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Found 20 results

  1. Hi does any one know whats happened to my Jag, he looks as though he wants to be a Blackbelt. He has developed this black patch on his side over night, I do weekly water changes except for last week I missed one nitrates got up to over 40ppm. ?
  2. 30cm plus located Ballina NSW
  3. My new jag and gt settling in to thier new tank. Rip jagged my big boy. Was a casualty when my 8×2×2 gave way. Got some new era cichlid food to try. How do people rate it?
  4. Hey guys is this jag male? It's about 15 cm and starting to show spotted pattern.
  5. Hi hi, I'm currently in love with the Jaguar Cichlid. My boy is about 30cm nearly 5cm thick. A stunning fish if i say so myself. Does anyone else have a big Jag? If so please post some pictures so i can drool some more
  6. Has anybody had any luck breeding a jag festae manaconda? Anybody? Thoughts and opinions on this breed which you must admit looks pretty cool Is this still a mongrel?
  7. hey guys im really worried about my jag he has always been a type of fish that has greeted me and has always been curious as to what is going on outside the tank more so then inside, has always came up to the glass and has never been bothered by water change's or tank change's he is a real ppl fish as to say. but about 4 days ago i accidentally scared him as my tank is in my room near the door i normally ether have the door wide open so he can see ppl coming down the hallway or the door completely shut whilst im in my room. i done a terrible thing and was not thinking and had the door half shut and with out thinking opened it fast and walked in , he was at the side of the tank the door is near and it scared the hell out of him, and he swam straight to other end of tank and hit the glass. i felt so bad but now i have a problem he now runs and hide's every time im in my room and sits on the bottom , if im about 3 meters away sitting on my pc and not moving much he comes back out swimming . if i go near the tank at all or move he go's and hides between the rocks and leans against it on the bottom , if i go right up to the tank he stays there and starts turning his colours off pretty much turns white with black spots. if im not near the tank or 3 or so meters away he swims around quite happy with out issues now for the 1st day or so i thought yeah he just needs to re adjust but now i mean its been 4 or 5 days and he is still doing it . i was thinking a few days and he would return to normal. im due for my weekly water change today , im a bit hesitant on doing it as it could make things worse as im going to be near the tank. i really need some advice im not sure what to do now , last thing i want to do is stress him out more , and just leaveing him be seems to have not fixed my situation
  8. So my partner and I are only new to fish keeping and recently purchased a couple of 15cm jags off another forum member, just wondering if anyone can help us figure out the sexes? ( sorry about poor photo quality, iphone lol) heres a couple of the first guy- the second one-
  9. Hey guys, woke up this morning to find that my usually timid Jag has turned predator overnight and gobbled up my Firemouth. Well, tried to at least - the tip of the tail is still hanging out of his mouth! So what's the procedure here, then? Does it look like he'll get the whole thing down, or would it be best to try and remove? I'm thinking remove, since it's going to start decomposing soon and I'd rather my Jag not be inhaling ammonia direct from a corpse. I'm also worried about his jaw being extended for so long - can't be comfortable! Cheers for any help guys.
  10. Hi all, Today I added some anibus to my tank with my Jag in it. I couldnt help but notice he wanted to fight my hand and got very close to it a few times I didnt let him get me... But what would happen if I did let him bite me? Would I loose a finger(Doubt it)? Draw blood? Tickle? Has anyone been bitten by one before? or something similar? Oh and while im talking about my Jag I am currently feeding him protein pellets and "New Life Spectrum Lg. Fish Formula" (which he loves ). Is there anything else I can feed him? Veges? Mince? I do give him the occasional feeder... Cheers PS if this is in the wrong section feel free to move it
  11. This guy just keeps growing and is by far my favourite. He's always eager to put on a show for the camera. I was really happy with the way the 1st shot turned out.
  12. New to all this jag is about 12-13cm wondering if i can overfeed it using feeders
  13. 1.5" jag want to grow to about 6" ASAP. Currently on pellets and prawns doing 50% wc\fortnight because hes so tiny and in 4' tank i dont think they need to be done weekly because hes in with a 1" gt and a 4" cray and there all tiny considering there in a 4ft tank correct me if im wrong but is fornightly alright?. Im thinking of buying worms, Hikari Massivore Delite, and red cherries. any other suggestions? beef heart makes more of a mess then its worth. Jag chases the green texas around the tank and chases him like crazy if the texas goes near the jags half of the shipwreck(ornament cray has one half jag has another) but other then that the tank is fairly bare and i want a hiding place for the texas that the jag cant get too but they will both grow to quick and there both under the 2" margin so theres not much i can do, I dont know what i can put in there any ideas?
  14. Hi all, Just a couple of photos from today, of my female Festae (about 15 cm) and female Jag (about 21 cm). Cheers,
  15. hey guys have another american up for sale.....i got a big jag male around 10 to 12in hes got beautiful pattern...looking for $50 but i am open to offers {MOD EDIT: Moved and Leaving this for educational purposes.}
  16. Hey all, My JAGs laid on Sunday night n the eggs hatched last night (Tuesday). How long should I leave the wrigglers with the parents b4 movie them into a fry tank? I'd preferably want to move them b4 they are free swimming. Any advice will b appreciated thanks Tim
  17. Well, after proving to me in early December that he is actually a SHE (by laying a big patch of eggs), my Jag has been at it again. Took the mutt for a run on the beach this arvo and when I got home, my Jag had laid another big patch of eggs against the latex background of the tank. Feel kind of sorry for her knowing they can't be fertile due to lack of boy action, but not really interested in getting a bloke. I don't really want to have to find homes for babies. I guess the same as last time will happen. She'll guard and fan them for about 4 days, then they'll turn white and she will eat them :grin:
  18. Well I will try to post a link to the youtube video, but don't know what I'm doing... here is the link to the youtube video, but it looks like crap. Looked much better when viewed from my camera direct onto my computer screen... Sorry the quality is not real good. I will try and work out something better...
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