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Found 31 results

  1. Any help would greatly be appreciated all my water is in good condition as far as my tests show. The only one I haven't checked is phosphates. Anyways as you can see in my pictures I get algae. Now I have been doing this for years. I've even had discus in the tank and never had algae issues. the only difference now is I don't have any shrimp. Last time I probably had about 500 shimp and it was at a different house. That's all. Nothing's changed but that. my issue is I can't add shrimp as I'm using algae fix by API. I want to remove the agae then add the shrimp. what can I do to fix this algae issue. And why would I be getting it. -any suggestions would be great
  2. Hey guys, Recently i bought a 6x2x2 tank as my My Red tail giant gourami (28cm) was gettiing bigger and bigger by the minute, but a few days ago when i was doing a water change in the smaller tank (that he is currently in until the 6ft is up and running) he spooked and bashed against the glass and cut under his jaw on the gravel its been a few days now since it happened an he has healed the cut fine but i noticed that his jaw is slightly bend to his left side is there anything i can do about his jaw like gently popping it back in place or would it fix itself on its own overtime Please help thanks
  3. Hi Guys, While doing a water change yesterday, I inadvertently unplugged my led lights from the power board while they were still turned on. After I realised what I'd done I plugged them back in, but now find that the light won't turn on. Have tried leaving the whole unit turned off for a period, unplugged for a period, changed outlets, there was no water spill involved so I'm not sure what I've done. Have I done something fatal to the led lights by unplugging them while turned on? Look forward to any advice on this one. Cheers, Chubb.
  4. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  5. .Anyone ever had an issue with their Hydor ETH 200 inline heater ? I bought mine from AOA about 18 mths ago. It was connected up to one of my tanks via an eheim 2213, all good for 18mths then tonight, it just blew and tripped the saftey switch. Horrible smell with it.
  6. Hey everyone we have noticed a hair algae issue in our 4ft tank. The water parameters are fine and have spoke to Pet City who think we are just unlucky and recommend flying foxes. Happy to get them just need to wait for them to be available for purchase. I have just dosed most of it with a healthy amount of excel. See how that goes and decide from there on the flying fox but would also like to know what others recommend? Any options I don't know? Cheers.
  7. I found 1 of my Juvi angel fish near the surface today & when i had a closer look it swam away slowly. Then i noticed every time it exhaled it looged like a dark coloured cloud came from it's gills? Now my fish are not smokers so this is baffling. subsequently it died about 15mins later. It wasn't bloated or gasping for air. It had full colour and looked in perfect condition. Any ideas would be helpful. All water parameters are spot on & temp is 27deg. Cheers, Troy
  8. Just started breeding guppies as the store near me is selling them for $1.50. Was just wondering if anyone else has had an issue where their guppies decide to do a mass exodus? Lost about 15 so far due to this issue. I realise a solution is to cover the tanks but due to the Townsville weather when you do this the tank overheats so i don't really like completely covering tanks. Anyway I was wondering if someone had some similar experience with guppies and a possible solution?
  9. For those that do not rely on algae and there are many of you, this is for you! Lanthanum chloride results from use of my own and speaking to others that swears by it for their phosphate issues as well. This common form of salt that is used as a chemical binder that they use in the pool industry is sometimes labelled starver. It may also be part of the make up of phos buster,no one knows for sure. What it does is precipitates phosphate into an inert compound in the aquarium rendering the phosphate harmless in a very short time. From my playing with this in my tubs with all kinds of feeding regimes, life forms and extra polluting left over foods including results from two others that use it and the use of rowaphos etc,etc,this is what I have found. The use of starver is extremely affective and should be used via heavily diluting it in RO water and adding this liquid into a filter sock or behind a filter barrier slowly and in small doses so that it does bind with phosphate. This gentle approach should be used any way but more so if you have small gill plated fish in particular like the zebrasoma species of tangs being the worst for reacting to this via aquarium algae up taking the substance and they consume it creating a toxic build up in them and their possible reaction from their small gill functions, either way it needs to be used gently. If you use it to rapidly to remove the phos the sudden reduction of phos can put stress on clams coralline algae’s and basic algae. The more interesting aspect of this was the speed at which the cyano croaked that I had in patches on the plastic walls of the tubs intentionally for this. So for quick absolute phos removal I used starver with absolute perfection with sps in there as well as most everything else and the on going after some weeks of this to get rid of most of the phos that is leaching from bio medias. I tried some of the guys rowaphos and three other brands and the one that was the best for on going support was the salifert phosphate killer type of gfh. It was gentle,easy to use and kept the phos under 0.03 down to 0.01. Oh and I tried the hanna and salifert tests against each other and the salifert was the same as the hanna each and every time. One of our guys that has a ton of sps he buys from cairns marine that are always thriving with a lot of frags and amazing growth rates, he has used the starver and never had an issue, but remember to use it gently!
