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Found 49 results

  1. I quite enjoy watching my common guppies, mollies and shrimp go about their business. Was wondering what other fish people find interesting, fun or amusing to watch, and why?
  2. First up my harls are so spoilt, the youngest has got its eye on a luzon and buscuit sea stars, which one will i chew on, lol, oh and something I find interesting. See where its feelers nearly join its body, see the orange, that was not there till I put my hand in the tank and each time there on after its last shed that it started doing it?? weird but cool. I assume its an adult thing or maybe just a angry thing.
  3. Had a bit more of a read up on API and Advancing Fish Nutrition and it did bring a few more points to the table with food. Often we will look at ingredients to determine how good a food is but perhaps we should look a little further. This is the document and well worth a read. http://www.apifishcare.com/pdf/Food_Science_Inside-5.pdf Personally I did not think that API had such a large research facility and was interesting it was staffed by fish nutritionists as well as aquarists, aquatic technicians and biologists so they do get more involved with the research of the food and the effects. Hope you enjoy the read and personally I liked the part - Discussion - it invokes a bit of thought when it comes to fish food in general with water parameters.
  4. I found this old diary whilst cleaning up and thought I would share availability and prices back in 1992, these were fish I bred at the time and were for sale to a co-op of friends, wholesalers and retailers so obviously prices were not retail, but guess it shows some of the fish available in those days and the wholesale prices. Might give an idea as to the differences today - Albino Brichardi - 2cm - $3 Rostrutus - - 5cm - $4 Leleupi - 3cm $5 E Yellows - 4cm $5 Transcriptus Gombie $9.50 Cylindricus - 3cm $12 Elongutus - 3cm $6 Boops - 3 cm $20 Livingstoni - 5cm $7 Kipili Nasuta - 6cm $30 - 3cm $10 Furcifers - 4cm - $10 D - Compessorceps - 4 cm - $15 Morii - 5cm $2 Linni - 4cm $3 Exasperatus - 2cm $25 Maleri Gold - 3cm $9.50 Bifrenatus - 3cm $25 Stuartgranti Chilumba -$12 Tetracanthus $1.00 - or 100 for $50 great feeders Frontosa 6 bar - $10 4 cm Trets - $2 Pollenii - first young in Aus - 3cm - $85 Peckoltia vitatta , only 14 , 3cm $25 Decempsii $15 Balzanii - 4 cm $12 Tanicoatus gobies - 2cm $25 J Malerii - $6 Perspicax - $12 Lithobates - 5cm $4 Alto Comps - $8 There is a whole year in the diary including orders etc, and lots of other fish. Just thought it was interesting to look back and see what was available and prices 20 years ago
  5. It will depnd on what your doing in the tank if its not a planted tank any lights will do but if you have live plants & want plant growth you need a good light set up. After 35yrs plus of doing hydroponics & studying light spectrums I came to the conclusion the LED's just don't give off the required light spectrum. Have a look at hydroponic lights on e-bay or at a hydro shop. They offer a better light spectrum for marine & planted tanks. Most of the new aquarium lighting out now days have been taken from the hydroponics industry which have just been re-labeled & re-priced. A lot of people get sucked into over priced products just because it says aquarium on the box. I've often found that thinking outside the box can not only save you money you often end up with a better solution and product. You basically have 4 lights to choose from Fluro's, LED's, HPS & MH. HPS = (high pressure sodium) these give off a broader light spectrum with a dominate red, orange, yellow spectrum which is used for the plants flowering cycle. The MH = (metal helide) are a dominate white spectrum which is used for the plants grow cycle. Your corals, enemies and plants don't flower so the whiter the light spectrum is the better. If you go for the Fluro’s you want to use T5's or the 2700k screw in bulb as it's the whiter light spectrum used for the plants grow cycle the 6400k bulb is the reder spectrum used for the plants flower cycle. Hydroponic lights also have a greater range of LED's & dispite what people say most are water proof or water resistant as they are designed to be in a humid environment. If you want to give the tank extra colour like blue, red, green just add a few LED strips. My Marine tank I use a 250watt MH for my Discus I use a 130watt screw in 2700k and have amazing plant growth with no algae problems. End of the day fish really dont require lighting it only for our pleasure to see then. But if you have live plants you will need a dominate white spectrum light. Hope this helps.......Andrew Hopkins
  6. Hi folks, For a little while now, I've been trying to find a source of daphnia so that I could give my fish a different food source. I've looked in a few creeks and such, but have had no luck in finding any, as normally the creeks and ponds for full of fish already. I made an enquiry to a local scientific supply company, and the guy there has really been helpful. While they don't sell any, he did some research for me to try and find where any suppliers might be and got back to me just now. Here's one of the things he wrote : "Not only are the fish the problem, but worms and brine shrimp, often (unavoidably) present apparently, also go for the Daphnia first – even in the Petri Dish, so I read that many aquaculturists are struggling to produce quality daphnia cultures. Also, of all things, I understand some of the bushfires we’ve had in various states in the last 5-8 years killed a certain proportion of the high quality stocks. One