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Found 12 results

  1. The IBC is for breeding freshwater shrimp. It will have a hatch for access but will be closed all the time. the tank is outside but does not get any direct sunlight on it. Which type of plants if any would grow in these conditions? Doesn't need to be anything fancy, even just some elodea if it would survive as I can source that in massive quantities. Cant be free floating due to overflow pipe mosquito screen would get blocked. something I could put in pots would be good....
  2. Anybody tried using the marine pure spheres inside the tank as decorations - like marbles? I don't have much space on my filters and was thinking of adding some on the tank floor as a decoration as well. Would having it in the tank instead of inside the filter affect it's effectiveness for bacteria to thrive?
  3. just made a vid of my fish from inside, the icebergs lose color when spooked and they never look good with the blue background. cheers mick
  4. Instead of creating a new thread I will just put the link here - Plant growth of mint, watercress and blackberry bush have been huge. In a week they have grown 1 - 3cm roots and plant growth of about 1 - 2cm http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/native-blue-ey-setup-89487/
  5. Hello all Did anyone knows where to get (buy) the rubber ring or rubber seal inside the LP60? My lp60 are leaking air around the rubber seal area which caused the output air reduced. I can seal it up permanently so it won't leak any air but I want to do it properly. Best to replace with the new rubber seal than to fixing temporary which might be hard to remove it later. I contacted AOA but they don't have it so if anyone know where to get it please pm me. Thanks in advance Regards, Ryan
  6. Hi all, I have a bit of a problem, I've noticed some of my shrimp have started to turn a milky colour inside instead of the clear they are normally, I have since lost some I read somewhere this could be due to water quality. I'm going to do an ammonia, nitrate and nitrites test soon. Has anyone else had this problem?
  7. Does this look like a suitable ray tank to anyone?
  8. I have two 300w Jager heaters I purchase just over a year ago from two different fish shop, I realise that both of my heaters have condensestation(dont think thats how you spell it). I went to one of the shop I purchase it from and they where more then happy to help me with the warrenty claim if i was to go ahead with it as they believe the heater is faulty. I gave my other LFS a call about the other Jager and their response (after talking to their rep) was it was ok to have a little bit of mositure in the heater and that I have nothing to worry about if the heater is working as design. I have google the problem and the results Ive found are mixed. Have you look at your heater lately? and is it normal?
  9. I just had a look at my 3 ft tank and on the glass there is a heap of see though white dots. I think they are baby snails. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas on this. The tank has heaps of unwated snail already but i have never seen them like its before. In the tank is a plant on drift wood a cople of bamoo caves some clay caves and 4 bristelnose. How do you get rid of snails?
  10. Guys, a friend gave me one of his old filter and when I was cleaning it, saw some small snails (croissant shape) that were living inside the filter (cannister, hose, media). Is this an infestation? Though I checked his tank, it's clean of snails. Hesistant on using it anymore as it might cause problem in the future. Trying to research about it, but don't know what's it's called. Any idea? Are they good snails?
  11. Hey everyone thought i should contribute to the rare and unusual species forum. Haven't seen any of these guys around for some time now. Thought some of the catfish enthusiasts would enjoy this. Only reason i could finally take a pic is because he has a stomach full of food Sorry about the pics haven't mastered the fish photography as of yet.
  12. Hi My brother is setting up a tank soon with some clown fish in a Aqua one tank, one of the all in one setups. There is a pipe running inside the tank for the filter to take up the water and at the moment it is bright orange. Would it be possible to paint this a different colour? If so what would be the correct paint to use? Thanks in advance for your help Shane
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