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Found 8 results

  1. what do you guys think ? sorry they are not good photos
  2. Not too sure how to upload photos so im not sure if it has worked. Anyway, I have what I believed to be a maingano, that's what it was given to me as. I've been reading about the male johannis and they look almost identical. I read that one way to tell is the lines on the maingano are more clean whereas the johanni is a little jagged. I really have no idea what it is now, wondering if anyone can positively identify it for me?
  3. Maybe a mod can move this to the cichlid section please. These two fish look such alike. Are they the same fish ? and will they cross breed if I keep them in the same tank? I heard that you have to keep the bars and colors very different to stop cross breeding. These two fish look the same right? Johanni Maingano
  4. G'day all. Is it true by my understanding that the male goes a very nice blue and black. While the female goes orange. If this is true what size would they change at ?? Cheers JP.
  5. As stated in the title, today i arrived home to find my female johanni has spat her fry, but one dosent seem to have a tail! its moving about fine in the tank using its side fins... Is this a regular mutation? Any advice would be great! Thanks Hellen
  6. Can someone please clarify the difference of these two species - is there a difference? Some sites and aquariums say yes some say no - please help. I have a colony of what I was told are interruptus yet the ones I see in Aquarium shops look similar or the same as the males but they are called Johanni. Thanks
  7. Hi everyone, I have a breeding colony of 1m/4f Johanni. As I am new to cichlids would someone please let me know what size tank woudl be suitable for these fish. Is a 2x18x18 bid enough? Also do they like a strong current with a power filter or simply sponge filters? Thanks in advance Scott
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