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Found 13 results

  1. When do juvenile Jardini Saratogas generally come on the market? Cheers, Richard.
  2. I have a saratoga jardini that im wanting to sell he is 38+ cm $350ono
  3. found this unusual fish out at an ippy lfs thats closing its at least 2 foot long ,the bloke working there told me its a black jardini and their fairly uncommon,any thoughts ,scuse pics of my phone apparantly it was for sale not sure why no ones picked it up better than most arrowannas for the same price
  4. Looking for FIRST HAND experiences with this mix. I know Toga's are monsters, etc etc, but I want to know how they went. I'm honestly more worried about the toga when it's small as Jon (the archer) is NOT friendly. He can't do much damage but he's not the sweetest to the bass when they start hogging the pellets. Has calmed down now that he has his own floating sticks and the bass get the sinking pellets. Big natives are heading into a 1100 pond (indoors) and thinking about growing up a jardini to go in. He'd be raised up with purple spots for now and moved when around 15-20cm. Current stock in big tank: Archerfish x1 - 25cm Lungfish x2 - 49 and 43 cm Aussie Bass x 2 - 13 and 17cm Snakehead gudgeon (male) x1 - 25cm
  5. longtom and jardini ??? anyone think they could live happily together in an 8 footer
  6. Hi, i recently got a young Saratoga Jardini and am raising him in a 3 foot tank by himself for the moment. I was wondering when i upgrade him to a 6'x2'x2' what tank mates can i put in with him? what are some species i can put with him? Thanks, Billy
  7. Hey... Went for a drive to Darra today and Aquariums Beyond (near the train station) have some jardini saratogas, two pretty big ghost knives (awesome fish!) and some red tail giant gourami's. I'm jealous about the knives but don't have the bucks for it right now.
  8. Hi i currently have a 25cm saratoga jardini and he is so lade back and non aggresive can live with all fish. I was wondering if i could add a saratoga leicharditi with him and if they would be ok together? Give me your opinions and experiences thanks
  9. What fish is more aggressive? Less likely to play nice with other fish?
  10. hey people seen people after peacock bass and jardinis at darra aquariums beyond have baby peacock bass for $35 approx 4cm and jardini for $200 from 6-12cm.
  11. We have a very sick Saratoga and he's going down fast. His top and bottom fins are looking transparent, his tail looks like ribbons, his face looks dehydrated...looks very dry, his eyes have glazed over and he has patches of white furry stuff on both sides. He just stays in the one position in the tank. He's now by himself, temp 24 degrees, PH 7.0 and I've been told to treat him with tabs for white spot/fungus. He's on day 2 of that. Any other suggestions? Thank you.
  12. What is your opinion on what toga to get? I am really looking at picking one up.
  13. hi guys how would a stingray size 15 cms go in a tank with a 53 cms jardini just want make sure first before we buy one if not the jardini will be going and the stingray will stay cheers neville and paula
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