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  1. I have a 65L Aquaone tank (with hood) currently cycled, planted and stocked with 1 Betta and about 6-10 cherry shrimp. I was until recently running an aquael turbo 500 internal filter which was brilliant, but it had a fault where water was getting into the sealed motor chamber, and that 5/4 times turning the pump on/off at the outlet it would fail to do anything other than make horrible whirring noises. So obviously with the unit being less than 4 months old I had to return it. Since they have gone up massively in price, are out of stock in the LFS and hardly anyone in QLD even sells them anymore I swapped it at the LFS for an otto PF200N. I was told that they can be great little units, but the otto has waaaay to much current output for the tank and Mr Fish is getting blown around the tank and is not happy at all. It's also the loudest internal filter I've ever used and living in a small one bed apartment this is a major NO NO. I am currently running a small hang on filter until I find the right internal but it is limited in the amount of media I can use in the chamber. I'm not keen on a canister filter since I have a dog and all it would take is for her to chew an inlet/outlet tube and my whole apartment is flooded. What would anyone recommend for internal filters with large media chambers that are QUIET. Thrown in a pic of the tank so you can get an idea of what size filter I am looking at. Shown is the old Aquael. Anyway, thanks in advance for anyone who can offer their experiences on internal filters. Kritta.
  2. Just wanted to make a post in honor of these filters. I mean seriously, how can these little filters be so good? After using a couple of the smaller models (pf600 &pf800) on a couple of smaller tanks under the house and seeing how effective they are. I recently added a pf2000 to my display tank (heavily stocked 4×3×1.5 mixed male african tank) and it has never been cleaner! It's already running a fx5 and a sunsun 2000l/hr canister that supplies my chiller so now it is well over filtered, but I can't get over how quickly the otto clears the water after feeding time. They have got to be the best value for money mechanical filtration you can buy and so so easy to clean and maintain. I'm sure most people who have experienced these filters will agree with me. My nice clear tanks
  3. As the title suggests, who has experience with both? I just purchased a 2x1x1 for a shell dweller pair and have purchased a Fluval U2 internal power filter. I could have brought a C3 hang on, but due to room I selected the U2. Which sort is better?
  4. In my current project I have the need/want to paint a pvc spray bar black to hide it (rather than bright white). I've found on the internets that Krylon Fusion works well and is aquarium safe. But I cannot seem to find it anywhere. Not at my local supercheap, bunnings or masters. I was wondering if anybody knows of somewhere on the northside where I can get a can of it? Or if there are any other suitable products that work the same, as well as aquarium safe? Also if I can find it would it be suitable for painting internal glass surfaces in a tank (e.g. a divider along the back of the tank). I have use the tank background stuff from the local pet store and it works alright, just it has a few bubbles that have developed over time. Just thinking that painting the glass might work out better. If its even tank safe.
  5. A quick video of an action plan for dealing with internal flagellates(bloat)
  6. Just need some advice..... my internal power filter shat itself today and all I have in it now is an Aqua1 sponge. the tank is a 4x15x18h.....it only has a pleco and a small FH at 5cm will this be ok for a week or so??
  7. Not sure if this has been asked but I will anyway. Can I use k1 in an Aquael internal filter? And does it affect ph Kh or gh? [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] [MENTION=9246]Donny@ageofaquariums[/MENTION] Cheers mick
  8. Hi all, one of my Angels has been doing white poop for the last week or so, not eating either. I have been dosing the the tank with Waterlife Sterazin (as suggested by LFS), it doesn't seem to bee doing much, I have put 4 doses ( Day 1, 3, 5,7) into the tank. I have a BGK in the tank, so I have to be careful. No other fish seem to be affected. Any advice would be appreciated, thanks Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk
  9. Hi guys, I am thinking of getting a Aquael Turbo 1500 Internal Filter as my old internal broke. I already have a cannister filter so it's not going to be the only one. has anybody on here got one or have owned one can you tell me if they are any good. Thanks Breno
  10. Scott's diy internal air powered k1 filter. Materials needed: Car washing sponge (IT HAS TO BE NEW) This sponge is for the mechanical side of the filtration and will be explained later in this instructable. Water Bottle - food safe This can be any water bottle but preferably like this this bottle of aloe water is available in most woolworths stores, i like this as the bottle has not glue types on it, the label is simply held on with tension. It is also safe to use as this is what i have used in my tank for the past month. Kitchen Fork this will be used in making holes for air outlet. Airline obviously and Air pump setup (no airstone required) Suckers (minimum 2) Method 1. Take your water bottle, now remove the cap and small piece that the cap is connected to when new. take a pair of scissors and remove the label, now rinse with hot water. 2. take your sponge and cut a hexagonal shape, its hard to get it prefectly circular, even a square shape will do. It is best to cut this with large scissors used for cutting wallpaper. now rip a small circular hole out of the center of the sponge, this must be smaller than the bottle opening. You are now practicaly done with the sponge. 3. Take your fork and bottle, heat the fork up over an open flame, any flame is fine, now heat until very hot, you will not be able to go around the rim of the top of the bottle with the fork to create small holes for the air to exit. 4. take a drill or plaster piercing screwdriver, and make some holes in the back for the suckers, these should be smaller than the suckers to allow a tight but firm fit. now push the suckers into the holes. these should be located on the center of the bottle if two, and if four use one in each corner. 5. now take a drill or plaster piecing screwdriver and make a small hole for the airline to fit, make it smaller than the airline for a snug fit, and it should just sit in there with no problem. this should be located at the bottom of the bottle towards the cap. 6. take your K1 media and place it into the bottle, it took ages for me, i placed it in one by one but you may have a better idea please leave it below (note: a funnel does not work) ONLY USE A QUARTER OF THE SPACE AVAILABLE IN THE BOTTLE TO START WITH otherwise there is not enough room for the media to move. 7. for the finishing touch add the sponge onto the end by pushing and twisting, now you will be able to place this into the aquarium as it is ready to go! heres mine:
  11. Hi, got another great special for this week. All Aqua One Internal filters heavily reduced, but as always Hurry limited stock Limited time Only. Once run out...... pricing will go up again. Aqua One Maxi 101F Internal Powerhead Sponge Filter
  12. Hi All, I have a number of tanks I use for display/breeding. Up until now I haven't had to many problems and have used Tetra Parasite Guard/Metronidazole. However, I need to buy some more and the price is ridiculous. It also has me thinking, if I had bloat in my 6ft/600L tank, what would you do to treat so much water? Anyone have a more cost effective, commercial way to treat for internal parasites etc? Thanks
  13. Hi guys, i'm starting to set up my newly bought 4 x 2 x 2.5 tank and I'm wanting to put something in for water flow. Should I just get a circulator or go with an internal filter which will also give me some extra filtration at the same time. Aquael circulator vs the Aquael Internal Filter 500lph?
