat; o GuidetoMalawiCichlids; o GuidetoTanganyikaCichlids; o Konings'BookofCichlidsandAlltheOtherFishesofLakeMalawi; o CichlidsfromCentralAmerica; o TheCichlidDiversityofLakeMalawi/Nyasa/Niassa: Identification,Distributionand Taxonomy with Jos Snoeks, and a non-fish book, the, Cacti of Texas: In Their Natural Habitat by Gertrud & Ad Konings. Ad also wrote a couple of books on American Cichlids and still has an interest in them and regularly goes collecting with our next speaker. Juan Miguel Artigas Azas is an aquarist in San Luis Potosí, Mexico (the very centre of it). He has loved fish since he can remember and has kept them steadily in home aquariums for over 30 years now. His main interests are Central American Cichlids and Mexican fishes, but he is also very interested in any other type of fish. He will give two talks of around an hour to an hour and a half. Juan Miguel is the creator and editor of the Cichlid Room Companion. His love for computers and nature, together with the revolutionary development of Internet was too much for him to let the opportunity to create that page pass along. He has found that the maintenance of a real good home page is a life time enterprise, and he is ready to cope to that. Juan Miguel enjoys travelling to the natural habitats of the fish he loves, where he obtains underwater pictures of them. He likes to observe them, trying to understand their natural history and relationships. He has managed to obtain a great knowledge on the biology and geographical distribution of the fishes in Mexico. This gives to his conferences an originality and special interest. He has spoken to Aquarists at conventions in several countries, including Mexico, United States, Belgium, Canada, England, Netherlands, Norway, France, Italy Sweden and Germany and now Australia. Juan is part of the American Cichlid Association - Marineland Speakers Program. Spencer Jack is our third speaker. He has been active within the aquaria hobby since the age of five. A true "cichlidiot", he has been working exclusively with cichlids over the last twenty years. Spencer has been an active hobbyist within Winnipeg for a number of years. Some of his roles within the fish hobbyist community include; Co-founder of the Aquarium Society of Winnipeg (1989), Founder and President of the Canadian Cichlid Association (2000). Spencer has a website w.w.w.cichlaholic.com and is also the organizer of the aFISHionados.com . He collects South American cichlids and for those of us lucky enough to have seen his talk at the Victorian Cichlid Society 40th Anniversary Dinner, he takes great photographs. Spencer is a Canadian with a sense of humour, (I know!) and he also will give us two talks of one hour to an hour and a half each. The cost for this Cichlid Spectacular is $150.00 for non-members, and $130.00 for members of the Queensland Cichlid Group. For this you get twelve hours of International knowledge. [*] It gets you morning and afternoon tea. [*] It gets you Lunch and a Buffet Dinner. [*] It gets you a bottomless cup of tea or coffee. [*] It gets you access to Queensland’s best retailers of Cichlid paraphernalia and some great Conference specials. [*] It gets you a conference shirt and lanyard (only available for the first 150 to book) [*] It gets you a chance to win the Lucky Door Prize. [*] It gets you a chance to win some of the best raffle prizes. Purchase of all other drinks is available from the bar. So, fantastic value for $150.00 So where can you buy a ticket ???? [/list
  8. Hi Guys Tanks For Letting Me Join ive Curious Question About Beamworks Lights i have a 120cm led light what happens if the one of the leds break how do i replace it?
