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Found 11 results

  1. ...We have had a few new products come through and just want to run through a few of them. ADA would be best described as a form of not just Aquatic Excellence but also Art. Here is a link to our ADA items as you may want to refer to it as we go through the different items as we cover some of them. ADA Aqua Design Amano If you are looking at starting up a new Planted Tank this will cover a few items from the ground up. Before you even look at adding Amazonia, Malaya or Africana soils there are a few items that they do . First of all there is the powders that they do and we will cover some of the ones that we do - there are more too. If you get a chance have a look at the Green Machine which can be handy. The powders are sprinkled over the base of the tank to be planted. Bacter 100 - A powder that has over 100 various kinds of substrate bacteria in a dormant state to give an ideal substrate environment. ADA Bacter 100 (100g) PENAC W is a substrate additive. It prevents the substrate from becoming anaerobic and improves the substrate environment and stabilised the tank. It also can be added directly in case of shortage oxygen in the tank. ADA Penac-W 200g prevents substrate from becoming anaerobic It is a substrate additive for improving the soil. It helps plants to spread the roots and grow healthy. It is effective for Cryptocoryne and Echinodorus that are important of swelling. ADA Penac-P 200g (Plants) After looking at the options for the powder layering you also then have the options of the Power Sand and Power Sand Special. Power Sand is base substrate material designed for providing nutrients to the roots of aquatic plants and promoting growth of substrate bacteria. The advantages of Power Sand that avoids the hardening of substrate and is formulated with increased nutrition. ADA Power Sand - S 2 Liters Power Sand Special is similar to Power Sand only that it Bacter 100 and Clear Super that promote the development of substrate bacteria quickly with increased nutrition, several times that of Power Sand. ADA Power Sand Special - S 2 Liters Then you have your Substrates.. The most popular of the range Amazonia. Available in the Soil and also the smaller granule Powder. ADA Amazonia Soil 9l For a bit of a colour contrast there is also the Malaya again available in both Soil and Powder. ADA Malaya Soil 9l The third one in the range is the ADA Africana in Soil and Powder. ADA Africana Soil 9l Decorative Sands La Plata is also a good decorative sand to emphasise the gullies in a aquascape. It is not really designed for nutrient - it is more decorative. ADA La Plata Sand 2kg Less than 3mm From this point there is also options of fertilisers in both dry form and liquid form. Fertilisers in Dry Form include:- ADA Iron Bottom which come in a stick from that goes into the substrate and slowly release iron and is designed for plants to draw iron nutrient through their roots. It comes in two sizes - short (25mm) long (50mm) with both being 30 pieces. The long are designed for deeper substrates and the short for shorter substrates and general suggested use is one per 15cm X 15cm area. ADA Iron Bottom 30 Pieces (Short) ADA Multi Bottom utilises trace elements as well as a iron coating to slowly release into the substrate for plants to take in from a root level. ADA Multi Bottom 30 Pieces (Short) Fertiliser in a liquid form:- ADA have a three step program and it is really easy to use. The dose is one squirt per 20 liters. With my tank at home it gets direct sunlight and found that it was getting a bit of algae growth on the glass and only after a couple of days of use I found the Algae had browned off and was a lot less. Step1 is designed for newly planted tanks 0-3 months. Contains trace elements in a good balance and promotes the new leaf growth at initial stage. A 250ml bottle used daily will last approx 50 days for a 100l tank. ADA Green Brighty Step 1 - 250ml Step2 is designed for tanks 3-12 months old and contains more iron ingredient, vital for the plant growth period. ADA Green Brighty Step 2 - 250ml Step3 is for more mature tanks 12 months and older and contains trace elements with iron and potassium, which helps the root growth. ADA Green Brighty Step 3 - 250ml There is also there speciality ferts ADA Green Brighty Special lights is a liquid fertilizer for fast growing sun plants, such as Riccia or stemmed plants. It contains a balanced nutrient formula, necessary for the sun plants, and it is very effective for leaves with nutrient deficiency. ADA Green Brighty Special Lights - 250ml ADA Green Brighty Special Shade