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Found 28 results

  1. Intro; My dream since I was a child was to own a large tank. The 2ft, 3ft & 4ft I had in my room as a young teenager was never enough. How mum put up with me and all the tanks is amazing. I actually recall her getting almost as enthusiastic as me during the first couple of months when my fish all started to breed. Moving my Acara female to an isolated tank with all her young fry, that unfortunately didn't survive. Many years have passed since then. I went for some periods without owning a single tank (think 5 years when I first moved north to the Gold Coast was the longest), and in the last 6 or so years I have been on and off with numerous tanks. Even dived into the Marine scene for a bit with a Fluval Edge (nano) reef. But through all this time, and all the tanks that have gone through my possession, I always wanted bigger. Over a year ago I thought I was ready and approached Mick (Aquarium Petland Southport) with a brief sketch of my dream tank. I was so enthusiastic that I purchased a 12ft roll of aquarium background from Natureworks (Australian distributor for Universal Rocks) in Highvale Queensland. But, life changes, circumstances changed and I had to put the tank on hold. So I plotted by with a couple of differing 4ft set ups that just didn't take my fancy nor satisfy my aquarium keeping soul. So about two weeks ago, three weeks after becoming a father, and four weeks after moving into a house that is large enough for a family & fish, I decided enough is enough. I contacted Mick yet again and within a week I was in his shop (the day after my birthday) handing over a good sum of cash that I was fortunate enough to have lying around. The deal is now done. Mick is in preparations to make my tank as I type this very post. To say I am excited would be a slight understatement. The day it arrives I will have to calm myself so as not to rush things through. This is going to be a slow and memorable assembly for me. I hope you all enjoy reading about it as much as I enjoy having the opportunity to finally get that huge tank, the huge tank that I used to beg mum to buy me twice a week back when I didn't have any idea on the concept of a job or the need to earn a living. Will do my best to keep this up to date as I go about the assembly and stocking (which is to be mainly Malawi cichlids). Thanks for reading this far, keep going to get details on the proposed setup. Of course input in regards to aesthetics is welcomed. Display: 8' x 2' x 2' - 2440mm x 610mm x 610mm (10mm glass) - Volume when filled to 20mm from the top is 828L. Plumbed with two 40mm bulkheads (drains) on the upper left hand corner of the rear panel. Two 25mm bulkheads (1 return other is secondary failsafe drain) on the upper right hand corner of the rear panel. Stand: Open timber stand to be stained in 3 or 4 coats of Cabots - new charcoal (dark) Hood: Timber, stained to match stand. Lighting: Inwatter LED 2ft (120w) and undecided LED strip lighting. Sump: 5' x 18" x 18" - 1534mm x 457mm x 457mm (8mm base, 6mm sides and internals) - Volume at operating level is 144L, with 55 of those litres occupying the return section. With a redundancy capacity (in case of power out) of 150L (enough to handle 3", total of 145L from the main tank). Assuming I have done my calcs correct, & if the drain holes are indeed as picture above, as well as the operating height in the tank is optimal. I will have a total of 72mm of drain from running state to power out, totalling 103L. Thus giving me a total 103+55 = 158L to do a water change from the sump. This is over 15% of the entire volume (will be more as I have not allowed for any rocks, gravel, pumps, heaters, fish etc etc). I aim to do this water change at least once a week. Sketch of the sump with a third media chamber for the addition of a third media or more matrix. Filtration: The sump pump I have chosen is a 10000L Eco pump (90w) from Kenstar. I must say it is big, but will fit easily in my return compartment, and if you need to, you can remove the sump pump from its protective housing. For display circulation I am keen on a single MP40WES, but am yet to make that final decision. Media: Am still undecided on the exact media but wanting to keep it simple, definitely going to be utilising Matrix (as I already have a fair amount, 10L). Also keen on the Japmat with some medium and course sponges above it. Have also decided to run crushed coral in the third chamber (12kg) Heating: 2x Jager 300w placed in final (4th) stage of sump. The Complete system, how I envisage! Lets see how close to the mark I am;
  2. Intro: 21/06/2015 Hi all, I am starting this thread as a fish journal for my small fish room, feel free to comment and give suggestions. I will try and give a few updates of my fish room via this thread, be it issues, breeding, tanks, new products and DIY. I am in the process or will be in the near future planning on expanding (my tanks), insulating (my room), breeding (the fish), and installing some DIY Hamburg Matten filters. This thread should help me keep my stuff together for posterity. I currently have approximately 14 tanks, not all of which are in use, and I keep a few odds and ends, Malawi cichlids, L# Catfish, Apistogramma, and my latest project Discus. Have to start somewhere I guess… Dan(danfishy84).
