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Found 7 results

  1. Hi everyone, wondering if anyone can help treat this injury on my sweetlip? It started out as a scrape which i didnt take much notice of as i thought it would heal naturally, however it has worsened quite quickly and almost looks fungal or some sort of external parasite... There is currently a painted lobster in the aquarium so i cant use many medications so really looking for an ID at this point and may look at moving the lobster to another aquarium to medicate.
  2. .So I was away for the week, with family looking after my fish. Four little oscars were in the quarantine tank. Midway through the week I got a message saying one had jumped out, as they mustn't have put the lid back on after feeding. Gutted but nothing I could do. Come home and see that one of the others seems to have gotten smaller (or the others bigger while he remained small), and had a concave belly. I did a water change and cleaned the filter before I left, but tested the water again, and got Ammonia - 0, Nitrite - 0, Nitrate - 20. So I am assuming injury to the little oscar? Thing is, I've seen no signs of aggression between them and I've been looking at them more than I care to admit, before I left and since I've come home. I've moved him into his own two foot quarantine tank now. What do you think happened? What can I do to make sure he recovers? P.S. What food is best used so he can grow and catch up in size to the slightly bigger oscars?
  3. Hi, I had a guppy giving birth on Monday (bluegrass) and caught it to put into a birthing tank. Problem is, whilst catching it, it got caught between the wire side of the net and the glass and I accidentally squished it a little. It lost movement of its dorsal on its left side. I put it into the birthing container and it gave birth. Given its injuries, I left it in that tank until today and put it back into the top tank. After closer inspection, it appears as though the gills on the injured side are inflamed and red/purple, and the fin on that side has rotted away. It is interested in food although spits most out again. Is this an injury healing thing, or a its going to die thing? Thanks
  4. got a clown loach with a bung eye - it was injured in a fish fight when he was a lil tacker ( bout 3 yrs ago). Apart from having an opaque film over his eye since then, he appears to have been healthy & happy. However, when we did a water change last Sat we saw that his bung eye was a bright red! Couldn't spot any discharge, but the color was a shock. Water conditions as below. Anyone know if this is a sign of I'll health, or what it might portend? I'm hoping to stock this tank with Endlers & eventually shrimp - which means loachies will need to go. *But I don't imagine anyone will want a loach with a dud eye - will my only option be to PTS? Advice / opinions anyone? Ph:- 7.7 Ammonia:- 0 Nitrate:- 0 Nitrite:- < 5ppm Gh:- unknown Kh:- unknown Size of tank:- 60 gal Temperature °C:- 22oC Been running for:- 6 yrs Filter: Canister & internal Fish in tank:- 2 clown loaches, 2 bristenose, 5 white cloud minnows ( aiming to change tank over to Endlers & shrimp) Plants in Tank:- Anubias x 6, Java fern on driftwood Feeding:- 1x day, flake for minnows & shrimp pellet for loaches & algae wafer (when needed) for bristles Recent Medication Treatments:- none Last water change:- 2 days ago Water change every Day/Weekly/Monthly: every 3 weeks
  5. Hey guys. I plan to put my angels up for sale, but before I do I want to clear something up, in the interest of full disclosure. One of my angels top fins has a bend in it. Its about 15-20mm from the tip, and the spine bends back slightly and the fin with it. Not the best pic, but you get the idea. It in no way effects the fish, Ive never even really thought about it until i decided to sell them. Its had it as long as ive had the fish, I like it looks really cool when fully extended, would be cool if both the fins angled back like that. Your thoughts. It's obviously a deformity of some kind, i would just like to know because Im SURE someone will ask me. Cheers Jesse
  6. My P.Acei got into a biff and looks like some of the outer covering to his eye has been torn. From other people’s experience, what’s best for an eye injury – Pimafix or Melafix? Or neither. As the course for these two medicines is 7 days, I don’t want to get thru a week and find out the other is more effective. More importantly I don’t want him to lose his eye! He's currently in a small hospital tank. Thanks.
  7. hey folks.. was wondering if anyone could shed some light on a problem with my Texas.. he has an injury on his side (not sure how it happened).. it looks like a scale is missing and some flesh is pushing out a little.. or its a growth.. not sure.. fish seems to be active and lively.. i added more salt for healing.. any idea's?.. thanx
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