  10. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  11. Just a heads up for southern end of gold coast peeps, might be a good idea to leave doing water changes for a while just incase..... Gold Coast City Council | Weekend storm impacts water supply
  12. we have a problem with our Christmas fulu it has a shrunken stomach. It is eating but not a large amount and stays separate from the rest of the tank most of the time. We have 20 fish and none of the other fish have the same symptom so we are not sure if it is a parasite. Water quality is good and they are fed spectrum thera a. Could this be a symptom of bullying as there is a bit of activity in the tank at present with the introduction of a few new fish or should we treat it as a parasite issue and medicate the tank? Any feedback would be appreciated.
  13. It’s fair to say that no better publication currently exists for dedicated freshwater hobbyists. Each issue featuring cutting-edge articles on fishes, invertebrates, aquatic plants, field trips to tropical destinations plus the latest in husbandry and breeding breakthroughs by expert aquarists, all accompanied by excellent photography throughout. From the publishers of Coral magazine, this is a freshwater-only magazine with the same excitement and cover-to-cover excellence as Coral. Richly illustrated with high quality colour images and packed with in-depth articles by renowned authors, Amazonas appears every two months. Coverage includes: new species, new ideas, new expert accounts on keeping and breeding freshwater fishes and invertebrates, planted tank aquascaping, travel to tropical source countries, visits to the fish rooms of legendary home aquarists and breeders, aquarium practice, biological background reports, aquarium technology and chemistry, interviews and much more. All printed on high-quality, sustainably harvested papers and non-toxic, soy-based inks. The name ‘Amazonas’ is derived from the native Portuguese and Spanish name for the Rio Amazonas, the river that the Western world calls the Amazon. Following the lead of Coral, the cover subject is dealt with in detail through extensive photo-reportage, accompanied by several in-depth accompanying articles. As with the early issues of Coral, this first issue of Amazonas is sure to become a collector’s item. Here is a link, Age of Aquariums - Amazonas - Breeding L - Cats