  3. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  4. .So after selling up and only having a two footer i could not just settle at that so purchased a tank off here and set off to set it up here is the run down thus far ,only have had this tank up and running for a week so early days Hardware: Tank;Juwel 120 Filtration: Fluval 306 Co2: ista 1l cylinder,ista regulator,ista inline diffuser Lighting:2x petworx 6500k 60cm led Substrate:bottom layer is a thin layer of ada aqua soil middle layer ,sand/1mm gravel ,top layer 2 bags of eco complete Plants: Ludwigia glandulosa,Hygrophilia pinnaifadia ,crested java ,bolbitis,crypt wenditti red ,crypt balanese,heminathus callitrichoides,glossostigma elatinoides Livestock:(to be put in yet) Cato river tri Coen river tri cories l080 and a few others at the moment running co2 @ 2 bps
  5. I thought I would make a journal for my Taiwan bees. 2 of my mischlings are berried now, and I'm swapping some cherries for 2 more. Between the 4 berried mischlings, I should get a good range of Taiwan bees to use as breeding stock. I, going to put each berried mischling in a separate tank so I can see what I get from each one. Here are some pictures of my mischlings: Female 1 Female 2 Is this a male or female hahaha :noidea:
  6. hello fellow fishkeepers, well im very happy to work out photobucket and can now share my experiances building my dream tank! a 240gallon 8x2x2 fully planted tank here are some pics along the way of this long journey to planted paradise please enjoy and keep green from troy 8x2x2 custom made starfire front + sides starfire visability shown twin cabinet i made from hmr white and stainless tank on raw cabinet
  7. I have finally got around to reposting the tank build after losing the thread a while back. So, here is my journal for my 6ft L x 2ft W x 700mm H with custom made stand and sump! I had mike (cichlidwife) help me build the tank and josh (Potter24) build the stand for me. One of the sides Mike applying the silicone Mike cleans the excess silicone to leave a very neat finish
  8. Ok guys the time is finally here to begin the build of my first ever fish room oasis. So what i am looking at doing, is turning half of downstairs which you could call the double garage into my fish room. It will be approximately 6mx6m with a section out of it for the laundry. (woo hoo i finally get my laundry enclosed too) It will be built out of cold room panels, ply and lots n lots of steel and wood. Then move on to the racks, which were going to built out of steel, but i am now looking at just going with pellet racking, seems like the cheaper less time consuming way to go. After that will be setting up of my many many tanks which will need plumbing into 2 maybe 3 sumps (which will be a first too, having a sump that is) Oh so in there too will be the sump builds too . I'm really... really... excited to be finally getting started and will definitely post pics and updates as it all progresses. :) Nicole Any positive advice and tips would definitely be appreciated....
  9. hello fishkeepers and welcome to my exciting 240gallon setup that ive been looking forward to for the last 9 months. ive been slowly aquiring items through ebay and classifieds to go the whole hog on a high tech system. this is somehting ive never done and truthfully abit scared of. this is my second planted planted tank and ive never had anything over a 70g or 4ft so i thought why not an 8fter? i got the tank for a bargain being a custom starfire front,sides and bracing brand new. not to mention all dupla co2 system and halide combo aswell. built the cabinetry and sprayed it matt black with stainless shadow lines and matching trim with sliding pendent halide rail. backgrounds were half price and substrate mixed with flourite and bunnings playsand at front. saying this the whole setup is still not cheap but a hell of alot cheaper than buying all the equipment new. a setup like this would be close to nearly 10k with livestock and plants to replace but i managed to scrap it in at just under 2.