  9. I bought an almost breeding size pair of Parachromis friedrichsthalii xanthic but I have little or no information on there general care and breeding I love these guys and want to set up there tank properly any help would be great
  10. I've recently bought 20 juvie bass @ 5-7 cm (my first real go). One week has past I've noticed that the growth of some has been 1-2 cm. Is this common? They are getting fed very well in a 6x2, temp is at 31 deg (plenty of aeration) Do bass normally slow down at a certain size(if so what length?) or do they only slow down due to tank size limiting their growth? Thanks in advance
  11. Was thinkin of putting shellies in my octagonal tank couldnt find out much info so remembered i use to have goldenpanchax, australe and gardineri killis at varius times over the years .can any one tell me if theres any breeders on here and what is available .I do recall that you never use to be able to get annuals in australia THANX
  12. I bought some wild caught Aphyosemion Poliaki killifish at the auction last night and cant remember the location that was associated with them .thought it may be important as i read this morning that they are on an endangered list and theres variations according to location the sellers number on the bag was m22 dont know if that will help track the seller down any info would be greatly appreciated especially if they are endangered and i can get them to breed
  13. Bought a couple of whiptails the other day and was wondering a few things like what size do they mature to breed ? Do they do better as a larger group? How long can they live .didnt buy them to breed they just look cool and hopefully when they grow i can put in with my bg knife ?
  14. hi guys. im in the midst of setting up a 2x2x2 with a sump and a protein skimmer. i just want 1 octopus in it and was wondering if anyone knows any useful info? cheers
  15. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  16. Just placed a pair of florida flags in a bare bottom 2 footer with java moss only to now find out that these killis are substrate spawners. was sure i read somewhere they spawn in mops,...Id like to try :der:something different , opinions on if it would be possible to place something like plastic trays at one end of the tank with gravel in it and if so how fine should the gravel be
  17. Hey all!! I know that this may seem like a silly question, but I was just wondering if you can have live rock in a brackish tank? Your oppinions and knowledge will be appreciated
  18. hi all well this might be a dumb one to ask but ive got too many male endlers in my tank and for the love of me i can't catch the little buggers lol.any one got a easy way of doing it? or do i have to take every plant,rock etc out and do a full on ..... i will get you if its the last thing i do ive used 2 nets at a time,i even got a large tube and sat there waiting for them to come close and had a go at sucking them up please help this newbie mick
  19. any idea on sex and just if its a normal green or sgt can never tell
  20. Hi all I got a 25cm jack on the weekend and wanted some info from you people that have had them before on how often you are meant to feed them like is it best to feed them morning and night or just once a day thanks
  21. I have 4ft with lots pepp b/nose and some khuli loaches as ground dwellers. A Canister filter. The pepps leave alot of waste I have gravel but wanted to change to black gravel. Couldnt find any small sizings of black gravel and LFS said black sand would be okay. Havnt bought yet, but have ordered. pick up on wednesday. Should I go ahead with it? I have wondered if a under gravel filter would take away alot of the waste, could you still bury plants in it? Okay, here is the silly question. Could you use it for sand?? Are the gravel filters any good? . Heard a story that someone had a gravel filter and managed to breed some Khuli Loaches - only found that out when he emptied tank and found they had bred. Thanks in advance for any replies. comments much appreciated
  22. what is this? it came in a tank i bought. would it be ok in a community tank that has gouramis (three spot/paradise/pearl), tetras and bristlenose. its currently in a tank with a yabby and i would like to use the tank.
  23. can anyone point me in direction of good sites to do research on these guys. or members on here that keep them.
  24. so we've bought this pair of CBS to put in a 2x18x18 in my housemates room and already she has a full sac of eggs, now the water parameters are perfect in this tank and is currently at 24degrees celcius is there anything we should keep in mind to help her raise healthy young/ aid in laying and hatching of babies ect ? We have been quite fortunate to have 3 of our original 5 peppermint shrimp in my 4ft reef lay eggs and raise over 100 baby peps currently around 4mm in size and this has been pure luck so im hoping its the same case with the coral banded's. Liquidg and Donny@AOA im looking to your infinite wisdom for some insight here any help will be greatly appreciated !
  25. Hi all I was hoping to get more information about pure breeding thesew guppys. I currently have 1 redgrass with 2 female bluegrass guppys. i have been told that they can also shoot redgrass bluegrass greengrass and something else ? all info and links would be great Cheers
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