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Found 16 results

  1. who has any of these Elongatus Jewel Spot Pseudotropheus Elongatus
  2. Hi fellow fish tank peeps!! I've recently moved house and have just redone my 4ft aquarium. I have never done a complete planted tank before but i intend to have the whole tank covered in plant life. The plants i have used in my tank include the following; - Anubias Barteri var. Nana ( i really was after petite but the supplier of my local fish store is pathetic and doesn't list scientific names.. Pisces. ) - Dawrf Hairgrass ( again from same supplier .. cant believe the snails. ) - Dwarf Blyxa ( Same supplier .. poor quality on arrival, could not believe it. ) - Ambulia - Rotala Wallichii - Dwarf Chain Sword - Glossostigma ( Dwarf Chains and Glosso came from serene aquarium - who i will use in future as plant health was a amazing on arrival. ) The things i am not sure about in a mass planted tank however are the fertilisers i should use, should i be looking for individual fertilisers or should i use a broad spectrum that covers all? Given the quality of the blyxa i ordered, i am already observing the occurance of diatoms on the leaves and i am hoping this does not spread onto my other plants in the aquarium. Correct me if i am wrong, but a broad spectrum fertiliser might lead to an abundance of unwanted minerals in my aquarium that could stimulate increased alage growth and i am thinking if that were to happen given a complete planted aquarium, results could be disastrous. What fertilisers do the enthusiast's use? I love my tank and I really want to breed shrimp and L numbers in the future so I am after any and all information on keeping the planted tank! My partner loves her cat, but i think i love my fish more haha! I have no fish or shrimp in my tank at present, but will be receiving some crystal black shrimp and yellow cherries tuesday/wednesday next week as well as 5 otocinclus i have ordered from my local fish store. All these i believe will aid my plants keeping their leaves clean for maximal growth. ( in theory haha ) Please if you have an advice for planted tank fertilisers and how to dose and deliver within the aquarium, i would be very appreciative. I can only get so much info from my local fish store, as sometimes i know what they tell me is incorrect. But it is all business to them at the end of the day. Cheers, Toddfish88
  3. As an after thought late yesterday arvo decided to change the globes in my 5ft Jewel tank .Measured the old one and was 48 inches .So off to the closest lps and asked for 2 4ft globes . Getting back home went to install them and found they were 45 inches but are called 4ft globes. Lots more then went on around not accepting returns on globes even though it had never been taken out of the packaging .Finally got a store credit which expires in 3 months and they will call me if they find out if they have an account with Jewel but the freight insurance will be expensive . Now that I will have a wait would rather deal with 1 of the sponsors from here . So does any one know if any of the sponsors carry Jewel globes.
  4. My red forest jewel pair have bred and there is about 30 free swimming fry in the ano with the parents that's all that's in the tank My question is how long should the fry stay with the parents Cheers drian
  5. ok i got 2 red forest jewel 2 weeks ago, now i have read that they kill plecos I didn't think they would but all of a sudden my big gold spot placo is dead no marks, the water is fine ect, he was just swimming around 5mins ago WTF. My Q is will red forest jewel kill plecos? cheers Rob. ps: any info would help.
  6. hey i was wondering if any one knows wat size red forest jewel cichlids pair and breed plz help need advice thanks alot
  7. My Red Forest jewels just laid there first eggs just wondering when they hatch what should i feed them , also should i seperate them from the tank into a fry saver or something so they don't get eaten or will they be alright . Thanks in advance Fozzy
  8. Hello! i have what was a completely healthy red forrest jewel yesterday that is now swimming upside down, i have isolated him but am unsure what to do next! he has some fin damage to his side fins but otherwise seems in great health, colours are still bright and was eating last night. Any help would be appreciated Thanks Hellen
  9. There were only 2 bidders and I was one of them. I think you were in Ipswich or near abouts. Anyhow... If you happen to read this post, please PM me as I still want them. I lost your contact details from this site crashing. Cheers
  10. I was wondering if anyone can give me advice for distinguishing between the males and females of the Jewel Cichlid. I have one in a ten gallon now and am thinking on trying to breed them for fun. I've read up a little on this issue but have not found anything conclusive. If there is anyone with experience on the Jewel Cichlid I would be very grateful. Thank you!
  11. 2 days ago i found my red forest jewels had eggs. she laid them in a piece of 50mm pvc . they were there yesterday. but got home today and they r gone. only 1 male and 1 female in a 2ft no other fish. can someone give me some ideas plz. cheers jay
  12. i got 2 jewels always together and dig holes in the sand .. are they trying to breed ? i am not trying to breed them .. they in community tank with the big boys. Many thanks in advance
  13. Can I get some advise please have a tank with mixed Jewels, Convicts, Saulisi ciclids and BNs Its a 5 foot and they are all juvies And one of the Jewels has clamped fins though he is swmming OK How should i treat the Jewel? I have him isolated and am currently changing his water Any suggested medication in the water? Methyl Blue , Melafix? All suggestions gratefully received.
  14. Gidday everyone does anyone know where we can get a copy of jewel of the rift thanx Hilly
  15. Found this site on the net. Dont no if it will help anyone http://carazy.net/mpegs/NatGeoParts/ vcd or somthing or other.
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