  10. Hey guys, Well all the africans have now been sold and I have an empty tank sitting there begging me to start my new adventure So I thought I'd do a progress journal thing as I haven't been able to find a 'apistos for dummies' anywhere and I'd love feedback from the gurus as I go as I want to do this %100 right. No more selling fish 4 months later as I find out they won't work. Ready? The tank is a 5x15x2 which I am looking at upgrading to either a 4 or 5x2x2 down the track so I have more room to scape. Substrate: I've read that sand works well for apistos so sand it is. I was thinking of having a light coloured sand to try and lighten the tank a little as with the tannis from everything it is going to be very dark. I'll also have leaf litter on the bottom until it annnoys me and then it'll probably just be the leaves in a filter bag in the canister. Filtration: At the moment I have two canisters on the tank one 800l/h and one 1400l/h. The only worry I have with filtration is the water movement it will create as I have been told apistos like still water so if anyone has any ideas on how I can still achieve over filtration on the tank but with less movement let me know. I was thinking of diffusing the output using maybe a sponge over the spray bars. Water Parametres: I'm planning on having the ph sit at around 6.5 and using the tannis from Indian almond leaves and drift wood to soften it. Hardscape: I want to try and achieve a complex environement using driftwood roots, plants and rocks. Not sure what plants to use though so advise away Stocking: Thinking 2 male cactoudies and 6 females, some form of tetra to fill out the top. I have a spotted raphael catfish that I am going to trial in the tank and see if he eats anything. I doubt he will as he is fat and more wobbles rather than swims. I'd also like to have maybe 3 L numbers in there. Well I think that's about it for first installment. More to follow as the tank develops and I'll be adding progress as I go
  11. Hi everyone, I thought it might be a nice to share my experiances and hopefully learnings as I go while I treating my Discus for internal parasites, by starting a journal. I hope to write about the identification of the causes and treatment and hopefully success or otherwise. Some of you may possibly identify with some of the symptoms and may have had similar issues, which is why I am making this post. My discus have been suffering for a few weeks now and I have decided to take action by consulting a vet to determine the cause and treatment of my prescious fish. This is the background to my tank and fish stocks: Symptoms of my 3 discus: • Darkened colour on 1 mainly (Penang eruption) • 2 have lost weight (Penang eruption and blue turquoise) • 2 have had white stringy poo (penang eruption and blue turq). Photos attached of penang eruption. Note the photo taken 14May shows him in a better condition he is now. I will take updated photos of each discus this afternoon and send them through. Plus pics of the tank in general. • 2 discus off their food (penang eruption and blue turq). The third (red turq) is starting to go off its food a little. The blue turq discus will take a blood worm but then spit it out. The penang eruption is not interested in food at all. I have seen the blue turq a little hanging around the zucchini I place in the tank every few days. • All three discus have been seen flicking against plants in the tank. Tank details: •It’s a 650 litre planted tank ( 4 foot long x 2 foot wide x 3 foot deep). • Filtration: Fluval xf5 and Aqua One CF1200 • Fluval aeration unit with 2 bubble outputs • Temperature stable between 28.5 and 29.5 (2 heaters) • Ph: 6.8 • Lighting: 2x white T5 and 1x blue t5. Lights on 10 hours per day. • I use Reverse Osmosis water with 20% tap water added. Treated with Neutral regulator and Discus buffer. • As of 29/05/12 Ammonia 0; Nitrite 0; Nitrates 20-40 ppm (I neutralized this with 15 ml (for 600 litres) prime last night and intend to do a water change on Thursday). This reading is after doing a 25-30% water change on Monday 28/05/12. • Tank inhabitants: 3 x discus; 12 rummy nose; 6 small bristle nose (1x6-7cm and 5x4cm); 6 corydoras; 3 blue rams; 2 siamease algae eaters. I have a further 2 new Discus in quarantine waiting to join the others once the tank issues are sorted out • Feeding 3-4 times per day a mix of home made beef heart (beef heart, garlic, shelled peas, algae wafer crushed up, fresh flake fish); blood worms; brine shrimp. Also use pellets for the corydoras and rams. • Water change schedule: 1 x 30% weekly with gravel vacuumed. • Recent treatments: Sterazin. Last treatment on day 10 to be delivered tomorrow 31/05/12. Very little difference has been made. I have been treating it as 600 litres due to the driftwood and gravel content. • The tank has been established for approximately 8 months. Other details I also have 12 Cardinal tetras in another tank in quarantine due to some sort of white worm that winds itself through the flesh of the cardinal (have seen them in the mouth, gills and fins). I have treated these cardinals with Sterazin in an attempt to get rid of them but has not worked to date. These cardinals were originally in with the Discus. I will attached a photo of one cardinal with a worm in the flesh of its mouth. I am very sure these had the worm when I bought the fish from a live fish shop (did not see it prior to buying). These fish will also need to be treated. I will be testing KH and GH this afternoon to see if there are any issues there. Stay posted on the course of action....... to be continued. You are all welcome to comment and share your experiances also! The more we share the more we can learn from each other
