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Found 11 results

  1. What are your experiences regarding submersible or external and inline pumps in terms of which is the quietest? Cheers for all input (:
  2. .Anyone ever had an issue with their Hydor ETH 200 inline heater ? I bought mine from AOA about 18 mths ago. It was connected up to one of my tanks via an eheim 2213, all good for 18mths then tonight, it just blew and tripped the saftey switch. Horrible smell with it.
  3. Looking for advice on recommended inline carbon filters. Im thinking something I can run from my sump return pump, 19mm hose if possible. Any advice appreciated, as allways budget is tight! Or an I barking up the wrong tree & people only use carbon filters for water changes…?
  4. I'm thinking of buying a Hydor Inline heater for a tank i'm about to set up. I really like the idea of no visible heater in the tank and want your feedback on the Hydor 300 There are mixed reviews online and its a considerable amount of money to invest in a heater. I don't have the time to build a DIY version so happy to buy a commercial version Thanks Matt
  5. I'm building a big planted cube, and need to run an inline heater and a co2 reactor inline with an FX5. Would you run the heater and the reactor after the filter, or run the heater before the filter and the reactor after? I know the reactor should be after the filter, but thought that all the equipment after the filter might effect the flow output? Interested to hear other peoples thoughts.
  6. ISTA CO2 External / Inline Reactor now in stock. Best way to diffuse the CO2 into planted tanks! There is no CO2 loss in this system. Inside the reactor, the CO2 bubbles are broken down constantly until they´re completely dissolved into the water. face. CHARACTERISTICS: •The most efficient application of CO2 dissolution. •The patented impeller design completely crushes the CO2 bubbles. •Compact in size, and used externally. •Durable to acidity and impact resistant. •Designed to prevent CO2 gas from collecting at the top. •Electricity is not required, since it uses the flow of water from the filter. •Easy to clean and simple to maintain. Priced at the crazy price of only $19.95 Link - Age of Aquariums - ISTA CO2 External / Inline Reactor Ben
  7. Does anyone else use "www.aquariumproducts.com.au/catalogue_products.php?prodID=4072&catID=36" to do water changes? Granted they are not cheap but after lugging around 30L buckets and trying to calculate amounts of dc to add depending on what the council is adding they are just too easy. I have had mine going on 6 years and it's working fine still and makes those disaster moments more bearable and quick to fix. I don't see any threads where they get a mention so am i the only one using these? I would rather pay for stuff that works than trying to save a few dollars and do things the slow way. The only fault i have found is if you have the tap going flat out not all of the nasties get caught so a medium flow rate works good. I make sure i have some normal dc around but it never gets used. Any other uses out there and have you had any dramas?
  8. Hi Guys, I am slowly setting up a new 4ft display tank. I have an eheim 2217 and have purchased a hydor 300w. My problem is the outlet hose (where it is recommended to be installed) on a 2217 is 12mm and the hose connections on the 300w inline heater is 16mm. So I have a two options: 1. Get a piece of 16mm hose, a couple of reducers and a couple of hose clamps and put the heater on the outlet hose. I am concerned this will have a considerable effect on flow. 2. Install it on the inlet pipe (which is 16mm already). My concerns here are the heater will be installed upside down (as the flow through the heater is only one direction) and I'm worried about it leaking. This application will also require the heater to be cleaned out more often as the water traveling through it is unfiltered but doesn't bother me. It will also result in a bit of heat being lost as it has to travel through the filter and back into the tank but again this doesn't bother me. Any experience, input, ideas etc. appreciated. Thanks in advance, Beau.
  9. Hi All, Deal of the Day link below, Age of Aquariums - Hydor ETH 300w - Inline heater Ben
  10. Hi Was just wondering if anyone can reccomend somewhere (preferably online) to buy an inline pump at a reasonable price. Something between a 6000 - 8000lph? Thanks in advance Deeg
  11. Hey guys, Anyone know where I can get my hands on an in-line heater? ive seen some on age of aquariums but the smallest wattage is 200, and im really only looking for 50-100w max Cheers, Chris
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