chap in NSW, who appears to have been the main seller about 4-5 years ago wrote to me this morning: “Unfortunately we haven’t got a culture of Daphnia at the moment – we lost our main culture last year, and so far we haven’t managed to get a clean culture established again. Most of the so called ‘daphnia cultures’ we received had different crustaceans in them, and only small amounts of daphnia, but the other crustaceans have taken over in all our breeding tanks, therefore we are still looking for a good reliable source of daphnia." Interesting to note how even the pros are having a hard time at this. I've also read how some people buy frozen (non-irradiated) daphnia and put a few chunks into some water on the assumption that there will be some with eggs that will be reanimated, but there seems to be some mixed results. Trouble is, where to find the frozen stuff in the first place, as none around me (Capalaba and south brisbane) sell it. Would it work the same with freeze-dried daphnia as well? Anyway, just thought I'd put this up in case someone else was interested. Regards, Doug
  7. Hi all Professional Discus breeders that grow the young discus out, change the water every day to get maximum growth rate in their young discus, this is that the discus releases a growth hormone ( some sort of hormone at least)that will stunt there grows rate particularly when keeping a large number discus in a tank hence reason to change the water every day to keep the hormone level in the water to a minimum Now the Question is will other species of young fish in a community with young discus have the same affect, as in slowing there grows rate if you only do a water change every 2 weeks peter, Cheers
  8. Hey guys, Was just poking around and came across this paper. Has some really good descriptions of mating behaviors of maternal mouthbrooders for people who aren't quite sure. A lot of the other stuff in the study is really interesting as well. Just thought I'd share it. Here's the link: https://www.google.com.au/url?sa=t&source=web&rct=j&ei=D7vjVKKZJIbu8gWzwYLwDA&url=http://digitool.library.colostate.edu/webclient/DeliveryManager%3Fpid%3D211056&ved=0CCEQFjAB&usg=AFQjCNF89wHgE9fWZpkBguu4Ufiqqngbhg&sig2=NtYASZc_9cXkJ55oEqgTdw
  9. Segrest Farms: Throw Back Thursday: Our First Czech Shipment I enjoyed my wander thru it, some rather different fishys on there.
  10. Well I thought so, just been doing some reading on Heaters and was looking at the Jager and Shogun now it says that the lower watt Jager at 300w will heat up 600 - 1000 Litres and the higher 400w Shogun will only heat up 300 - 500 Litres is this reflection on the quality of the 2 or not as I've just swapped my Jager for a shogun maybe I should swap it back
  11. .Hi all, What are some interesting natives to go into a 3ft tank??? Cheers, Cameron
  12. Pretty informative piece... mainly from "ready - set - cycle" Cycling Your New Fresh Water Tank: Read This First! - Cycle your Tank - Tropical Fish Forums Has anyone tried this method before/ added ammonia to the tank to get the cycle started.... really keen to get rid of the cloudy water in my new tank
  13. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  14. I know it's normal to see the white bacteria growing on driftwood but was surprised to to see the patches of purple in there being fresh water Sent from my who cares using Tapatalk
  15. Out of the millions of anemones I see while collecting or just taking photos, these are just a couple from the more recent aandtsociety and individual trips.
  16. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  17. This was posted on IBC forum site & I thought it was a very interesting evolution of a Betta, really intrigues me to see what is being thrown out by evolution & what direction the Bettas & general breeding is going. The third ventral fin is something, I think, wouldn't survive in nature but I wonder what will be next. The extra fin is fixed but the other two move normally Let me know what you guys think
  18. Would love this set up....and hows the lids....or lack of Apparently the fish has been raised in open top tanks since a juvie which makes it interesting(read the comments below video )....makes you wonder if its worth the risk...lucky fish or possibly "puppy trained" ?
  19. The Cichlid Room Companion - Hybrids and other 'threats' to the hobby by Willem Heijns Just an article someone posted elsewhere, which I found to be quite a good read. I agree with pretty much all of it. But that's me.
  20. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  21. Neil Hardy Aquatica, Vefverslun Furufugla og fylgifiska This is why I hate looking on overseas sites because I cant have them Well most anyway I think im in love with this fish FJ
  22. An interesting unexpected cross recently happened in the goldfish collection...In one of my grow out tanks/groups are the thai black ranchu and the panda telescopes..and yep unexpectedly a male panda has crossed with a female black ranchu....hmmmm...should be interesting...the telescope is not dominant it seems unless both parents have the gene in place so ya never know maybe even a panda ranchu fingers crossed....
  23. I often have a look on a number of sites to see what is around in the big whole salers. Bay have a great site that is open. At the moment on there list they have Neolamprologus crassus. They are one of the brichardi group that was though at least rare in Australia. Interested to see if anyone gets them and breeds them. I am looking at getting some interesting 'brichardi' next weekend if all goes well.....
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