  12. Ok got this tank off a mate who said use it as long as you want as it was given to him.It was sitting out in a paddock with a couple of sheets of corrogated iron on top of it. It is 5 x 2 x 2.5high. Got it home and had to give it a major scrub.this is what it came up like Not to bad considering where it came from.It has a fair few scratches but hopefully they won,t show up to bad. Knocked up a stand out of what i had laying around.Plan is to enclose it once i have it inside and setup. Filled it up today to test for water leaks and so far so good will have a look in the morning to make sure and if its good will move it inside tomorrow. Planing to diy substrate like alasse did in his 4fter as it looks the goods.So of to bunnings tomorrow to get the ingredients. Will keep you updated on the progress as i go. Cheers Leigh
  13. Hey guys and gals, Recently I have decided to take the plunge on making my own plywood tank, after months and weeks of researching, the tank is only small to start off but I'm happy with it. It's a 3 x 2 designed for a species tank, just for a paratheaps/veija species. Over the next few weeks and months I will be updating my progress, as I am only 16 this is my first big project so quite scared about it!!!! If anyone could give me some tips it would be appreciated. Thanks guys, I'm starting the work tomorrow
  14. My first attempt at marine and Im trying to keep maintenance down so the system ain't huge. It will be a 4ft tank, 50cm wide and 65cm tall, and will be built by Dennison (@ Maryannes) as soon as his thumb heals. Stocking with heaps of cool soft and hard corals...... and not too many fish. LED lighting is on the cards but I'm going to try some chinese made cheapies first which apparently still cover the right spectrum and create decent wattage - we'll see though. These arrive Wednesday - pics to follow. The sump in the pic is an old 3ft tank (Freebie) which I have basically covered in silicone and added some baffles. It's my first time building a sump, or even working with Silicone on glass so its a bit messy and Im not particularly proud of it, but at least it will be hidden. I'm sure you can all provide some feedback about my sump design - and hope you do. My main 2 complaints are: 1) I should have made the chamber A (prefilter) smaller to allow more room for chamber B (Bio). 2) The floor baffle between chamber A & B is tall enough for the planned miracle mud in chamber B - but if I wanted to try a DSB filter in there instead, it wont be tall enough so Ive limited my options a bit here. My favourite part about it is the platform there will be between chamber B & C for Chemical media. Enough room for 2 small bags of whatever and easily interchangeable. As can be seen Ive already got an Eden 5000lph pump, although I'm not sure if this will be big enough for the planned 450l load (including sump water). There will be at least one more powerhead in the DT, more likely two. The dodgy skimmer in the pic was a freebie as well, but no matter what sort of pump I plug into it, I cant get it to function well (bubbles don't look anywhere near fine enough) - so I will probably fork out for a new one. I also bought a Hailea HC1000 for $150 the other day (!!!!), but haven't picked it up yet. Anyway that's it for now, I will post more pics of the sump as I add egg crate and media. I may even try cycle the sump by itself first with a few tiny fish in the return chamber © - but I need to have it in position to do that which means building the stand ASAP (with help from 'Smellsfishy2me'). Stay tuned - more for my benefit of your feedback than for your entertainment.
  15. At the moment i am designing a sump to go on a 8ft x 800mm x 800mm tank. So far the design is; 1) water enters the left then goes through jap mat and dacron to remove the solid waste 2) below that is going to be matrix in bags (as much as i can fit) 3) next chamber along is also going to be with matrix again in bags 4) the next chamber again is going to be purigen in those bags 5) finally this is where 2 jager 300W heaters will be + 10,000 l/hr pump + smaller pump for correct flow through UV (still not sure which one to get) These pumps then will be pushed back into the tank from both sides of the tank with the weir in the middle. What do you guys think of the design so far? I am after any comments you have on ways to improve the design. Cheers Blake
