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Found 14 results

  1. QFAS Market Day 16 April at 10am to 1pm Ipswich Vigoro Club Hall (Far End) of Joyce Street, East Ipswich Aquarium related Items : Fish Plants, Decorations etc Set up from 9.00am Contacts Nev 0432 074 901 and Graeme 0402 841 627 https://www.facebook.com/events/1038024276244579/?active_tab=posts
  2. Can I ask why when you go to post an add that In region there is no Ipswich. you can have Logan Brisbane etc but no Ipswich. We are a city to you know
  3. Hi everyone, I've just recently acquired a 5' long, 1'6" deep, 2' tall tank, with stand from a friend. It is currently running an Aqua One CF2400 filter and a Eheim 250W heater. The filter has been thoroughly rinsed out and has been left dry for three months before I got it, should I be replacing anything in the filter, or just running it as it is. The wool in it does look a little discoloured, but still quite clean. I had some fish as a kid (like everyone else) but these were only goldfish.I'm hoping to set up a relatively low maintenance tank, and the wife really likes the look of Neon Tetras. I would like to have real plants rather than plastic ones and a natural type look (don't want all the fake cars/spongebob ornaments that are at all the pet stores). Just chasing a bit of advice on what other fish types I should be looking at, what types of plants are hardy and suit these fish, and just general advice. I realise I'm a bit vague, but I'm really not sure what I want other than above. I know there is H2O babies at Booval, I haven't been there yet and am wondering if they are good, or is it worth my time to go for a drive else where. I don't mind driving wherever as long as it's worth the drive. I'll be putting the water into it tonight, so I know I won't be putting too many fish in straight away, but how long should I wait, and should I be getting certain fish first to help establish the tank.I'm not looking to make a full time career out of this, just something that is nice to look at after work, and doesn't consume my life looking after it. Thanks in advance. Cheers, Andy
  4. Wondering how crucial correctly fitting lids are? Two of the three lids I have look like some old bits of glass the kinda fit, too long and too narrow. Also wondering where to get new lids cut in Ipswich, and roughly how much to expect for the three lids for my 5' and what thickness to ask for. Are we talking a couple of hundred or under a hundred?
  5. Hey guys, new to this website! It looks awesome so far . Would like any information at all in regards to catching Rainbowfish in the Ipswich region (Brisbane). I am willing to travel 30 minutes around Ipswich as long as there are Rainbowfish :D Would rather catch these stunning fish rather than buying due to two reasons - 1. Obviously the cost! 2. Appreciating the fish more and know their origin! I have all apparatus to catch these - cast net and bait net - and would love some areas to catch them! Pm if you wouldn't like to reveal your secrets on here! Thank you very much guys, can't wait to hear some responses! Fishboy28
  6. Wanting to catch a few gudgeons and rainbows for my planted tank wondering if anyone can point me to somewhere near ippy where I could catch some and the best way to do it? Cheers guys and girls
  7. I have a heap of 4-6mm glass i need cut to make more 1ft cubes. So anyone in ippi thats good send me a PM and can go from their. Im as good at cutting it as a .22 is at a 1k shot lol
  8. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  9. Hey everyone I'm picking up my new tank on the weekend and was wondering if anyone has a pair of suction cups I can borrow for a couple of hours? I'm in raceview so close to that would be good if possible. I can be contacted by pm or on 0430292257. Thanks in advance, Luke
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. can anyone bevel glass edges cheaply around ipswich area ?
  12. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  13. can anyone help me out with freighting fish from ipswich to vic im after smellsfishy2me's albino oscars but he/she is not able to freight. i have missed a few pairs with this same problem, so if you can work out a price with them then add your p&h let me know what you come up with thanks michael
  14. I'm a retired computer technician on a disability, so I can help anyone out with computerproblem in exchange for help out with my fish problems
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