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Found 11 results

  1. Hey do you guys know if you can successfully have two male jags in a tank. I have a 6×2×2 with a jag, festae, jd, zonatus and have just acquired a second male jag. They are the same size but one jag is darker and the other has a real bronze about him. What you think the success rate would be?
  2. Hey guys thought I'd share my new jag with you. He looks awesome at 20cm
  3. I don't know how to paste the link in here But someone is selling jaguars x blue Texas 2 for $5 or make an offer lol Ahhh don't you just love Gumtree and the bizarre things you can find
  4. I have a 14cm Barra which is outgrown it's small tank, I would like to swap it for Jaguar fry or any other African ciclids to live with Blue dolphins and Vanustus
  5. hi alll, its taken a while but my two beautiful jags have made me so proud ill be even happier if they carry the term too
  6. Got my first ever jags yesterday and i absolutely love them !!! they are maybe a little over 2" and the cutest little guys with great markings and colouring. i love their red eyes. Great watching them even at that size with their predatory skills. They have been stalking and killing eating live feeders which are at least half their size. Tankmates melanurus, synspilum, oscars & pearsei And the jags are fearless. Was watching one yesterday flaring its gills at a 10" synspilum rather than running. i will put photos up soon.
  7. Hi Guys, I've woken up this morning to find that my Jag pair have laid thousands of eggs across a flower pot. Woohoo, the pair have only been together for 2 weeks! I've done quite a bit of reading on Jag breeding but wanted to ask any of the breeders here for their input... Obviously I'm not going to have room for thousands of these guys and therefore need to cull a bunch to ensure appropriate numbers. So first question, at what point do you guys cull the fry? Are you looking at specific individuals or at this point being so small is it just pot luck? How long will the parents care for these usually until they end up as food? Any other tips or tricks I should consider? As soon as the lights come on, I'll get some photos. Thanks, Todd
  8. here is how my 4ft tank has ended up its now home to 2 jaguar cichlids and an eel-tailed catfish and im looking for a pleco haha well heres some pics and i will add more tonight if there out and about full tank male in the log eel tails head haha
  9. i went and picked my jags up today straight after school off of nev great to meet you mate and thanks for the other stuff too im gonna get my grandma's camera so photos will be up in the photo section toinight or most probably tomorrow
  10. Hi all. Seems I have finally caved & will be moving my natives on and venturing into american cichlids, something I never thought I would do honestly. I have allways wanted to keep some Cichla & it looks like I will be obtaining some juvies soon enough. My question is could I keep Jaguar cichlids (Parachromis managuensis ) with the PBass obviously size would be the major deciding factor, but does anybody know or can forsee any problems with keeping these 2 fish together? Just chasing some info from people who have kept either of these fish. The reason I ask is I love the cichla, but the wife loves the Jags, she thinks they are real pretty & I must admit they are probably the best looking amerian cichlid. So as the saying applies, a happy wife is a happy life Thanks in advance guys. Looking forward to some feedback.
  11. while we are on the discussion of hybrids ..tell me these arent hybrids :worry: crap pics with my phone sorry,cant find camera charger. 1st pic_female 2nd pic_male
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