  16. hey guys, now after god knows how long i've had my 30cm cube sat gathering bacteria? in common words getting feral i've been very bad but there was no fish in there im not that bad. Tank: 30 x 30 x 30 (store bought aqua one) Filtration: *to be decided* Lighting: 8W T5 unit Substrate: *to be decided* Hardscape: *to be decided* Flora: *to be decided* Inhabitants: i was very keen on a small freshwater shrimp but was concerned due to compatibility? *to be decided* so guys, i need your help with all of the fields marked "*to be decided*"
  17. Hi all, Recently acquired a nice second hand 6 footer from Justin69 (thanks bud and can't beat the price). Thought I would post up a build journal of a SE Qld Biotype I am attempting. Will be going low tech on this. No CO2 gas, minimal ferts, basic lighting and filtration. Tank Basic 6 footer (180cm x 45cm x 45cm) with lids Tank Stand Basic Pine 6 legger (what else can I say) Substrate Mix of Coarse Potting sand, Coffs Gravel and some mixed black gravel with Calcium Carbonate chips through it Home made mix of 1 part garden loam, 1 part Laterite, hand full of calcium carb substrate/coral/shell grit spread only in section of tanl were rooted, hungry plants are going (rear corners and back basically) Filtration 1 x Resun 280U • Dacron wool • Ceremic rubble • Purigen (once tank is cycled) Lighting 1 x Aqua-One T5HO 4 Foot Light (But will ikely add another 3 footer to suppliment this once plants are in) Heating 1 x Jager 250 W Fertilisers Will be using Dino-pee and spit once plants established. Suppliment substrate with Manutec Water Garden tablets or DunoDung Hardscape Three nice pieces of Melaleuca Roots Assorted small rocks for substrate mounding and some varaition in substrate type for fish. Plants Still investigating and colleccting speciemens from the wild, but will be a mix of Vallisneria Hydrilla Ceratophyllum Myriophyllum Hydrocotyle Aponogeton Fish 1 x Saratoga (ring in but will persist for now) 2 x Jungle Perch Rainbows (M. doubolayi) Gudgeons (M. adspersa, H. galii, H. compressus) Blue Eyes (P. signifer) Hardiheads (c. stercusmuscarum) May alter this to drop the rainbows and Purple Spot in place of a large shool of Ornate Rainbows (Rhadinocentrus ornatus). Foods Mixtures of pellets, flake, and frozen foods supplemented with live Daphnia, mosquito larvae, bloodworms and black worms. So anyway here are some progress shots. Week 1 - Test the tank, and size up the driftwood Week 2 - Hardscape the tank
  18. Ok so I promised Liverpool Creek I would post some photos up of my tank after I emailed them to him (a promise is a promise right?????) My first tank was a 212 Litre 3 foot tank and 4 weeks ago I upgraded to a 6 foot tank (a lovely G Maher display tank). I dont use any CO2 and only use Seachem Products (mainly flourish - small daily doses, Excel - daily dosage & a splash of iron if I think of it, same with trace). I do WC every week of about 25 - 30%, I never miss a week. T5 lighting on only 7 hours a day (but there is also some natural light in the room too). I do have a UV Steriliser. My fish are freshwater - angelfish, rummynoses, Bolivian rams, Bristlenose & corys. Recently added 2 x Siamese Algae Eaters & 2 x Clown Loaches (to keep any stray snails down). Anyway, I thought I would share my results with you guys because I promised Jeff. These plants all came out of my original 3 foot Aquarium (yep they were all squished in there - you can actually see the photo of that under my Angelfish Spawn thread) and they are loving the room - especially the swords - anyway, these photos were taken a week after the tank "swap over day". None of the plants seemed to have noticed the switch at all. I had trimmed the plants and removed any ugly leaves before re-planting them (and the swords were cut to about half of their original sizes). Ok I shall be back shortly with the update 4 weeks on and with some of Jeff's plants added.
  19. Hey guys, I recently purchased a 6'x2'x2' tank that was being sold regretfully by the owner who had moved away and couldn't take it with him. So it was sitting in his old place, still running but going really unmaintained. The tank had fairly hard calcium stains around all the top edges and the overflow holes, the back was covered in silicone that had been messily applied to hold a 3D background in place, and the steel stand was in dire need of sandblasting and re-painting. So I've got the tank home now and have begun my restoration project. The stand is currently away at the powder coaters waiting to be done up, so all I've got pictures of at the moment are of the progress the tank has made since I brought it home. Tomorrow I'll get pics of the sump that came with it, and hopefully by Friday I'll have the stand back and things can start really progressing. Anyway, here are the before/after photos of the tank so far: Before: After: Tomorrow I'll finish cleaning the rightmost panel and searching out any remaining hard stains and scraping them off. Although the glass looks a little foggy in those photos, that's just condensation from the water I used to wash them down after cleaning, in reality the glass is crystal clear now that its clean. More to come in the next few days.
  20. I'm not sure if anyone else has noticed ..... but my journal has disappeared! I spent so much time to write it out and put the most detail into of ANY journal I have seen on this site and now I can't find it ...... can someone please explain?
