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  1. My lfs just ordered in 5cm EBJD for sale. I have read and seen pics of the bread, but never seen one in person, or know of anyone that has kept them. Would like to know peoples thoughts as I am tempted to buy one.
  2. Hi need help as im confused to what has happened with my Jack and not sure what i should do. I bought a mangrove jack about 4 weeks ago now and is currently around 15cm in length. He is in a 180gallon 6x2x2 tank with a redbay snook, pbass, 4 silver dollars and a sailfin pleco. The snook and pbass are around the same size. The mangrove jack was doing really well eating and swimming around like crazy and no signs of any bullying from him or any other fish. I went away for a few days over the Easter break and just came home and noticed he was really pale in colour stomach looks a little swollen, gasping rapidly and when swimming he would just drift around nose facing upwards with tail twirling underneath. I also noticed his fins and tail have been torned up a bit, I also noticed when he got close to a few silver dollars they chewed on his top fin and he just took it twirling around, which straight away raised alrm bells. He is the biggest and thickest fish in the tank other than the pleco and couldn't belive my eyes when I seen the silver dollars chewing on his fins!! I straight away did a 40% water change and put a divider up to seperate him from the other fish. I also put some*aquarium*salt in the tank to help in case of an infection and to help with the fins.* Its been a couple hours now and at times he looks like he is doing ok (still gasping rapidly) and has some control of his swimming, but every now and then when I look back over at the tank he would be whirling around at the surface of the tank!!* All other fish are doing just fine. Cant understand why the jack is acting this way. Is there anything else I can do? I have a male dovi about 18cm in a 90 gallon. Should I swap the two around while I have the divider up and treat the 90 gallon as a quarantine tank and give the jack a salt dip before I put him in the 90 gallon tank?
  3. What is the best thing to feed my jack he's about 30cm at the moment and I've just got him on massivore pellets but want to start mixing it up a bit and not sure what the best thing to give him is?
  4. Just in red dragon an hung has bout 10 jacks for sale 8-10 cms. $250 each
  5. Jack is about 12cm $150 Barra 20cm $25 Peacock bass 15cm $50 The jack probably won't be able to be with any other fish Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  6. I have 3 JDs in my 6ft community tank, 2 of which breed nearly every 3 weeks. They are sharing with (amongst other things) a 30cm gold spot Pleco, so I am not sure if they have been eating the eggs or the Pleco gets to them at night. They have managed to hatch them on one occasion but after they moved them they disappeared. They will be getting a tank of their own shortly so that should fix that problem anyway. What I am after is info on JDs, specifically spits, EBs etc. What does this mean? And about culling the "ugly" ones from the fry. Tried to find info in the forums but didn't have much luck. I've included a couple of pics of mine, sorry about the quality but they are in the corner of the tank and hard to get at.
  7. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  8. Anyone out there got a small jack for sale for under 100 bucks
  9. Is anyone selling or know where I could get a mangrove jack? Preferably on brissy nth side or sunny coast
  10. Just a quick clip of the next underwater video coming soon some Lutjanus argentimaculatus having a close look at the camera update - see next video with more jack footage here - http://www.qldaf.com/forums/photography-video-lounge-23/underwater-moreton-bay-120554/
  11. Hello Looking to buy Electric Blue Jack Dempsey.
  12. As the title suggests, Spencer Jack will be making a guest appearance at tonights QCG meeting and will be talking on Fish Farming Around the World.
  13. Hello. last week I purchased a 7 cm jack and I have noticed a fair amount of flashing/scratching on gravel/ jaw flicking type behaviour in the past few days. He also tends to spend alot of time in one of the bubbles just sitting in them. Apart from this he is eating fine. Very active no stress colours or noticed discolouration. This was a second hand tank that I removed the other fish from after buying it and re did the whole substrate and ornaments but I did keep the filter cycled so that I didn't have to start from scratch. This has been happening now for last few days. I would consider my self a very well read beginner but a beginner nontheless...I am keen to get on top of this as I would hate to risk such an awesome (and expensive ) fish. Parameters as follows Ph: 7.5-7.6 api Ammonia:0 api Nitrite:- 0 (API drops Nitrate:- 10-20 ppm (API drops)/> Gh:- unknown Size of tank:- 6x2x2 Temperature °C:- currently at 28 max Been running for: 1 month Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- aqua one 2400 aquis Heavily aerated Feeding:- What food and How often: peeled prawns pieces twice daily No live food at this stage Recent Medication Treatments: none Last water change:- 3 days. Added around 5ppm salt dose in two stages both times he went crazy active swimming around like a mad fish... i am getting to the stage where I think treatment is necessary...the fish is not flashing constantly but it would be at least a few times an hour. Any advice or expertise would be greatly welcomed...
  14. We are proud sponsors for the upcoming event of the International Conference Presented by Queensland Cichlid Group 14/03/2015 We are also accepting payments for the event (cash) $130 for QCG Members and $150 for non members. Should be a excellent event so get in and get yourself down for the event. Here is some more details...
  15. I have a baby mangrove jack about 10cm healthy fish want to swap for marine fish/moray eels let me no what you have... Live on the sunny coast
  16. Are these able to be sexed? anyone have the knowledge?
  17. .Does anyone know where I can get a mangrove jack
  18. Here's a few pics of my jack from last night after a big feed of mackerel pics are from iPhone so not the best
  19. Soon after getting him Update 1
  20. Hi so glad to be on here. my mangrove jack is in brackish water he is rubbing on the rocks all the time. We can't see anything on him we have changed his water and have also treated him with white spot medicine as the fish shop told us to. He eats fine is happily swimming around but does a flick against the rock all the time. What else can it be or could it be a habbit?
  21. I'm Craig, I live in Gympie in SEQ. I have an extra large tank, 5 meters by 2 meters deep and a meter thick. Today I drained it of water and am giving the fish away. I plan the clean out the gravel and keep some rocks and logs. I want to put a few Mangrove Jacks in it, and make it 50% saltwater. What advice can you give me ?
  22. I'm planning on setting up a texas ( escondido ) x jack dempsey spawn and want to know what he outcome would be So share your jack dempsey x texas hybrids Or any jack dempsey hybrids
  23. Hey everyone, Trying to figure out a suitable species to go in my 5 foot tank. I want a native that's aggresive and grows large. Will only be keeping the one fish in the tank. The sooty grunter I've heard is quite aggressive and I don't mind their look. Not expensive either. A mangrove jack is another obvious choice. Has anyone information/expirence keeping on these species? Which would you rather? Cheers
  24. Is anyone able to help with what is a good ppm gh for a jack I know they like high gh but I'm on rain water so I have low gh and also what kh is best thanks
  25. Problem:-mangrove jack isn't very active not eating and is only moving 1 gill Ph:-7.8 Ammonia:-0 Nitrate:-0 Nitrite:-o Gh:- Kh:-not sure salt is at 2500ppm Size of tank:-6-2-2.5 is. And a system with 8 foot as we'll Temperature °C:-26 Been running for:-2.5 years Filtration:-Canister/Sump/Internal Filter/Sponge:- huge sump Fish in tank:-Africans and jack in his own tank Plants in Tank:-nill Feeding:- massivour sticks but hasn't feed in 3 weeks Recent Medication Treatments:-protozoan Last water change:-today Water change every 2 weeks but has been daily with treatment
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