  14. Issue 3, September 2011 | Redfish Aquarium Magazine Latest Redfish Online Magazine link, enjoy fishy friends!
  15. Hi Guys Can anyone shed some light on what the ongoing situation is with current banning on fish .. From what i understand our imports will be culled to less than 100 species ?? Anyone in the know ..please update Cheers
  16. Hey All, Here is the link to Issue 2 of Redfish Online Magazine - ENJOY!!! Issue 2, August 2011 | Redfish Aquarium Magazine Cheers, Shannon
  17. Hey All, Here is a sneak preview of what's to come in Redfish Online Magazine Issue 2. You might have seen my post on the first issue a while ago, not a bad "Free" online mag. I just got emailed this link, check it out and enjoy!! Issue two preview | Redfish Aquarium Magazine Cheers, Shannon
  18. Hi all, Hoping someone might be able to help me out. I am currently fish sitting a friends (fishheadsoup) small frontosa colony whilst a replacement tank is sorted (tank cracked). One of the said frontosa has an issue where as it spends its day floating at the surface with its dorsal fin exposed. At feeding times etc, this poor fish struggles to get to the bottom or even middle of the tank due to it being over buoyant. I have read several articles on this issue and it seems relatively common although I have not seen this in any of my own or others that I have seen around? There are suggestions of evasive measures to fix this by extracting air by syringe and a few other similar suggestions - sounds nasty! Is this issue able to be fixed any other way without the extent of surgery? Is this condition terminal otherwise? Do you know what may cause this? He seems relatively healthy otherwise and the other fish in the tank don't seem to pick on it as a sick fish? Ay suggestions or advice would be appreciated. Cheers, Todd
  19. i have a 150l aquarium i just added 8 tiger barbs and they have become extremly aggresive to my other fish tearing fins i cant seem to catch them to quick even with 2 nets need them out urgently any advice thanx nick
  20. i have a 150l i just added 8 tiger barbs and they have become very aggresive to my other fish but i cant seem to catch them they are way to quick even with two nets i need to get them out any advice thanx nick
  21. Guys please help with my problem. I have a 6 foot tank with 2 Oscars and a pleco with a few goldfish (they were intended to be food but are now friends) I believe I'm doing the right things in cleaning but obviously not because the water is hardly ever nice and clear. I have just done a 1/3 water change and its still the same - a kind of yellowish tinge I checked my canister filter and its clean - I cleaned it a week ago. Short of doing a 100% water change every week is there anything I am not doing or am i doing too much of something? The fish seem happy but I would like the water to be clearer. I'm using fresh tank water and am still adding a chemical eliminator just to make sure. It could be something really simple - what ever it is can someone please point it out to me Thanks
  22. Hi guys, As you are all probably aware I keep F1 Geophagus Tapajos. I have a problem with one of the larger ones (subdominant) fish in the tank. He/She has develloped these crator looking things that I am unsure on. After speaking to a mate of mine who keeps many geos we have come to the conclusion it could either be HITH syndrome, or it could be simply a battle wound from fighting another geo or scraping on sharp wood on the tank. It does not appear to be the four or two indented nostril holes when they breathe in and out that the fish have normally when you look at a geo. I have kept pristine water conditions where the nitrate at the very max would not even pass 10 to 20ppm from day 1 of the tank being cycled under any conditions from day 1 and am a firm believer of a mixed well balanced and high protein diet of frozen bloodworm, live blackworm, various hikari foods, nls formula foods, and also sera products. I have soft water and low ph water that the fish are kept in. I am hoping someone can shed the light on one of the two or three possibilities that it is. I have started treating Sterazin for the sake of it incase it is HITH syndrome as my mate said one of his mate who keeps big south african cichlids had great success using that during his recent bout of it. Thanks so much, Adam
  23. I currently have about 35 different species of africans and americans, and have noticed over the last year that every fish that has come from Bayfish has had some kind of wierd disease or another. this is not the same thing everytime but every fish from them has been unhealthy in one way or another. This is not a cleanliness issue or water change issue. I have 14 tanks from 6 foot down and have no problems with fish from other breeders or suppliers. I have only noticed this while going through the years log books. Has anyone else experienced this problem? I now refuse to buy fish that have come from Bayfish just to be sure. I have figured out some amazing fish remedies over the year though. This has only occoured through me trying to rush building breeding colonies. If anyone else has noticed these sorts of issues or know why please feel free to post. I have made my decisions but am wondering if I am just seeing something thats not there or if I have been freekily unlucky or if there is an issue with large percentages of Bayfish stock? These are only my observations and opinions and I have no reason to dispute bayfishes procedures or stock, these are just oberservations. This is not an attack on Bayfish, they are just one of many large scale suppliers all of whom have the same health issues dealing with so many fish. Cichlidae
  24. Picked up a couple of Yellow Tail Acei (10-12cm) yesterday. Put them in my 4ft (with other africans) After a couple of hours one was fine and the other one just kept flopping on his side on the bottom. I put him in a quarintine tank with some salt and plenty of air and left him over night. This morning he's still flopping over and looks like he doesnt have much control over his body. He is definately alive because if i go to touch him he swims a little. Any Ideas what might be wrong? and if there is any treatment. So far i've put some stress guard in the water and a little aquarium salt. Cheers Brenton
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