  21. Hey guys. I've started up a little 1ft cube tank as a small side-project and I thought I'd put up some pictures of the progress I've made. The original plan was to try my hand at a high-maintenance tank with Excel dosing replacing injected C02 (the tank is too small to justify buying a pressurized kit), however after seeing my Blyxa only really survive, rather than thrive, I decided to scale things back a bit and just do some simple stuff (still with Excel dosing, though). Tanks specs: 1ft Cube (approx 27 litres) 400mm PC Light (2x 24 watt) Jager Heater 200 lp/h pump ADA Aquasoil II Substrate Daily Excel dose (1ml) Twice weekly Flourish dose (0.6ml) Current plants: 3 x Narrow Leaf Java Sword 2 x Blyxa 1 x Dwarf Sag More Java Moss than I know what to do with Some frogbit floating on top The empty tank: My hardscape: Plants added, yet to be filled: Plants in, tank filled. Still a bit cloudy but will clear up by tomorrow: I'll probably take out a layer of that Java Moss, since at the moment there's a bit more in there than I'd like. I didn't realise how much it would puff up when I added water! I've still got heaps left too, I order WAY too much, haha. I'll probably just keep it in my Green Terror tank until I find somewhere else to put it. I'd also like to give a big shout-out to the guys at Aquaria Australia Warehouse, who I ordered all my plants from. Great prices, beautfiul stock, and great service: I got an automated email telling me my order had been received, then a couple of hours later I got a message from an actual person confirming that they'd read my order, then the next day I got an email informing me the plants had been shipped. I ordered on Sunday afternoon and I got them this morning (Wednesday), which is great considering they come from Western Australia. I'd highly recommend these guys to anyone. Thanks for looking!
  22. I recently started building a cabinet for my 6 foot tank. Since then I have decided to use the space underneath for 2 breeding tanks along with a sump for the whole system. When finished I plan to add sides and doors to keep the noise to a minimum. Heres a few 3d drawings of what I hope to achieve. Front Back Progress Another reason I'm posting this up, Is because most of you are more experienced than me and if you can see anything I'm doing wrong, let me know . Ill keep you updated on how its going. Cheers
  23. So in 2007 i bought a 8x2.5x2' tank and setup it up @ my parents place at the time with a freshwater setup journal for that setup is http://www.monsterfishkeepers.com/forums/showthread.php?t=55623. Now that i've moved out and have my own place now, its time i start a new journal with my current goal of setting up saltwater reef tank as an entry way into my house. So as always i'm in the planning phase and atm these are some rough starting designs. design of my new metal stand that i'm thinking of building the front room of my house with where I plan to put my tank pritty much in between where the towel is and the start of blinds comming out to make a hall way when u walk into the house Updates will come after i get opinions on stand design etc from some boiler makers and edits will follow. Thanks David
  24. hey guys and gals my journal is gone too so ill put as many of the old photos up as possible tank is finally running and fully finished. just got a few bits of wood to go and will have to wait til its cycled ok heres the pics
  25. Hi there all I thought I might share the project I have been working on since the weekend. Decided to put plans for a 3ft tank on hold and settled with a 2.5ft tank (30 x 15 x 15). Also wanted to have a go at building a custom stand as I wanted one with decent height. Here's the tank and equipment. I will be using a 2ft Hagen T5 unit that's currently on another tank. So it was off to Bunnings last Saturday to grab the pine and have them cut, then managed to get the stand completed just after dinner. Unfortunately, I forgot to take pics while building the stand but here it is after the second coat of primer/sealer. It measures 34"h x 31"w x 16"d and will be covered with 12mm MDF. Had the MDF sheets cut up on Monday and picked up that afternoon. First coat of primer on the sheets that didnt need to holes cut out of them, such as the sides and back. This morning. Holes drilled/cut for piping/cords for the side and back panels. First coat of primer on the new panels, second coat for the old sheets and first coat of paint for the stand. Ended up using an old tin of "Charcoal Grey" that I had left over from my first stand to cabinet build. Just earlier tonight, managed to get second coat for the other bits of MDF and also second and final coat for the stand. That's it photo wise. I'll get the first coat of paint on all the MDF sheets tomorrow night, then the final coat on Friday night. Will be using "Satin Black" for the MDF sheets. Hopefully by Saturday it will be ready to be put together into a sleek (well that's the plan :sweatdrop: ) cabinet. The only thing left to do is to figure out whether I will build a light fixture as well, or leave the light just on the tank. Fingers crossed by Sunday the tank will be on the stand with water! Thanks all for looking, will continue to update in the next few days. Cheers Sponge
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