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Found 9 results

  1. Hi there, I have recently purchased a couple of jaguars. I have a one around 10cm and one around 8cm. The larger one has a much yellower under tone, very distinct black centre line, and a light blue shade through its fins. The smaller is and much darker and has dark brown fins. I am hoping to breed these two but size and unknown gender are. My limiting factors. My ultimate goal with this is to hopefully find variation in the fry(unusual patterning or colour) and then selectively line breed the most striking fish to lock the desired traits into the gene pool. It may sound far fetched but I guess you need a goal in the hobby. If anyone has bred or is currently breeding jaguars and has any tips please chime in.
  2. Hey guys these are my Fish, new to this site so i thought id share my South American Cichlids with everyone
  3. dont know which one to choose for a 4x2x2ft tank can u plz help will be much appricated thanks
  4. hey could i keep a pair of jaguar cichlids in a 4ftx2ftx2ft tank
  5. Can you have Jags in with Hogi x1 (10cm), blue zebra's x11 (11cm), green texas x3 (9-10cms), ob peacock x1 (8cm) and i also have in the tank a salmontail cat x1 (15-20cms), with cuckoo's full grown x2 and 2 bristolnose cats x2 (only 4cms)...? oh and soon to have JD's x3 (10-12cms) Or would it be better off by itself? If anyone can help out would be great..
  6. Good evening everyone, I think the bottom 3 pictures are of a female jaguar and the first 3 pictures are of a male. I only think that because of the colour markings but im not really good at this so please correct me if im wrong. And if somebody is very sure about the gender, can you please explain what it is that makes the difference? thanks heaps
  7. Ok folks, I hope this works... this is a photo of my Jag "Pablo". He is about 7 months old and roughly 6" long. He was 1.5" when I brought him home. Cheers, Nige
  8. Hi All, My first ever jag (purchased as a 1.5" baby in March this year) is now about 6" long and lives alone in my 6 footer. He was sharing with a bristlenose until today, but his behaviour of late has become so aggro towards the bn that today i liberated the bn into my other tank. It didn't seem to be getting injured, but was being forced to live in hiding and not able to come out for fear of being enthusiastically bashed. The past few days the jag has also started vigorously digging himself a deep hole in the gravel at the back far left hand end of the tank. He scoops up a big mouthful of gravel and spits it out against the front glass. It's quite interesting to watch and he is also obviously trying (unsuccessfully) to bite into the latex background to continue his excavation. He seems very devoted to the whole endeavour. Can anyone shed a light on this behaviour? Is it perhaps that my little jag is now a hormonal adolescent and doing a bit of nesting? Also, any tips on sexing the jag? Perhaps "Pablo" is actually a "Conchita" or something like that... Any suggestions? A recent photo was posted in the photography section, titled "Newbie noyakfats jaguar cichlid".
  9. Hi All, I'm trying to find a suitable newbie for my 6ft American display tank. All of the occupants are bigger than 15 - 20cm and on trying to add anything into the tank they are getting nailed and die within a few days. The Texas' that I have in there as well as the large Festae and Green Sevs smash anything I put in the tank - even a yuk looking Red Forest Jewell I have in there is taking a dig at any new fish introduced? (its quite near flushing material haha!). I have always liked Jags but all the read ups note these as way aggresive and tank killers... What are your experiences with this fish? Funny thing is I have around 11 Humpheads and 9 Clown Loaches + 2 baby Tropheus Ikola and they dont get touched at all? I have a largeish Cuban in my 6ft too - very similar to a Jag but that has also been nailed - he is currently in a recovery tank and will be ready to go in for round 2 by Monday... Last victim I bought last Wed - the biggest meanest Brasillensis I could find - he was the ruler of the tank at the LFS and a bargain and $15 - put him in and today I dug him out, smashed, eyes missing etc etc... Thanks for any help, Todd
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