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Found 4 results

  1. im considering buying an insulated (ex coolroom/refrigerated) shipping container and reporposing it as a fishroom. does anyone have any experience with this type of setup? temps etc of the actual room
  2. So with winter on its way and being mid way through fish room construction, I'm thinking about insulation and power usage (as all us fish keepers often do). I've sorted insulation for the ceiling cavity and walls, however I'm left with a concrete slab on ground that will no doubt bleed cold into the room during those <5 degree mornings that appear at my place every so often in Winter. Wondering if anyone out there has gone to the extent of installing an insulated sub floor over the concrete slab to "disconnect" it from the room? I've seen glass fibre reinforced EPS used between floor battens with form ply over the top. Wondering if 19mm form ply on 450mm batten spacings would support two tier 5x2x2's? Interested whether anyone else has contemplated something like this or if there are other options I should be aware of OR maybe (read quite likely) I am going over the top with this. ..
  3. I have just bought a metal stand from one of the ANGFA crew (thanks Conway), it is a 3 tier rack that will take 9 tanks, 3 each level 1 ft wide and 2 ft deep or 3 three footers. Its perfect for my needs and will be set up as a breeding set up with the two lower tiers holding 6 tanks and a 3 footer upstairs as a grwoing out tank. I intend to use drilled tanks and will be adding a sump to sit along side the rack. All of this will sit in my garage. I am going to insulate my garge roof with Bats and will be insulating my garage door with foam. I am also thinking of have polystyrene sheets attached to the wall behind the setup for further insulation and may very well attached polystyrene to the sides of the rack. I am thinking about using a space blanket over the front of the tanks at night. Forest Lake gets very chilly at night in winter and I want this set up to be as Thermodynamically efficent as possible, given the ripoff post carbon tax electricty prices we are now forced to pay. A trick I have pickup from ANGFA is the use of a black tub as a sump, although I might go for a standard glass sump. Regardless, I am thinking of using a heated sump to get away from a multiple heater set up. My question is this has anyone tried to create an insulated sump using for example, cut sections of sarking ( foil and batt) attached to the sides, bottom and over the lid and hot water foam lagging over the pipes to keep a constant temperature ? Thanks, Phil
  4. As the winter drops in i want to build a 4x4m insulated room in my garage and heat the room instead of my tanks. thought i just build a frame made of 70x35mm structural pine and use insulation sheets/foil or whatever instead of gyprock. would also need to build a ceiling as i have to stay under the garage door. Any help/info would be much appreciated as im pretty much clueless at this stage. Just read about kingspan aircell in another thread but i dont know which produkt to use for my project or where to buy that stuff. Also dont want to spend too much. cheers sebastian
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