  14. Hi guys, I have a Mbuna tank housing yellow labs, blue pindani, acei and rusty cichlids. I've noticed that some of these fish have concave bellies. I first noticed it in the smaller rustys (of which two have died), but over the last 4-5 months, most of the other fish seem to have minor concave bellies. Some of the more severely affected fish seem to have poo that has clear patches in it. The growth rate of all fish seems to be very slow as well. The behaviour of the fish are fine - they are eager to eat and have even started breeding. My water parameters are good and I routinely add epson salts, bicarb soda and aquarium salt to the aquarium. After searching around a bit, I've come to the conclusion that they may have some internal parasites. There seem to be many different approaches for treating this with varying results. I've called 3 aquarium stores in Brisbane and gotten 3 different sets of advice including feeding them more, giving them vitamins, adding garlic to their diet and treating the tank with Waterlife Sterazin. Internationally, products that seem to get the best results include API General Cure and Jungle Parasite Clear Tabs - both of which contain metronidazole and praziquantel. As far as I can tell, these products are not available in Australia. I'd appreciate any advice on this, both offering potential diagnoses and solutions. While the symptoms are slow to develop and fish are behaving normally, I'd like to get on top of it as soon as possible. Cheers, Mitch
  15. Interesting with all the new technology about and if you have not seen or heard of the Hydra internal filters - here are a couple of youtubes and a link for pricing. Hydra Internal Filters models and pricing
  16. G'day All, I've just purchased the Hydra 30 filter from [MENTION=1338]The Tech Den[/MENTION] (big thanks to John) and was wondering if anyone else has purchased this and what they thought? Just interested to hear if the hype about this product, is it producing results in the aquarium world? Cheers
  17. We have the Aquael Turbo Filters, they have a section that you can put in the Macropore if you took out the rings. These use both Mechanical and Bio Filtration in one. Great if you do not have the room for canister but would like some bio filtration. Aquael Turbo Bio Mechanical Internal Filter
  18. anyone used these before or know of their performance? it claims to be able to go from ammonia straight to nitrogen using hydro-pure technology...wtf is hydro-pure technology? so far i've only been able to find one review which wasnt too favourable but i just wanted to see if anyone else has used it. Review: Ocean Free Hydra 30 internal filter | Video | Practical Fishkeeping
  19. Hello. Just wondering if many people used the little otto internal filters. If so do u ever have any problems with them being really loud. Mine new little one is crazy loud just not sure if thats how they r or not. thanks
  20. Air driven low power internal fluid bed filter - a new take on the old bottle stuck to the back of the tank. Wanted to have a unit that looked good in a a display tank and worked well. So what do you think?
  21. Good morning all, Setting up a small display tank for my girlfriends son and would appreciate some help with filtration. The tank is a 3 x 15 x 18 and the fish I have to go in are a mix of male mbuna and peacocks. 8 in total. my girlfriend is in a rental property and afraid of canister filters as she is worried about water leaking. Also, the tank construction prevents me from using a hang on filter. Therefore, I need to find an internal solution. Does anyone have any recommendations of internal filters to suit my situation. Will use two if needed but hoping not to take up too much tank space. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers Gary
  22. Hey i just bought a Moray 700 filter and it has a surface skimmer on it, does anyone know how the surface skimmer is suppose to work?, because theres no mention of it in the instruction manual or any where else, it looks like its suppose to spin but it doesn't.
  23. HI, Can anyone advise me if a powerful internal filter such as an Aqua One Maxi Internal Filter 104F will be enough for my turtle tank. its just over 5 foot and I 2/3 fill it. Only have a few danio fish in with the turtle so there is not a huge amount of waste. expect for the turtles number twos. I currently have a canister external filter but due to moving house i may need to look internal option. any advice is appreciated Cheers
  24. Just a quick make up of a bit of different design for K1. The YouTube vid will run you through everything for it too. Part 1 What you need.
  25. These are what i use to enable no water changes at all! Main algae area housing the local racemosa and a little chaeto and surge zone taxifolia. These are the trimmings from one week of nutrient importing.
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