is a liquid fertilizer designed for shade plants such as Cryptocoryne. A rich potassium promotes the root growth. It is also used for a potassium supply of the layout preferring low KH level. ADA Green Brighty Special Shade - 250ml ADA Green Brighty Special K is a liquid fertilizer supplying potassium, which tends to be in short supply in the planted aquarium. ADA Green Brighty K - 250ml Lastly there is ECA in a 50ml bottle contains rich iron and organic acid promoting the nutrient absorption process of plants. It is highly recommended for treating colour-loss of plants. ADA ECA 50ml If you want to get some inspiration on scapes the International 2013 competition is a fantastic book showcasing all 2,164 entry works submitted by hobbyists around the world. ADA - The International Aquatic Plants Layout Contest Book 2013 Here is a couple of teasers for you to have a look at a couple of movies...enjoy THE BOOK OF AQUA DESIGN AMANO - The latest General product catalog ||| ADA - Aqua Design Amano Co., Ltd
  2. Heap of new items this week and a lot to be entered into the system and will try to get them all in as quick as possible. Melafix Primafix Fluval Shrimp Stratum Hydra Internal filters Aqua Zonic Miracle LED Lights Red Sea Salt - Test Kits - Foundations, Colours. Waterlife Protozin Myxazin Sterazin
  3. I had a few offers to help me go through this coming power interruption and I do appreciate the concern. Just thinking if we can let other members know of what spare we have that we can lend during times of crisis (i.e, tank breaks/leaks, power interruptions, equipment failure, medicines, etc.). Let me start with some items im happy to lend (I would expect borrowers though to take due care of it and return it). 1. Eheim 2080 complete running set 2. AC dual outlet airpumps 3. 10k LPH sump pump 4. 4x18x20 (i think) tank and stand 5. Haleia chiller 1000 series (capable of running an 8ftr tank) - good for breeding project if you want to drop temps. 6. 2x Eheim basic feeders 7. two tier 4x2x18 tank set 8. couple of seeded sponge filters 9. RO unit (if you want to connect it as I don't know how to work it) 10. Caged white IBC tank this will also build up the community spirit of helping each one in the hobby.
  4. Live Auction This Weekend Time to start uploading your items. More info can be found here QLDAF Online Auctions
  5. During the Christmas period there will be two times where orders will be delayed which are the the times where Australia Post are closed. 24th & 25th December 31st December and 1st January All other times we will be business as usual and happy to help.
  6. Now have available slate caves with the back top portion removable to make it easier to remove eggs and fry. Great idea and makes it easy. 3 Different sizes and also a triangular model. Clay logs also available. Have all your Catfish needs in one area including Hikari and Sera food. Click here to view Bristlenose and L-Number Range of Items Here is a couple of pics.
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  8. Firstly we would like to thank the members in their support, which has been very positive and appreciate all the feedback that has been given and happy to listen your ideas to make the site better for you. One of the things that was mentioned was that the freighting was a little confusing - we listened and now have a flat rate delivery fee of just $7.50 and all orders are advised when they are shipped including a tracing number. Some of the brands that have been added include. Aquasonic - Australian Made - Test Kits, Medications - Water Conditioners - Fry Starter Food Brightwell Aquatics - Water Conditioners designed for specific fish - Rainbows - Discus - Cichlids - Riftlake Tunze Pumps - German Manufactured - Small wattage - Superb Quality There was over 50 items added today and at the moment every single item is in stock. You will notice there are no items in books at the moment and this should change tomorrow. We are in talks with a few companies and there is still a lot more to come. If you have not visited us lately it might be a good chance to take a look - and do not forget your QLDAF discount... The Tech Den - Quality Aquarium Products
  9. im in need of some things for my new tank! where can i get all this stuff!! must be good quality and good prices - preferably online or on the gold coast. Tahitian Moon Sand Substrate best 300w heater cheapest white rocks or ornament rock type things lol (must agree with south american cichlid's) best cleaning products for aquaium eg; glass cleaner, gravel vac, etc. best filter for a 200-215 L tank
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