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Found 20 results

  1. If you are looking for a particular species of fish.....and aren't able to locate them in your LFS or privately Current Stock - Aquarium Industries & Home Page - Premier Pet Pty Ltd Are 2 of the biggest fish wholesalers in Australia....I've provided links to their websites They both update their stock lists regularly...... Simply watch their sites and if a fish appears you are chasing ask your LFS if they will get them in for you many are Happy to do so.... many will order in more than you need so you get to select the best I much prefer this as i have on occasion also refused to purchase the fish if they aren't an acceptable quality without any complaint....it works for me....and sometimes you educate the LFS to get in species they wouldn't normally stock
  2. Hi Guys, I have been doing a lot of research on how to look after my Tropheus in the last 2 weeks... Just thought to start a new thread where we can share any good information relating to websites, books etc. I will start with the following, What to feed your Tropheus and how to treat bloat. Malawi Bloat | dreaded Cichlid disease Keep them coming ... Thanks guys..
  3. Sometimes it feels like I'm trying to reinvent the wheel. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations. Maybe. But why, oh why, can't I type Rio Ucayali or Orinoco Basin into a search engine and have a lovely list of all the fishies who live there?? With pictures, and info on parameters etc??? Why can't the Internet be magical?? It makes me muddled and gives me a headache. Is there at least an obscenely expensive book I can get my hands on that will give me Reliable information of this kind?
  4. Just an expression of interest, I am liking the "Tyrannochromis nigriventer" but know nothing of them. I have some Venustus and Blue dolphins, do they live happily together? What is the price for these fry?
  5. Does anyone have Empire Gudgeons? Also, how easy/hard is it to look after these beautiful fish?
  6. Bristlenose Breeding Information Required! Hey this is the second time my common short fin bn have bred and i was hoping to keep majority of the fry alive this time to try and sell some to the local pet store. Last time they bred i ended up loosing over 90% of the fry and they were in a tank on there own so being eating was out of the question, dose anyone have any tips or pointers they can give me to help with the survival rate of my fry and also what to feed them and temperature etc.. Cheers
  7. heyhey everyone does anyone know about red terrors like size etc need help
  8. im just wondering on how to breed sevs thats all i have two that are lip locking is that a sign of breeding or fighting cause one is a boy and the other is a girl lol
  9. can the "L" breeders out there please posts some information, links and pic's of the "L" fish. as I only deal with the JD's and off shoot some common BN (By accident) I have no idea of the following relating to these "L" fish8O 1. What is an "L" fish 2. why are they called "L" Numbers 3. How many are there 4. how they get the number 5. why are they costly (suspect rare) 6. what is the most rare of these and the most common 7. whre did they originally come from 8. how do you tell the dif between them thanks Ben:cool:
  10. Hey can anybody provide some information on L025's (Scarlett Pleco) does anybody know any breeders or prices of these beauties??
  11. Just wondering if anyone can help me, The first question looking to keep African Cichlids just want to know which breed have the brightest and nicest colours! Also just want to know how to breed them, and any techniques i need to use! Thank you all so much!
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. Hi All, I have recently moved a Black Ghost Knife to my larger tank with other fish. In this tank I have a fish that started chasing this (not sure of the name of the fish, something venus?) and I have now noticed that the Knife is missing the end of it's tail. Does anyone know if this will grow back or do I need to take some action on this? The Knife is moving around okay and swimming normally. It has also been the only fish in the tank to successfully share a hiding hole with my Sail Fin Pleco. Also, I have attached a photo of the fish that was chasing the Knife and having a go at it's tail. If any one is able to identify this for me it will be great as this was given to me as an unknown species. This is currently in a 4x1.8x1.8 FT tank on a temporary basis while I setup the new tank form them. Thank you for your help,
  15. Finally filled out my number of sterbai cory's that I'd like. Total of 13 now, three bloodlines, possibly 4. I picked up a new large pair today, well over 5cm, and 7 smaller ones that are possibly their young (seller bought them at a recent auction). Already had 4 mediums, 2 from redlands pet centre and 2 from Pet City. Total now is 2 definite females (1 large one medium), 4 definite boys (one large and 3 medium) and 7 that are just slightly too small to sex. I have a few questions as I'd like to start looking to get these guys breeding after I get back from holidays in February ----------------------------------------------------- 1. They are all currently in a 2x1ft tank on a 6bay system running on a sump. I've read online in a few places that people in the US and UK are breeding them in 10gal/40 litre tanks. I'm wondering if I should leave the 6 larger cories in this 2ft tank and move the smaller one's elsewhere to get larger... alternately, I can free up a 3x18 tank (or possibly get a new one) to run the entire colony in. I'm mostly looking to work out if they'll be better off in a standalone tank or okay on the system. 2. Information online also states that these cories will actually spawn at higher temps that others, up to 27c. Has anyone else found this true, or have suggestion on how to trigger spawning (other than large waterchanges). 3. A lot of people online seem to remove the eggs when the fish spawn and move them to another tank. I don't mind doing this as I have other spare tanks in the system (so same water) but of course would prefer to let them just lay and hatch in the same tank. Would this necessitate the larger tank? Thanks in advance guys. Really pleased that I finally found some more. =)
  16. Thought i put a post up for people to post/ask for replies about lost info ......... the for sale sections is flooded with crap , its hard enough to sort through without all the other posts there , keep it for the SALES plz Im after who ever it was that was selling the eureka red peacocks x 10 3-4cm as i've lost your addy & details Terry
  17. Hello everyone, I am trying to find some more information, and maybe some user reviews/experiences, for the following sump pump: JQS-7000I I couldn't find the site from the manufacturer so here is a link from an online shop so you know what im talking about (i hope that is not against the rules) http://www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=3978&catID=13 this are the specs: JQS-7000I 10000lph •10000lph •320w •10m Head Height •Quiet and reliable •Fitted with Automatic Float Switch ( cuts off when water drops below float ) •Dimensions: 200 x 200 x 350mm In the future I would like to get on of these, or similar to run a 2000 liter system thanks heaps!
  18. http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2003-01/gt/index.php
  19. Hey, I'm currently doing some research for some tank ideas. I was wondering if there were any particularly good sources for finding information on biotopes, specifically what fish are in the region, natural landscapes. I've done a fair bit of googling, but I haven't been able to find anything definitive. Any help would be greatly appreciated. If it helps, I'm looking at American biotopes, and at the moment, the Rio Xingu region in Brazil. Thanks, Raff.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
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