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Found 9 results

  1. Thought id share a couple pics of my large gold Saum. I've grown him out from when he was an inch long. Also have another gold that im in tge process of growing out. He has got potential to be another looker. I also have a white/silver around the 4.5cm mark and is looking the goods. He's just a tad camera shy. All are fed on Hikari pellets, live shrimp, earth worms and the odd pea. Im a Saum fanatic and hands down my all time favorite. Sent from my SM-G900I using Tapatalk
  2. When do juvenile Jardini Saratogas generally come on the market? Cheers, Richard.
  3. What is the likelihood of baby shrimp being sucked into a filter?
  4. The monster Rhodactis in there is one I collected a while back along with a small one or two that my peps annihilated. I got the peps out and the multiplying begins. In the first pic is the monster on the right, the next two pics is a juvenile starting off and growing nicely. Peps have their uses, but they don’t discriminate with what anems they eat.
  5. I bought a tropheus Bemba red juvenile a couple of weeks ago, but it look like he is turning more orange than red can anyone help? Are they more orange when young or have I been sold a Bemba orange instead of a red? Sorry about the photo but he won't stay still quick little bugger.
  6. Found a nice little area with a 4-5cm tiny jack. Don't ask me where cause I'm not gonna tell you haha. Just wondering how people get their hands on the small ones that you can't hook. Any Traps? Nets? I dunno. Help would be greatly appreciated as I've always wanted a Jack to grow up Cheers P.s. I'm not 100% sure if this is the right place to put this question so please don't be mean if it isn't haha
  7. Just swapped my tank over from natives to yanks, it's heavily stocked at the moment but that will reduce as they grow in the next few months. Still need to enclose the stand, make a hood and get some black fabric for a background. Will be adding a 3rd canister filter and a couple internals soon. Lighting also needs an upgrade from my old 4 footer. Any other suggestions are welcome! Stocklist includes: Geo's (Brasiliensis & Surinamensis), JD's, Polleni, Salvini, Cuban, Jags, Snook, Festae, Silver Dollar, Texas, Green Terror, Gold Spot Plec and a Coal Grunter for good luck (plus a couple more fishies that shan't and can't be named here). I know I'm asking for trouble keeping these all together, but they can be split up quick smart if need be.
  8. Hi i was wondering if anyone can help me? I am purchasing around 100 small jacks and am worried they will eat eachother right off the bat...will this happen? They will be between 3.5-5cm big, and they will be housed in 2 6x3x3ft tanks (50 in each). I was thinking of seperating them into groups of ten using dividers in the tank, will this alleviate possible issues? They hopefully won't be in there too long ! Any suggestions???
  9. This guys one of my favourites. He's got some sweet colour and is always cruising around looking for food. Can't wait till he gets bigger.
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